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We Gotta Find That Lab (Row)

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We Gotta Find That Lab (Row)

Post by Bliss on February 10th 2019, 2:36 pm

Bliss assembled her finest team to take find and take down her newest foe. To cut out all the dead weight, she slimmed the team down to merely herself. A team she could handle and deal with without all of the troubles and problems that come from incompetence and people getting taken hostage.

Without anyone else slowing her down, Bliss took to leaping from building to building with a combination of telekinesis and being partially a vampire. She did not actually know which helped more, but as the sun dipped behind the skyline, it became a little more obvious which power made this easy.

"Bliss! Come in!" A voice rang through her ear, furrowing Bliss' lips into a scow at the sound of her half sister's voice. "Bliss! The new suit you have should be able to deal with that sample of poison you gave us."

"Thank you. You told me that already. When I told you not to contact me." Bliss kept her finger to her ear to make sure her voice hit the proper channel. "I will thank you to continue not contacting me for the remainder of the mission, unless I hit the emergency button. K?"

"But, we're bored."

"Okay?" Bliss reached down to the oversized ribbon on her chest and turned off the channel. The rest of her outfit remained largely untouched, black boots, black pleated skirt with a silver unitard, white gloves, and a black sailor collar made up her magic tech mogul outfit, but now with some added antitoxins to deal with the prior strand the doctor had used against her.

Bliss could imagine the doctor put something new into place, but protection from what worked last time would put some of her worries to rest. Now she just needed the tracker on her left wrist to pick up on the traces of the toxin the doctor employed. She did not necessarily want to find him, but to find wherever he set up his major lab.

Perched over the side of a building, looking down on the streets with her hair falling just about her shoulders, Bliss waited while her scanner went to work.


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Re: We Gotta Find That Lab (Row)

Post by Row on February 10th 2019, 7:35 pm

The shadow assassin walked the streets with a paper in hand. Scribbles of buildings and notes filled the paper with the name of a certain man written in red. Normally, the girl's targets consisted of a specific group of people but this time was different. After her embarrassing defeat at the hands of her own hostage, the girl was now out to erase one of her 2 stains. How nice would it be to just finish off the last target that got her into this mess but a promise was a promise.
"My child, your blood lust is showing."
"My apologizes," she whispered continuing down the street, "Such failure in your name... I have brought great shame to your name. Almost rivaling that of our family."
"That is why you are here today. Forgiveness is not a limited resource though it's price does inflate. Your desire to pay thee debt is satisfactory in my eyes."
"Our existence being known is not. Less is always better... since honor will prevent us from achieving none."
Gia grew silent as the girl walked under a street light. While her energy was sapped she rested against the light and looked at her paper. Today was the day the doctor would be making an appearance in front of some shady businessmen, if you could call them that. This organization was anything but legal. However they managed to stay out of the public's eye very well. Lunetta only managed to obtain any info through a few random murders. It was sloppy, but she had no other leads. Also, the one group she tried to join to help with this had disbanded without giving the girl access to any of their resources. Maybe she should start her own group. Her plan was to break into the the hideout and off the good doctor the first chance she got... but there were several problems to her plan. She let out a sight moved out of the street light.

She had on a black and dark purple hoodie with a purple skirt attached, black glasses to hide her glowing purple eyes, and dark purple cargo shorts that cut at her upper thigh with pockets meant for storing important tools and small weapons. Underneath her hoodie was a purple vest with matching pockets and a black skin tight unitard which covered her arms and legs up to her hands. Her feet were covered by the unitard. she had Black strapped gloves and military style black boots. Attacked to the vest was a retractable hood. It was similar to the outfit she wore with that disbanded organization with a few minor alterations. Never the less, it was not fully up to her standards yet but it would receive it's first test run out in the field. The strong survived and the weak perished. There was no other test better than that.

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