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Willy the Whale

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Willy the Whale Empty Willy the Whale

Post by Zonkes May 11th 2024, 1:40 pm

Willy the Whale

"I’m rubber and you’re glue!"

The Bio

Real Name: Willy
Hero Name: None
Title: The Whale Champion, The White Whale
Age: 1467 y/o
Gender: Presents male
Race: Champion
Hair: Steel gray
Eyes: One eye, brown
Height: 8’9”
Weight: 784lbs
Blood type: Oil

The Looks

Incredibly tall, Willy is an imposing man with a girth to match. He can generously be described as large though even this may be an understatement. Willy is among the tallest people in history even before using his ability to change his size, and he is almost as big around as he is tall. His hair is steel gray and kept closely cropped to his head. His one good eye is large and soft, almost like a calf’s eye. His other eye is covered by an eyepatch, with a deep scar leading from the top of his brow to the bottom of his cheek.

Willy wears a long black woolen pea coat with ivory buttons. He wears black slacks covered in sea salt and a white admirals hat with a whale badge on a buckle around the top. Willy’s shoes are always brightly shining and kept in good condition.

The Personality

A salty and jolly old sea captain. Willy embodies in equal parts the gentlest of oceanic currents, and the harshest of sea storms. Boisterous and loud, Willy is an excellent friend to have. He is partial to drink and takes part in sea shanties and shares willingly with his friends. On the surface, he seems a simple man. But that is only one side of the story. Never turn your back on the wild, never turn your back on the sea. And Willy exemplifies exactly why. At one moment, you can expect the Whale Champion to act as he he had all evening. Just large and joyous, gentle to the bone… and the next he’ll have you by the throat for looking at his ale too long. He isn’t cruel and he doesn’t attack for no reason, but nonetheless he is paranoid and holds no special love for man beyond what they show him. You respect Willy and he’s as good a friend as you could have, you disrespect or threaten Willy and he shows you the door at 40 MPH.

Willy helps those in need be they human, animal, or plant. This inherent helpfulness has lead to a modern perception of the champion as a superhero. Something Willy isn’t necessarily opposed to and in fact something he embraces readily.

The Story

Willy remembers little of his life prior to being the champion to whales, but he does remember being born in Norway in the last dregs of the Viking age. He was a sailor then, a captain on a ship… and he fell below the waves waking up on a shore gifted with powers and a natural empathy towards cetaceans.

The next major event took place only 50 years later, Willy had discovered his eternal life not long before. He and the champion of humanity had their first encounter. A battle beneath the sea, where he had the undisputed upper hand.  The human champion’s tools were worthless in the water, and his diving bell could only hold so long. He struck a victory and took from him intelligence.

This was a mistake as it lead to a lifelong rivalry between the pair, with the human champion doing as the human champion did all competitors. It bullied Willy into submission until near extinction for he and his charges. Then it began to help them. No doubt so that it could crush them once more.

Over the years, Willy fought harder and harder. He beat the squid champion, the lion champion, the gorilla champion, and the cheetah champion readily. He took nearly no losses from other champions and was looking to become the Global Apex at one point… when the human champion returned for a rematch. Now his ships were made of iron, his tools deadlier than ever, and his rage and lust for victory were greater than before.

He demolished the whale champion, and took… nothing. In return, whale populations were hunted for their oil and bone. Man made jewelry from their teeth and ribs. Whale populations declined and the human champion kept returning. Seeming to hold a grudge against Willy.  

He came and beat him time after time, destroying more and more of his population and power. The weakened whale found his strength faltering with each defeat until he was a shadow of his former self. Then, as suddenly as the darkness came, the human champion offered a hand. A way out of it. Willy took it, and has begun the contest yet again. He was almost defeated, but it seems the human champion is showing him mercy.

And Willy is going to show him what a mistake that was.

The Powers

Leviathan - Technically two abilities, Willy is able to shift his size and swim with incredible speed and grace. Willy can grow up to 10 times his average height, increasing his physical attributes in turn. At maximum size, Willy slows to a crawl but is greatly increased in strength and weight. Willy can swim at speeds roughly equivalent to that of your average motorboat.

Cetacean Intellect - Willy is smarter than the average [s]bear[/s] whale naturally and puts him roughly on par with above average human intellects. However, haviing won a fight with the human champion, Willy took the human intelligence trait on board. This makes Willy among the smartest people on the planet. He may not show it much, but were he to apply it more often Willy could easily find a solution to most problems he’s faced with.

Strength of the Sea - Willy at his basic level could drag freight trains behind him and lunch hard enough to crack steel, but due to his winning against the Gorillla champion, this incredible strength has been increased and now he can easily drag tug boats and even large sized yachts and can hit hard enough to create shockwaves.

Mournful Song - Willy is able to project his voice in such a beautiful and mournful way that his enemies can’t help but tear up and begin to weep. [Permission Based]

Echolocation - While vocalizing and using his vocal abilities, Willy is constantly getting information from his surroundings. This gives him a damn near full 360° field of “vision”.

Blubbering Fool - Willy has a dense layer of fat and blubber just beneath his skin. This makes it exceptionally difficult to harm his vital organs in any real way. In addition, this blubbery layer keeps him warm and makes him damn near impervious to cold.

Speed of the Savannah - Having defeated the cheetah champion, Willy has one of the most prized abilities in the animal kingdom. For short bursts, Willy can run at speeds of 500 MPH. [Only while normal sized]

Squid Fluidity - Having defeated the Squid champion, Willy is able to compress and contort his body until he can fit through cracks that a man of his size absolutely should not be able to. As long as the crack is smaller than Willy’s largest bones, he can go through it. Willy can also temporarily lengthen his arms and lengths to extraordinary lengths, though he rarely uses this beyond for party tricks.

Lions Roar - Having defeated the Lion champion, Willy has the ability to emit a sonic attack loud and potent enough to shift concrete.

The Weaknesses

White Whale, Holy Grail: - A man can lose himself in rage and greed, and to the enemies of Willy, Ahab’s sin becomes all the more obvious. People can’t help but feel pressured to attack the whale champion while he’s on the battlefield, their rage at his continued existence and greed for what he offers them should he die being too much for them to stand.  

Champion - Willy is a champion of the natural order. His powers are tied directly to the game of life. When Willy loses in the competition, he loses power and whale populations suffer all the more for it. Willy hasn’t lost often, but when he has it has been devastating. Should Willy lose in a battle with a champion, his powers will weaken. Additionally, should whale populations suffer, he will weaken in accordance with the suffering.

Hamstrung - Being big isnt always an advantage. Willy’s weak points are magnified by growth, and as he is in human shape he has the same vital weak points. His achillles tendon being one such. Without the layer of thick blubber the rest of his body has, one can slice into this weak point rather easily. A fact that has Willy guard his ankles and calves more carefully.

Overheating - A man like Willy is prone to overheating. His body plan is made to rest the chill, not the summer scorch. This becomes an issue when fighting an enemy using man’s red flower of flame. Blubber burns easily and as does Willy.

A Real Aquaman - Unless Willy is in the water, he can’t maintain his massive size for long. He will begin to suffocate under his own mass fairly quickly all but forcing him to shrink.

The Items

The Fluff

Diving Master - Willy is capable of holding his breath for several hours at a time, and can withstand the crushing depths of the abyssal zone.

Heavy Drinker - If there’s one thing Willy we’ll and truly lovers from humanities inventionX it’s booze. But to even feel it’s loving warmth, the man has to drink kegs of the stuff.

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Willy the Whale Empty Re: Willy the Whale

Post by inquisitor May 11th 2024, 5:30 pm

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