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How to Save a Life (Starring Sammy and Tooki)

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Re: How to Save a Life (Starring Sammy and Tooki)

Post by Chellizard on February 11th 2019, 1:31 pm

Tyuki would almost gasp as Samael took off his shirt and jacket to reveal such beautiful wings. She let out a noise that meant she was definitely pleased to find out he had wings, too! But they were stark black. A huge contrast to her pale white wings.

She would watch him lift off of the ground, a graceful take off. It was effortless. She blinked a few times and then hoisted up the three goons, most of them coming in and out of consciousness. She would then ascend on her own, wings stretching out behind of her before pumping once to reveal that she knew how to fly, too!

As she rose up, it was a little less graceful. Lugging three heavy demons was not easy, and maybe she should've gotten his help after all. She veered off to the left, her shoulder coming into the side of a brownstone and sending a few cracks along the side of it.

"I'm okay!" she coughed, and readjusted herself, her wings sending her up and over the lip of the roof where she deposited the three goons.

Dumping them on the roof top, she wasn't careful of how they landed at all. She also made sure the metal was secure, keeping them in place.

"Honestly, I'm down for whatever. I just wanna know why they're following me! Maybe they know about the guy I need." she said, her hand finding it's way to rest on her chin, one finger across her lips as she thought about their options.

She finally had an epiphany, her brain clicking over and going "Ah-ha!"

"Let's, like, offer them a chance to be let go if they tell us what's up?" she offered, looking to Samael as he stood over the shark demon menacingly.

The three demons would focus on their captors, Shark boy letting out a gruff huff of annoyance.

"Do you know how rare it is for a person like you to just show up in The Pit?" he said, raising his brow. Well, he didn't have brows. He had a pronounced brow area, but no brows.

Man, he sure is ugly. I wonder what it would look like if I had no eye brows. Meh. He's not very smart. He doesn't even know what I am. Or who I am. I hope he doesn't, at least. Boy, that would be embarrassing. And a bit rude of me. What if they wanted my autograph and were just being creeps cause that's all they know? Geeze, Tyuki. You're really giving them the benefit of the doubt. Stop it! They're mean, they tried to beat you up, and this Samael fella is the one thing that saved you in there. These three are huge jerks.

Snapping out of her inner monologue, Tyuki would look to Samael with a sort of 'help me' look. She didn't know what Shark boy meant.

"What's the Pit? is that the dark, dingy bar I was in?" she asked, raising a brow. At least she had eye brows to raise.


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Re: How to Save a Life (Starring Sammy and Tooki)

Post by Samael Christensen on February 11th 2019, 1:59 pm

One of the demons had glared at him, looking pretty pathetic from where he was standing. Considering how the kid that shared half of what he was treated him, it was nice to see some of them in a sad position like this. ”Well, looks like the little lady has no issue with me working over you guys.” His words dripped with venom, and they could sense it. However fear was not what came from them, instead a certain defiance while they communicated with Tyuki who seemed to be an oddity within The Pit. Not many angelic figures entered into the place, mostly because the place didn’t care for the good kind. One of them spoke, raising their not-brow as they questioned the truth of how things unfurled before. That was when he found himself being looked at with a questioning expression, as if she didn’t know what had just been said.

Wasn’t she just in The Pit not too long ago?

”Pits the bar you found me in. Sort of a...hellhole of sorts where the worst kind of people gather to drink. Normally people like you don’t come around, mostly because they can’t come around. You’re kind of an anomaly I think.” He looked to the demons with a clenched fist, causing one of them to flinch before they nodded. ”So, why were you following this nice young woman? Aside from being massive creeps.” He added, the nails on one of his hands shifting into thick, black ravens talons. Another threat, and one more dangerous than the fist.

”We wanted to see what kind of thing she was. She’s no ordinary angel, walking into the pit like that. ” One of them said, eyeing his claws meaningfully.

”That sounds like a perfect reason to stalk someone” The eye-roll wasn’t visible but it was there. ”so what should we do with them?”

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