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Operation: Lazy Mountain

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INV ONLY Operation: Lazy Mountain

Post by The Lost September 22nd 2016, 1:42 am

With the recent destruction that Doctor Necrodium and Holocaust had wrought upon the city, the people of New York city were all to aware of the irregular threat they faced. Naturally, as the city slowly rebuilt itself people took certain countermeasures to against such threats. Naturally, the private military and security firm that claimed to specialize in safeguarding against just that threat was extremely popular. The NPPMF had contracts all across the city, and business was good. The influence of The New Path Conglomerate slowly spread throughout every facet of the city, as more and more businesses and homes signed up for security plans. It wasn't long before a rat couldn't steal trash from a dumpster without a New Path security camera catching it the act. The rat in question was later apprehended by the authorities and fined for invasion of privacy. Please do not rifle through other people's trash.

Naturally, a human tank walking his way into bank vaults would not go unnoticed. Such a high profile crime would be met with a high profile response. When reports of this irregular back robber reached the desk of Jonathan Javian, he couldn't help but wonder at the waste of such talent. Surely this was not the best he could do with such irregular gifts.

Using his own irregular gift of super intelligence, Javian calculated which banks would most likely be the next targets of grand theft. Of the likely targets, he further narrowed it down to those that had contract with his company. Finally, of the remaining, he gathered all of the assets and transferred them to one remaining bank in the area. The others would be temporarily closed down.

Next, he put together an elite team of NPPMF security contractors, and personally formulated a plan. The first stage of this plan was very simple. No less than four security contractors would be stationed inside the bank's main vault. This was team Spearman. They were primarily armed with high powered repeating shotguns, and wore full body armor dyed in urban blacks and grays. On their helmets, they had special visor shields in front of them, like some swat team helms had. However, theirs were tinted black. The vault was designed to set off a high powered flash grenade the moment the vault was compromised. Their orders were to open fire on the target Lazy Mountain, the moment he appeared.

Furthermore, team Archer was setup all around the area in various vantage points. They had strict orders to remain hidden and only fire when Lazy Mountain had tripped the flashbang trap. They were armed with .50 cal anti-material rifles, and had a clear shot into the bank which was cleared of civilians.

Instead of civilians, the bank was populated with security contractors wearing plain clothes disguises. Regular civilians who attempted to approach the bank were intercepted and guided away. Even the tellers working the counters were security contractors in disguise. Their orders were to maintain the facade of a regular bank, and then retreat the moment the vault is breached.

Lastly, a maneuver team was positioned on the roof, armed with high powered assault rifles. Their orders were to hide in position until given the signal to repel down the sides of the building and surround the target. Their codename was fireteam Knight.

If this dedicated strike team could not take down Lazy Mountain, a special contractor was also hired and asked to work alongside the team.

And, if even that wasn't enough, Javian himself had a special surprise was prepared. Though, he hoped it wouldn't come to that. After that, it was only a matter of waiting for the bank robber to show up. He made sure this team was ready to repeat this setup everyday for as many days as it would take. Operation: Lazy Mountain was already underway.

To those who go the way, he who has strayed shall be known as The Lost.

To he who has strayed, he has simply forged a New Path.

It is time to take The Next Step
The Lost
The Lost
Post Mate
Post Mate

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Warnings : Banned
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