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Night on the town (Sammy)

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INV ONLY Night on the town (Sammy)

Post by Phantasm December 19th 2019, 6:30 am

Lukas rolled the vial between his index and thumb, contemplating the drug thoughtfully. Information on who started the creation of Spark was an unknown, though he knew that it didn’t matter. People tended to pay large amounts to have even temporary powers. The human population was easy to manipulate in that sense, and he had cornered a market in LA on selling the stuff. Not that it was very hard, considering what he had as competition on the market. Disjointed gangs and detachments from other cities trying to covertly move onto his own turf, with little idea what they were likely getting into. The big players always knew where they were and were not safe to move on. That was one thing he could be thankful for, his own family’s clout. He paused, looking down at the vial once again before slipping it into his formal jacket.

Tonight, he was supposed to be looking into finding the recipe for the drug, or what he assumed was that. His father had been sending people through a few channels, looking up how to produce the leading money maker would put them far above what state they were at now after all.

It was supposed to be in the hands of some important underworld scientific sort, though that was all the details he can work from them. Maybe that was enough to get things done but he didn’t trust the word of someone likely just looking for a quick paycheck. That was the kind of people he was normally dealing with, never allowing themselves any kind of deep loyalty no matter what you did for them. Survival became the end point for most of them.  Still, in the end those kinds of people were very easy to manipulate.

”Everything going as planned?” He questioned into a small black communicator pinched between his other hand, waiting a second before a female voice came in through.

“Yeah boss, everything’s all set up,” Her voice was rough, flavored with an accent he heard more often in New York. Must be one of those new recruits he had heard so much about.

”Good, keep everything in line for the meeting. I don’t want that info slipping through our fingers.” He was planning to look over the job personally but didn’t want to jump into things immediately. First they needed to make sure things were set up right and no one was planning anything that would make this more a danger than needed.

Their venue was a small, closed shop one of his many associates ran. People very rarely cared much for unimposing Asian food restaurants.  Two less than legal people meeting in the local Japanese grill past closing time, one lead by someone trying to impress him and the other side scientists likely protected by some metahumans.

What could go wrong?

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INV ONLY Re: Night on the town (Sammy)

Post by Nate6595 December 30th 2019, 12:58 pm

It was a strange lead. Honestly, Melody had wanted to take the job, but she was needed elsewhere, so the responsibilities fell to Sam. A fried of theirs worked with LA police department and they had apparently stumbled upon something big. It was big enough to want to find some outside help in busting the scene. They weren’t exactly sure all the details on the job, but it was enough to send Sam over.

Apparently, there would be a meeting between two powerful groups, a strange drug being dealt, and if all went according to plan they may just be able to bust a high ranking member of a certain underground gang. Of course, there was still plenty of unknowns. The undercover detective was only to get so much information about the deal and when/where it would be taking place. It wasn’t the best info to go on, but it would have to do. Sam used to this sort of thing anyways, working with Mel he often had to think on his toes.

He was briefed on the case when he landed and sent to a quieter alley in the city. They didn’t have the exact address in which the deal would be going down, only the street so Sam would have to keep his eyes out for anything strange or out of the usual. He, of course, would stick out like a sore thumb if he wandered around the street in his hero attire, so for the moment he just looked the part of a local, just someone bumming around. He had his hood drawn up, careful not to let people see his face as he trailed the street, moving up and down the block. He would look into the windows of businesses and buildings, trying to spot anything out of the ordinary.

Overall, things seemed quiet enough. It wasn’t the busiest of streets, but that only made the whole thing all the more unnerving.

The overall job wasn’t so much as to stop the deal, rather just get faces. That was the main goal of course. If he could stop it, he would, but the more he acted the greater the chance that crime group would discover they had a double agent somewhere in their ranks. The detective’s safety would have to come first in this case.

Sam could only hope that his movements weren’t already gather suspicion.
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