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Aranea Cruz

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Aranea Cruz Empty Aranea Cruz

Post by Aryn Cruz October 19th 2018, 2:09 am


"Churrrrr - ‘We're sisters, you and I,

neither of us fitting in with the rest

of the world’.

The Bio

Real Name: Aranea Cruz

Alignment:  Lawful good

Age:  18

Gender: Female

Race: Cross-Species Non-Humanoid: Spider Edition

Hair: Black and Orange

Eyes: Black

Height: 4'10"

Weight: (maybe) 840 LBs

Blood type: Spider

The Looks

The Personality

A kind soul who loves to read as there is not much else that she can do. As such, she is an avid bookworm and will read whenever possible. She also tends to be the rule-follower, especially with her parents' rules as she knows and understands that they are there to keep them safe, not to suppress them.

The Story

In vitro fertilization is how they started. Then, the girl was placed within an artificial womb. The spider was the same. Both of them wound up in the same artificial womb. Some of their DNA strands got partially swapped as they grew. Eventually, they had both fully grown to a stage where they could be separate from the womb.

At first, the two scientists who took Aryn in couldn't understand why, no matter what, she couldn't stop crying.  But, when they took her with them so the other scientists could gauge her progress, and she saw the spider, Aranea, she cooed at it, the spider churrrrring right back at her. When Aryn was taken away, she began fussing again, and stopped as soon as she could see the spider. After that, the two were raised together.

Eventually grew to be slightly smaller than a horse, Aryn able to easily ride on her back throughout every stage of life.

The Priority

1. Reaction
2. Agility
3. Strength
4. Endurence

The Powers

1) Creation of webbing

2)  Climbing of walls

3) Ability to understand humans

4) She has a telepathic link with her twin

The Weaknesses

1) Fire - burns both her and webbing

2) Acid - see above

3) Ice - can make the webbing fragile and harm her

4) Slick surfaces - if something can make her stop sticking she'll fall

5) Inability to speak the human language

6) Inability to appear human

7) She's a giant spider, easily noticed unless she's actually trying to stay hidden

8) The telepathic link has a chance of being broken

9) So far, the only non-toxic feeding substance to her is her sister's blood.

The Items

Just herself and her twin

The Fluff

She gets a migraine when too far from Aryn

She's just a tad smaller than a horse

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Aryn Cruz
Aryn Cruz

Status :

Quote : “I was a test tube baby, one of two, the other being a genetically altered spider. But someone placed us both within the same artificial womb. Partial bits of DNA strands wound up going between us as

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Number of posts : 4
Humor : Snarky and punny
Registration date : 2018-10-18

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