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The Lost

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The Lost Empty The Lost

Post by The Lost September 18th 2016, 9:23 am

The Lost

To those who go the way, he who has strayed shall be known as The Lost.

To he who has strayed, he has simply forged a New Path.

Basic Biography

Real Name: The Lost ~ Lost abandoned and discarded his original identity at an early age. There are no records that should attach his current appearance to that of the name he was born with.

Renegade/Hero/Villain Name: The Lost
Title: The Lost; The Tactician; Leonard Percival Faust (Alias); Abel Ausama (Alias); Tabiris Rei (Alias); Jonathan Javian (Alias)
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Height: 7ft 4in
Weight: 155 lbs
Blood type: O

The Looks

The Lost is a tall and fit young man with light mocha skin. His face still has the cut of a young man, but he's always had good cheek bones (or so he's been told). His build is lean with no wasted muscle mass and very little excess body fat. His hair is dark black and kept short and tidy. He usually slicks his hair back in the executive style. He usually wears very thick, round glasses with a plain black rim. He dresses in semi formal or formal clothing, favoring slacks and button down shirts even when relaxing. Of course he will only wear custom cut suits of high quality for work. He likes to dress sharply, though the color of his tie will usually match the color of his suit. He likes to wear only black and white, and only uses color sparingly. A spot of blue here, or a spot of red there. He will rarely wear two different colors at the same time. He distinctively, does not wear a wrist watch. The Lost doesn't wear a superhero costume. Instead, he will wear various disguises if he doesn't want his deeds to be attached to his current identity of Jonathan Javian. When he needs to operate with absolute anonymity, he will wear a featureless mask that obscures his entire face. Other times, he will wear standardized NPPMF gear.

The Legacy

Personality: The Lost generally likes to maintain a cool, calm, and collected demeanor. Even under pressure he seems to hold up well. He is not the brooding or gloomy type, either. He generally strives to present himself as a pleasant and approachable individual. He prides himself in being polite and mild mannered. He appears to be a very open minded and flexible individual. However, all of this is on the surface. He acts in this way because he believes it is dignified, and acting shamefully would disgrace himself. For example, The Lost is prideful, but he doesn't like to brag. Trying to convince other people that you are great is an easy way to make a fool out of yourself. Instead, he would rather let his accomplishments speak for themselves. He also finds this kind of behavior to be convenient. It's easier to use people, if they like you.

Whether he is a hero or villain is up to the individual judgement of those who observe him. However, for convenience sake, he will often bill himself as a Hero. That being said, he has no qualms about lying and is no stranger to secrecy. Even if he's acting like a hero, it'd likely be for the wrong reasons. On the other hands, if he's acting like a villain, it might be for the right reasons. All things considered, it'd probably be easier to just call him a Renegade.

Have you ever wondered why evil exists or why bad things happen? There may not be an umbrella answer that easily explains it all, but perhaps part of why evil exists, is because we simply need it to. Perhaps we need someone among us who can cross the line and do what is necessary, even if it is unsavory. In the core of his heart, The Lost is evil. That means he is capable of making the difficult decisions that many would not be able to make. No, he won't enjoy it, but he'll do whatever it takes to ensure his goals are met.

He is not hindered by his conscience, primarily because a conscience is largely just doubt about the moral implications regarding a decision. When The Lost decides on a course of action, he is absolutely sure it is the right thing to do. His super intelligence guarantees this, and his pride refuses to acknowledge that even he can be wrong.  As a result, he is a very willful and driven young man.

Despite being prideful, he does not need acknowledgement or recognition from others. He doesn't need others to bow or worship. He doesn't need others to congratulate or compliment him. He doesn't need others to validate his existence. This is because he's so prideful, that he believes everyone else is beneath him. Thus their opinions hold no value or less value than his own. Instead, he measures his success based off his own personal values. The only one he's trying to impress, is himself. Through this, he achieves his satisfaction.

While he respects most laws, this is usually only because it is convenient for him to maintain a non-criminal record. He will break the laws of nations, the commandments of gods, and the norms of moral decency the moment that it is convenient for him to do so. However, he will not go against the belief system that he has constructed for himself.

