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Terrify Her

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INV ONLY Re: Terrify Her

Post by Nate6595 December 13th 2023, 11:36 am

"It's better if it's no one getting hit..." Melody grumbled, rubbing her shoulder. "Pain is pain all the same." That was something her dad used to tell her, back when she was training to be a boxer. She wasn't sure why now of all times that memory was moving to the front and center of her head but she couldn't shake it off for whatever reason. She winced a bit, trying to force it away. But it remained all the same. Intrusive memories like that always had a habit of that.

"A shimy-what?" Mel blinked as the demon' Species? was declared. She wondered if that was something she should've known or acted surprised to hear. She let out a surprised gasp just in case, still doing what she could to throw punches and distract the creature. "Oh no, that's..." She gave her ally a confused look, "Baaaaaaad? Goooooood?" She sounded out the words, trying to weigh the reaction she got before she committed to one or the other. It didn't sound that bad, honestly. Anything that shimmies couldn't be all that bad, plus it was just a clown which...while unsettling there was only so many tricks a clown could do.

It was just when she was thinking that when the chattering teeth came and began to pop with no rhyme or reason. They had fuses but they weren't in synch. Sure enough, blood splattered across Mel and while it wasn't the first time, she looked like a pissed off wet dog. She hopped back to dodge incoming swing of that axe and brushed some bloodstained hair from her face. Red wasn't the worst color, but when you had white hair and white accents on your costume...well, it had a way of staining for some time.

She wanted a shower.

She wanted to kill this thing and be done with it.

She wanted a lot of stuff.

And then it got worse. The creature split down the middle, the black tendrils lashing out as Rai moved in for a surprise attack. It slammed her partner to the ground and in the moment of panic Melody tried to rush forward, swinging a fist forward and releasing a burst of energy towards the creature. It split again, shifted and turned and then slammed her back down to the ground with the same move. She joined Rai on the floor and slowly worked herself back up to a kneel.

"Aight, so not here and not in all this blood..." Mel replied, a groan in her voice. She pushed herself to a stand and did her best to help Rai back up. She wasn't hurt just yet, bruises sure...some cuts that would probably need to be cleaned after this, but...all the same, it sucked that they had to run. She began to cautiously move back towards the hole, following along with the plan.

Melody, not missing this chance, wrapped an arm around Rai's waist, or at least attempted to, and then suddenly burst forward, not out the hole in the floor. Instead, energy building in her feet...she created her own hole in the building. She went through the wall nearest to them, bricks and debris flying around them, as she jumped from the third floor of the building out to the ground below.

"Pain is pain..." She repeated to herself, thinking of something. "Name hurts it, would that work again?" Melody asked, "And then..." Ideas were beginning to form up. "Got any silver? We'd need a lot or..." Her eyes went to gaze over the ruined landscape of a city that used to be. "I think I have an idea. Can we lure it out here?" Her eyes fixated on Rai, "Can you distract him for a little bit?"

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INV ONLY Re: Terrify Her

Post by Demonhunter January 8th 2024, 10:33 pm

Rai blinks for a moment. No one had ever been concerned over a reaver’s pain before, even if it was felt differently than a human’s. Pain to a reaver, although often intense was rarely ever localized and they were quite good at masking tremendous amount of it. It led to the superstition that they were incapable of pain or emotion in Dis which sadly was so far from the truth. Either way, all that would happen to Rai most of the time was pain, for Mel there was risk of worse. Rai was more than prepared to have to brave this thing’s onslaught however she was not prepared to be taken around the waist and vaulted out of a brand new window Mel had so nicely made in the side of the shimolochs lair.

Rai’s vision began to blur as the rage of battle cleared and she found herself having that awful feeling of death creeping up on her once again. Some of the blood they were trailing was definitely hers as she continued bleeding from she shoulder blade and ribs even as Mel set her down.

“Name doesn’t hurt it persay. Its name engrages it. I caught him by surprise.” Rai groans sitting in the mud for now, her movements slowing as the world spun. She was reckless as hell as usual and she was considering herself lucky for Mel’s presence. Otherwise she’d have kept bashing her head into that wall until she’d gotten herself actually killed. “I- give me a second I-“ and like that Rai was gone. Eyes fixed forward and glazed over. She looked and felt dead.

While in the twilight of consciousness, Rai thought it over. She couldn’t help but be weary of use of silver; one wrong nick could turn her to dust but then again it would prove effective against Baelfor as well. Slowly her wounds stitches themselves back together and blood almost seemed to seep itself back into the wounds. Rai suddenly looks up before stretching out her neck. “Sorry about that. I can distract him when he comes out. The good part is the greedy bastard can’t stay there forever. Shimolochs have to feed often. He’ll get hungry and have to try to kill again. However I doubt he’ll come to fight me again willingly.”
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