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Operation: Far Voices

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OPEN Operation: Far Voices

Post by The Lost October 1st 2016, 8:39 am

OOC - Interested in joining this OPEN topic? Here are some plot hooks that might help you join:
This is an open topic. The thread will be exploring the story of the D20 module, Far Voices. Please do not look for spoilers regarding it on the internet. It's meant to be a short side adventure, but a fun one. If you're interested in joining, here are some related plot hooks.

  • Pirated Radio Signals: The strange transmissions that start off this little adventure are pirated, and there is probably something technologically strange about that. Even if your character doesn't receive the message themselves, they might notice that there are strange signals being broadcasted if they are tech savvy. The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) monitors pirate radio signals. If your character is the type to follow rumors, or dig up information, perhaps they have heard of the odd radio signals from the FCC reports.

  • Supernatural Radio Signals: The strange transmissions are demonic in nature. If your character is sensitive to magic or the supernatural, they might be able to sense that something is amiss.

  • Anything you can think of. These are just suggestions, so if you can justify being a part of this plot, then feel free to jump right in.

Hope to have fun with everyone, even if it's just me and Nekromonga.

It was a pleasant enough Saturday for the time of year. For once, Jonathan Javian was not in a business suit or wearing tactical combat gear. Instead, he was only wearing semi-formal wear. Just simple black slacks, with a black button down dress shirt. He wasn't even wearing a tie. He didn't have a full compliment of security contractors with him, and he wasn't hunting down an irregular threat, either. Today was just one of those rare days that Javian took to enjoy himself. He was just enjoying a mid day drive, and not in a boring and bland town car either. He was driving a classic, silver 1964 Aston Martin DB5 that he had personally refurbished himself.

It was then that a strange static started coming over the car's speakers. Shrill electronic whines and discordant buzzes popped from the speakers, interrupting an urgent voice that seemed to be speaking in a language that The Lost could not recognize. This was particularly alarming, because with Javian's super intelligence, he had studied all languages known to man, and even a few that had long been considered dead. Even if he could not understand it, he should have been able to name it and where its spoken. At first, he thought it was the fact that the transmission was too garbled to make out, but even as he continued to listen to the message he still could not make heads or tails of it. This was completely different from everything he had studied. It was bizarre and alien to his ears. As if it were from another world entirely.

The message was being spoken in a demonic tongue:
"You must [STATIC] the Wee Bee Toys store [WHINE] Charles Street and acquire a BunBun electronic rabbit within [BUZZ] hour. You must go to that [WHINE] store. You must [STATIC] this task within the next hour. You may go with as many people [BUZZ]. You must not fail!"

To those who go the way, he who has strayed shall be known as The Lost.

To he who has strayed, he has simply forged a New Path.

It is time to take The Next Step
The Lost
The Lost
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Post Mate

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