His believes are many and varied and touch upon many subjects. He calls his belief structure The Mortal Ideals. He could write his own series of bibles about it all, but I won't go into that much detail about it. However, there are many common themes that run throughout. For one, it all seems to stem from his personal sense of pride. A prideful man would make a belief system that stems from pride, after all. He actively avoids shame like it's sin, and he aims for perfection like it's virtue.

His goals are often not only to protect himself, but his ego and what that actually entails is usually large than just his one self. Whether its his estate, his business, his hometown, his home state, his home country, his home world, his entire race, or even his dimension, he will at times consider it all a part of 'himself' because it's all his, whether they acknowledge it or not. For these reasons, he will actively pursue the betterment of all mankind and will ensure that humanity not only survives, but thrives. At the same time, if he believes that the death one or many might benefit mankind as a whole, he will not hesitate to orchestrate their demise. Furthermore, if the death and destruction of mankind might somehow benefit him personally, he will not hesitate in this regard either.

If humanity went extinct, he'd consider it a personal loss, since it's his race. However, in the end, even they are expendable if it's for his sake.

History: The Lost was born with super intelligence and a unique outlook on life. His mind quickly outpaced his body's development. Even as an infant he could understand the concept of walking, but his body could not perform the task. This frustrating gap between what he could understand and what he could accomplish filled him with a desire to achieve at an early age. The satisfaction of finally being able to walk and the many possibilities this opened up for him were far more important the ridiculous adulation his parents showered him with. Just being able to walk opened up so many doors for him, but that was nothing compared to when he was finally able to reach doorknobs. By then he had already collected plenty of information from his family's home computer and the internet. He had self educated himself, carefully avoiding the countless amount of false information by meticulously checking sources. Among the many things he learned early on, he kept careful note of the notion that "the nail that sticks out, gets hammered down". Particularly, news about The Purge had frightened him. Of course he knew right away that he was different from others. He was smarter than he should have been, and the idea that he might be selectively targeted because of that, made him decide early on that he had to hide his intelligence. Thankfully, while his parents had noticed their toddler's odd interest in the computer, he was able to later play it off like he was just interested in the bright lights and moving colors.

In elementary school, he attended class regularly and maintained perfect C's. This was normal and perfectly average. He continued to maintain the facade of a normal elementary school student, even as he began to study subjects that would be difficult for a college graduate. Furthermore, he had already began moving money around behind the scenes. It had started by simply combining everyday household products to distill an addictive hallucinogen. He called this new drug Shortcut. Pushing this drug onto a suitable market, he was able to make enough seed money to begin investing under an assumed identity. He had gained control of this identity through a series of hacking certain databases and forging various documents. Using Leonard Percival Faust's identity, The Lost began building up his fortune. The actual Leonard had already been dead for quite a long time.

When it came time to start middle school he instead choose to fake his own death, leaving his parents to grieve their only child. He had chosen the easiest method, faking a death at sea. He was eventually declared dead even without a body being found. The average normal young student died an average normal tragic death. This was when The Lost took up his handle. His local newspaper had labeled him as such, since he was lost at sea. Though, the story only ran for one week, it stuck with him. He began living on his own, relying on the money he had made from his various investments and began devoting himself to his research and further expanding his secret empire. The focus of his research was other people like him - super humans. Meanwhile, he started a company he called New Path under a new identity that he had completely fabricated, completed with more forged documents and false registries. This New Path was a simple agricultural company that was run by a man named Abel Ausama. Of course this was just a front for his other machinations. He began buying up and seizing farmland through shady business practices. Most of his money still came from careful readings of the stock market and wise investments. Although, he also arbitrarily decided that he wanted his agriculture front to be reasonably successful, too. So he made sure it at least was making enough legitimate profit to stay out of the red.

