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The New Path Conglomerate

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The New Path Conglomerate Empty The New Path Conglomerate

Post by The Lost September 18th 2016, 12:54 pm

Business: The New Path Conglomerate

Founded: 8 years ago.

Location: World Wide; World headquarters located in Detroit, Michigan, USA.

Appearance: Among the long forgotten and broken down factories of the motor city, there is a series of newly refurbished factories pumping new life into the area. Inexplicably, there stands a single skyscraper at the center of these revived factories. This lone giant is an immaculate work of modern design. The New Path logo is brilliantly emblazoned at the top of the silver and white skyscraper.

Logo: The New Path Logo is a series of sliver lines that form a stylized compass. It represents the ideals of industry, inspiration, and exploration.

Company Motto: "Human beings must always aspire towards a more noble ideal."

History: Eight years ago, the first iteration of The New Path was founded by Abel Ausama, a humble farmer looking to help his neighbors by unifying their efforts under one brand. It was a humble agricultural company that has since expanded and grown into a massive conglomerate. The current CEO, Jonathan Javian, originally ran a small time security firm that was co-opted into The New Path Conglomerate to handle it's security needs around the world. After Ausama's retirement, he appointed Javian  as his successor, backing his plans to shift focus into the NPPMF which has quickly grown into one of the largest active private military firms. The New Path private Military Firm offers training and supplementary forces to nations all over the world with the hopes of safeguarding humanity regardless of nationality or borders.

Main field: The New Path Conglomerate is a massive company that branches out in many fields. Furthermore, there are many subsidiaries and shell companies linked to The New Path. There are three main branches of The New Path Conglomerate, though only two are public. The third a secret third branch known to only key individuals. Namely, those directly involved.

New Path Private Military Firm ~ [NPPMF] This branch provides armed combat and/or security services. A PMC is not a mercenary group and is not an official military. Their staff are not soldiers and are instead security contractors.

New Path Labs ~ This branch focuses on research and development. Their current projects are top secret.

The New Path ~ Is a special section of the conglomerate that is dedicated locating, aiding, and maintaining talented individuals. Those who have powers beyond that of a normal human being are approached and offered a place within the organization. The organization's goal is to help those who's unique situation make it difficult to survive without special attention, and prevent those who would abuse their talents to disrupt society.

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The Lost
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The New Path Conglomerate Empty Re: The New Path Conglomerate

Post by Chellizard September 19th 2016, 2:40 am

That's fine. It's more of a plot thing now - but it's nice that you put a lot of thought into it. Very Happy

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