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Taliesin  Empty Taliesin

Post by ProwlerKnight May 12th 2024, 2:15 am


"All magic comes at a price, the question is, how much are you willing to give for it’s power."

The Bio

Real Name: Vincent Clarke
Hero Name: Taliesin
Title: The Magician, Vince, Tali.
Alignment: Hero
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Grey
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 150lbs

The Looks

The Personality

Vincent is a charismatic young man, and cool under pressure.  

He can be kind of a diva at times, but those who know him know he cares nothing for nothing more than others safety and happiness.  

The Story

The son of a prestigious Irish Catholic Family, Vincent was always the black sheep, often questioning his families ideals and beliefs.  

He grew up with a severe fascination with Pagan mythologies and magic, sneaking out to the local library to read about Gods and creatures of all pagan mythos. This is where he would Duke, the son of the librarian, and the two fell in love. They hid their relationship from Vincents family, acting as friends, sneaking off at night to be with each other.  

Eventually, Vincents family would discover the truth, and everything went south fast. They screamed, cried, and scolded Vincent, calling him every vulgar name that existed. Once they gathered their composure, they threw Vincent to the streets.  

Things got worse, as Vincent discovered that his family pulled some strings, forcing Duke and his family to move, after Dukes father lost his job.  

Alone, with no money, and unable to get a job, thanks to his families influence, Vincent ended up on the streets, turning to thievery to survive.  

One night, Vincent would break into the home of the local hermits home, hearing she had jewelry worth millions. He was planning on fencing the jewelry and make his way to America and start a new life, far away from his family. The jewelry he did find was worthless, except for a pendant in the shape of a circle, with strange runes circling a blue gem.  

Upon touching the pendant, Vincent was suddenly flung across the stars, seeing other realms and worlds. He screamed, as he flew through the universe, before finally snapping back to the house, where he collapsed.  

When he woke, it was light outside, and Vincent was laying on the couch in the hermits home. The hermit, an older woman, was pouring tea.  

When she noticed him awake, she scolded him, before finally explaining what had happened. She told him stories of her family, who were all Wizards, and the pendant was their source of power. She explained that the pendant had chosen Vincent to carry on the mantle as one of the guardians of magic, as she couldn’t bear a child of her own.  

The next few years, Vincent trained in the ways of magic. Already having a vast knowledge of Pagan mythologies and magic, he learned quickly.  

As the years went by, the older woman started to age, explaining that the Pendant was preserving her life. She revealed that she was over a thousand years old, and her name was Marion. Now that the pendant chose Vincent, it was no longer providing her with its protection, and her age was catching up to her.  

Before Vincent could truly finish his training, Marion passed, leaving all her possessions to him.  

After her funeral, Vincent left for America like he originally planned, travelling abroad.

He eventually found himself in need of steady money, and traveled to the one place he could use his talents for cash, Las Vegas. He performed at the Luxor twice a month, and made a large sum of cash doing so.  

While having enough money to live lavishly, Vincent never lost sight of his purpose, continuing his training, and seeking out monsters and dark forces that would threaten the mortal world.  

Going by the stage Taliesin, Vincent would take up the mantle of a hero.  

The Powers


Vincent is capable of casting spells and using Arcane magic.

His current list of spells he can cast on a whim are as follows.  

Illusion: Vincent can create illusions that look and sound real, anything he can think of, he can create.  

Weakness : The Illusions aren’t physical, and cannot harm anybody, if someone makes contact with one of his illusions, it dissipates.  

Telekenesis: Vincent can mentally move objects with his mind.  

Weakness: This spell requires concentration, and he can only move objects new heavier than 100lbs.  

Magic Shield: He can summon an arcane shield, that can protect against small arms fire, melee weapons, and other spells.  

Weakness: The shield appears on his arm and must be facing the attack to protect from it. Spells weaken the shield, the stronger the spell, the more damage it does.  

Fire bolts: Vincents go to spell, he summons a small orb of flame, hurling them as projectiles.  

Weakness: The fire is magical, but still reacts like normal fire, with all its normal weaknesses.  

Transmutation: Vincent can change the shape and material of any solid material he can find. He can turn wood into metal, lead into gold, and so on.  

Weakness: The spell follows the laws of exchange, and after an hour, the objects return to their original material (they still maintain any shape he molds them into, however.)  

He currently can only change solid materials, like wood, stone, metals, etc.  

Teleport: Vincent can vanish from sight, reappearing in a location he chooses.  

Weakness: He can only move to locations he either can see or is familiar with, and his range is limited to 100 yards.  

Magic Circle: Vincent can place a magic circle on the ground, and anything that enters the circle cannot escape.  

Weakness: This spell requires Vincent to maintain concentration, and enough force can break the circles hold. The circle is also noticeable when it is summoned, as it appears on the ground and is glowing, and the person or creature make physical contact with the circle for it to trap them.  

Familiar: Vincent has a familiar he can summon and unsummon. It takes the shape of a squirrel, and he uses it to break open latches and occasionally swipe items. He can also control the squirrel, looking through its eyes.  

Weakness: The familiar has the physical attributes as an actual squirrel. When Vincent takes control of the squirrel, he cannot see, hear, or smell anything around him, as he is using the squirrels senses. This leaves him open for attack.  

Ritual Caster: Vincent has several spell books that contain rituals he can use to cast stronger spells without costing his mana.  

The Weaknesses

Human: Vincent is still a human, and can be killed by conventional means.  

Mana: Vincents spell require the use of an arcane energy called “Mana”, which Vincent has a large reserve of, but not an unlimited supply.  

The stronger the spell, the more mana it uses up.  

Once he depletes his mana, he must rest, or take a potion to restore his energy.  

Ritual: Ritual casting takes time to complete the spell, some taking several minutes, some taking days. They require physical materials to use in place of mana, the stronger the spell, the rarer the materials required. Some even require live sacrifices to complete them, appeasing an other-worldly entity to doing Vincents bidding.  

The spells are written in physical books, which can be stolen or destroyed.  

The Items

Merlins Tower: Among the possessions Vincent inherited from his master was a special key, that when put into a door keyhole, opened a portal to a magic tower outside of time and space.  

This tower was built by the famous caster, Merlin, and houses a massive library, several spell books, a ritual table and an alchemy lab.  

Weakness: The key is the only way to access the tower, and can be taken.  

Arcane Focus: Vincent channels his spells using the amulet given by him by Marion.  

Weakness: When not in possession of the amulet, Vincent cannot normal cast spells.

The Minions

The Fluff

Vast knowledge: Vincent has always been fascinated with mythical monsters, and pagan mythos. He has a vast knowledge on anything from Greek, to African mythology. He is well studied in the strengths and weaknesses of any supernatural creature from mythology, including Angels and Demons.  

Fencing: Vincent was trained in how to fence, his family believing fencing to be a proper sport for a young man of his stature.  

Pianist: Vincent can play the piano, he can play pieces from famous composers such as Mozart and Beethoven, and has even composed a few songs himself.  

He loves playing, as has a piano in his penthouse suite at the Luxor.  

Stage Performer: Vincent loves the stage, and always wanted to perform on Broadway.  

He uses his talents on the stage at the Luxor, where he performs magic shows using his mastery of illusions.

Thief: Before Vincent became a Wizard, he was living on the streets, where he learned skills that helped him survive.
He is a master of stealth, sleight of hand, and lockpicking.

The RP Sample

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.


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Taliesin  Empty Re: Taliesin

Post by Arcana May 12th 2024, 2:26 am

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