The true purpose of New Path was to provide The Lost with the space he needed to experiment and develop his sphere of influence within the underbelly of society. Using Shortcut, his vast fortune, and other coercion techniques, he was able to expand a network of influence throughout society's infrastructure. The best part of it all, was most of it was legal. Mostly. Since things were going so well, The Lost decided to push his research into the next phase. Human experimentation. First he created yet another identity, Tabiris Rei. Then he created an alter ego for this false identity. Tabiris Rei was secretly The Tactician, he was a superhero who relied on martial arts and state of the art gadgets to perform various acts of vigilantism. He used this identity to gather the attention of two certain super human individuals. He convinced the others to form a team of young superheroes, and they called themselves The Fighting First Step.

At the time The Lost was only 14 years old. His teammates were only a little older. Eleanor de la Fleur, was 16 years old. She was called Everafter and had super human regeneration abilities. The Lost taught her martial arts and let her use the same equipment he employed. Her healing powers let her take on the risk of heroics with less fear. It was a simple matter for Lost to inspire a sense of duty in her. He made her feel obligated to use her powers for the good of others and enabled her to do so. Chris Mortell, was 17 years old. He was called Powerhouse and his body had heightened physical abilities. The Lost convinced him to be the leader of their group, a role he eagerly accepted. However, he was just a figurehead. As The Tactician, The Lost provided the actual strategy and he carefully manipulated Powerhouse's decisions from behind his back. Of course all of this was just a facade. Lost just wanted to get close to them so he could research their powers. Back at his farms, he instructed his minions to perform radical experimentation on wannabe heroes, trying to replicate his teammate's powers.

It only took four and a half years for The Lost's research to finally bear fruit. There were many sacrifices along the way, but The Lost was convinced that this was all for the betterment of mankind. After all, his goal was to make himself better, and he surely in return would make the world a better place. The test subjects that died along the way were all acceptable losses, and in the end he was successfully able to replicate his team's powers within his own body. In the time he had been developing these new powers, he had also created yet another identity. Jonathan Javian was the founder of a small time private security firm. Joining hands with Abel Ausama, his security company merged with the ever growing New Path, which had expanded into various other fields of industry. New Path Incorporated was now setup to begin advanced weapons development and research, as well as expand into security operations overseas. It was finally time to take the next step.

It was then when the young genius finally experienced true failure for the first time in his life. Chris The Powerhouse Mortell died in the line of duty at the age of 22. The Lost had been away on business, eager to finalize the private military he was building overseas. By the time he got back, it was already far too late. Eleanor was grievously wounded, and only survived because of her healing powers. Chris was dead. To The Lost, he was a research asset, a pawn, and a teammate. Despite his ulterior motives, they had been fighting besides him for years. The Lost took his death as a personal loss. One that he would not live down so easily. Revenge was hollow and empty. Killing those villains, and Chris was still dead. Furthermore, his revenge cost him was was left of his relationship with Eleanor. He couldn't stop her from leaving. When The Lost turned 19, he decided that he would form a new team of superheroes. A stronger team. One that would never feel the loss, his first team had suffered. A team to forge a New Path.

The Powers and Weaknesses


Power I: [Super Intelligence] The Lost was born with a unique mind that out performs those of normal human beings in many different ways. He calls this ability his Perfect Mind. He can process, store, analyze, and recall information on a level that can even surpass super computers. His ability to think is so powerful, he can even obscure and dilute information within his mind to hide it from mind readers and even present false information in its place. Furthermore, his mind is a creative and inventive entity that surpasses the ability of even the most talented of normal human artists and inventors. His willpower is also on another level beyond that of normal human beings. He is unyielding and driven, not easily distracted. The Lost is not magically gifted, and he does not have psychic powers either. However, because of the sheer thought power of his super intelligence, he naturally resilient to most mental attacks and can be down right immune others. He has used his super intelligence to study a great many different subjects. In theory, making him a master in many different fields. He's studied how to be a programmer, hacker, doctor, surgeon, researcher, inventor, masseur, mechanic, artist, cook, and martial artist, among many other skill sets. This may only be in theory, but putting these skills into practice is well within the means of even a normal human being. For someone who can perfectly learn all of these skill sets, it's only that much easier to succeed in any task that requires these skills. As a super genius who lives in the age of information, you can assume that he has detailed and in depth knowledge on every single subject known to man. On top of that, he has his own research. Though, this doesn't necessarily mean he has actual physical practice in these subjects. Naturally, with super intelligence, it was very easy for The Lost to become filthy rich.

