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Huntsman Empty Huntsman

Post by ProwlerKnight May 14th 2024, 6:06 am


"Hunstmen, ya know, like the spider...ya know what, nevermind."

The Bio

Real Name: Robert Bryan  
Hero Name: Huntsman
Title: The kid spider.
Alignment: Hero
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Race: Metahuman
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 150lbs

The Looks

The Personality

In public, Robert is a timid kid, often stumbling over his words, he is a huge pop culture nerd, however.  

As Huntsman, he is cocky, sarcastic, and very outspoken.  

But overall, he is a hero.  

The Story

Robert grew up in a small reformed orphanage in Brownsville, after his parents died in an unfortunate car accident. He mostly stuck to himself, reading his comics, and watching random pop culture shows on his laptop.  

In his many years, he was considered the weird kid that sat in the corner. He was mostly ignored, and those who noticed him would make fun of him.  

One day, when he was 16, he and his fellow orphans took a trip to the zoo, where Robert was bit by a spider that escaped it’s enclosure. Rushed to the hospital, Robert was given an anti-venom, designed by Murumasa Industries.  

While the anti-venom took care of the bite, it also changed Robert. He could suddenly climb walls, lift heavy objects, and shoot a web-like substance from his wrist.  

For the next two years, Robert spent his free time as New Yorks newest hero, Huntsman.  

The Powers

Spider-Strength: Robert can lift up too 173times his body weight, and his punches can hit hard enough to go through almost any material, and put a dent in most others.  

Spider-toughness: Robert can withstand extreme levels of blunt force trauma, taking blows from some of the strongest heavy hitters.  

Spider-Agility: Roberts sense of balance has been enhanced to the extreme, he can stand on his fingertips, one handed, and not fall over. He can leap and hurdle objects with ease, capable of jumping extreme heights.  

Wall Climb: Roberts palms and bottoms of his feet have been covered in firm barbed microhairs that can cling to any surface, allowing Robert to climb vertical surfaces, as well as the roof.  

Spiders-web: Robert can fire a web-like substance out of his wrists, with the tensile strength of steel, He can use this substance for many things, like swinging from building to building, wrapping enemies up, and setting up traps.  

Spider-instincts: Roberts instincts and reflexes have been dialed to superhuman levels, he can “sense” attacks coming from any direction and react accordingly.  

The Weaknesses

Human durability: While Robert is tougher than an average human, he is not invulnerable, sharp objects can still puncture his skin. He can be burned, electrocuted, and so on. He still bruises and bleeds.

Pheromones: High concentrations of female spider pheromones can disrupt Roberts instincts, rendering is senses useless in a fight.  

Web limits: The webs Robert can shoot require proteins, and will eventually run out after prolonged use, in which Robert must consume high-protein foods in order to replenish.  

Water: Robert can’t swim  

Hero: Robert is a hero by heart, and wouldn’t hesitate to put himself in the line of fire, if it meant saving a life.  

The Items

The Minions

The Fluff

The RP Sample

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Huntsman Empty Re: Huntsman

Post by Arcana May 17th 2024, 3:51 am

Approved until stated otherwise

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