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Aryn Cruz

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Aryn Cruz Empty Aryn Cruz

Post by Aryn Cruz on October 19th 2018, 2:17 am


"I was a test tube baby, one of two,

the other being a genetically altered

spider. But someone placed us both

within the same artificial womb.

Partial bits of DNA strands wound up

going between us as we grew. We were

sisters. A human and a spider were


The Bio

Real Name:  Aryn Cruz

Hero Name:

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Race: Cross-Species Humanoid - Spider Variety

Hair: Brown with orange and black streaks

Eyes: Teal

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 125 LBs

Blood type:

The Looks

The Personality

A bit rebellious though generally shy, she lets her snarky side out when fighting crime or, occasionally, when she feels suppressed by her parents. She's also recently learned of other Cross-Species Humanoids and Non-Humanoids, not all of which are actually aligned on the good side of things. So she decided to be a little rebel and take it upon herself to help when it comes to them.

The Story

In vitro fertilization is how they started. Then, the girl was placed within an artificial womb. The spider was the same. Both of them wound up in the same artificial womb. Some of their DNA strands got partially swapped as they grew. Eventually, they had both fully grown to a stage where they could be separate from the womb.

When Aryn was first taken out of the artificial womb, scientists noticed several abnormalities such as petite fangs that were already growing in, four 'nubs’ on her sides, way too many eyes and (miniscule and nearly invisible) hairs already growing upon her hands and feet. Eventually, these abnormalities progressed, the 'nubs’ becoming extra arms, the eyes able to move/close independently of each other, the fangs increasing in size and sharpness and the hairs becoming stronger.

At first, the two scientists who took Aryn in couldn't understand why, no matter what, she couldn't stop crying.  But, when they took her with them so the other scientists could gauge her progress, and she saw the spider, Aranea, she cooed at it, the spider churrrrring right back at her. When Aryn was taken away, she began fussing again, and stopped as soon as she could see the spider. After that, the two were raised together.

As she went through puberty, more changed than just the humanoid parts. Her spinnerets, oppressed by human DNA, began functioning within her wrists, enabling her to create webbing, her organs adjusting so she would be able to eat and recycle older webbing. Her fangs became pointier, growing to where they could nearly be seen with a closed mouth. Her senses enhanced, becoming far stronger than those of any human. Her agility heightened, as did her strength and jumping distance. The hairs covering her palms, fingertips, soles and toe tips became stronger, enabling her to stick to walls, ceilings, roofs, etc. She heals far faster than should be possible and reaction time is incredible.

The Priority

1. Reaction
2. Agility
3. Strength
4. Endurence

The Powers

1) Creation of webbing

2)  Climbing of walls

3) Ability to understand spiders

4) Has a telepathic link with her twin

5) Has extra limbs

6) Has extra eyes

7) Has a 'spider-sense'

8) Blood regenerates somewhat quickly

The Weaknesses

1) Fire - burns both her and webbing

2) Acid - see above

3) Ice - can make the webbing fragile and harm her

4) Slick surfaces - if something can make her stop sticking she'll fall

5) The link has a chance of being blocked

6) Spider instincts occasionally take over

7) Extra limbs and eyes have the same weaknesses as their regular counterparts

8) Even if she can eat human food, she needs to have an amount of some form of spider sustenance, namely blood, in a week.

The Items

Wraps that go across her torso and act as a barrier so she remembers not to use her extra arms. They usually become her mask.

The Minions

Her Twin: (link)

The Fluff

She gets migranes when too far from her sister

The RP Sample

A gunshot rang through the room before a masked man shouted to the now scared people within the bank. “Everyone, on the ground now!”
Mothers pulled their children close, men either shook with fear or rage. Younger children cried, older children looked to be on neither end of the emotional spectrum. And Aryn felt like punching the man with all six arms.

Crawling backwards, slowly, so as to not be noticed, she crept until she could not be seen by cameras. Removing her jacket, she quickly, but silently, tore four holes in the sides of her shirt.

By now, the robbers had started on the vault.

Aryn began working quicker, unwrapping her extra arms, winding the bandages around her head, making sure she could still breath and see, her eyes and mouth uncovered. Removing her shoes, she started up the wall, climbing stealthily closer and closer to the robbers.

“Didn't your parentss ever tell you that sstealing iss bad?” She spoke with a slight hiss in her voice, her fangs visible to the robbers.

One burglar shrieked, emitting the most unmanly scream possible. “I didn't sign up for this!” He tore out of there, trying to escape but, before he could even realize what happened, he was hanging from the ceiling, whimpering.

“Who iss next?”

A braver robber pulled out a gun, pointing it at Aryn.

“Pleasse. Like that could sstop me.”

Fumbling, the burglar pulled the trigger, the girl dodging without even looking. Soon, he too was hanging.

Looking at the final robber, she hissed.

A feminine voice spoke up, whimpering. “Please d-don't eat me!”

“Eat you?” Aryn laughed, tying her up. “Of coursse not.”

Creeping back towards her backpack, she rewrapped her arms, doing so in a sloppy but quick manner, putting her jacket back on, crawling back into the crowd, unnoticed.

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Aryn Cruz
Aryn Cruz

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Quote : “I was a test tube baby, one of two, the other being a genetically altered spider. But someone placed us both within the same artificial womb. Partial bits of DNA strands wound up going between us as

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Aryn Cruz Empty Re: Aryn Cruz

Post by Bliss on October 28th 2018, 2:42 am



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Quote : I'm pretty much the Captain Kirk of this place when I'm not too busy being the Han Solo.

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