Power II: [Super Endurance] Using his super intelligence, The Lost began secretly collecting information and experimenting on certain individuals who possessed super human abilities beyond that of normal human beings. Through this research he managed to replicate super human powers within his own body with fringe science involving complex chemical therapy. He altered his body with the goal of achieving a Perfect Body. One of the powers he managed to replicate was super endurance. He reinforced his body to the point that it could endure stress and strain that would destroy a normal human being. This allows him to withstand attacks and survive in harsh environments. This also allows him to continue psychical activity for prolonged lengths of time without tiring.

Power III: [Super Strength] Using his super intelligence, The Lost altered his body with the goal of achieving a Perfect Body. One of the powers he managed to replicate was super strength. His muscles can exert force far beyond that of a normal human being. This allows him hit harder, run faster, swim faster, and jump farther.

Power IV: [Super Regeneration] Using his super intelligence, The Lost altered his body with the goal of achieving a Perfect Body. One of the powers he managed to replicate was super regeneration. The larger the wound, the more time it would take to heal. Minor scratches can heal quickly. Bruises and shallow cuts will heal in a matter of minutes. Large gaping wounds would take hours. A missing limb would take days. More serious injuries might take months. His bone marrow can also produce blood quickly if needed. Furthermore this makes him resilient to disease, though not immune.


Weakness I: Theory vs Practice ~ The Lost's original super power is super intelligence. As great as versatile as it is, he doesn't have any psychic or magical powers that allow his mind to directly have tangible affects on the real world. His Perfect Mind is still just a mind. It can't think someone to death, and the power doesn't even apply to his eyes. He doesn't have super reaction or super perception of any kind, so even if he can process collected data and analyze information super fast, he can only actually collect information at the rate that a normal human can. Even if he can make the perfect strategy, and plan for every contingency, he still needs to actually execute that plan. That means his super intelligence can only really come into play with the appropriate amount of time, resources, and manpower.

Weakness II: Human Metabolism ~ None of The Lost's powers give him the ability to absorb energy through special means or at a special rate. He has to eat, or his Perfect Body will run out of energy eventually. Standard attrition tactics should be particularly effective against him. His body is often burdened to perform super human feats of strength and regeneration (tasks that require a lot of energy), while his body is only capable of the consumption and processing of food into energy at the rate of a normal human being.

Weakness III: Human Respiratory System ~ The Lost's body, enhanced as it is, still relies on a human respiratory system. If both his lungs are destroyed, his throat is obstructed, his nose and mouth are blocked, or he just plain finds himself in a vacuum devoid of air, he won't be able to breathe and he'll die. In theory, he could regenerate his lungs if they were damaged, but he would suffocate long before he could regrow a full lung.

Weakness IV: Challenge Accepted ~ Even if traditional morals and standards don't hold him back, his pride can. If one can understands the way he thinks, one might be able to limit his actions and options. For example: The Lost has developed a high powered anti-material super-plasma sniper rifle and has been dominating the battlefield with it. If his opponent tosses aside his gun and walks out into the open with a combat knife, The Lost will find it difficult to resist accepting the challenge. If he believes that it will be a fair one on one fight, then he will toss aside the huge advantage his rifle gave him, to fight in melee. However, prideful as he might be, he is far from stupid. He will not throw away his advantage if he believes he has absolutely no chance of winning without it. Another Example: "If you're so smart, why can't you think of a way to get out of this situation without sacrificing anyone?" Saying something like that, might force him to go out of his way to save people other than himself. Granted, he still would not be willing to sacrifice himself to accomplish this condition.

RP Mechanics

RP Mechanic(s): Information Control ~ The Lost's main super power is Super Intelligence. He knows that knowledge is power and he hoards it. As such he carefully controls all information related to himself, as much as he can. Please ask permission before you write that your character knows one of my character's secrets.


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Physical Priority

Agility 4
Endurance 2
Reaction 1
Strength 3
The Lost
The Lost
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Post by Chellizard September 19th 2016, 2:27 am

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