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The Ranger, Chicago and Atlanta's Savior-Memorial. I_vote_lcapThe Ranger, Chicago and Atlanta's Savior-Memorial. I_voting_barThe Ranger, Chicago and Atlanta's Savior-Memorial. I_vote_rcap 
The Ranger, Chicago and Atlanta's Savior-Memorial. I_vote_lcapThe Ranger, Chicago and Atlanta's Savior-Memorial. I_voting_barThe Ranger, Chicago and Atlanta's Savior-Memorial. I_vote_rcap 
The Ranger, Chicago and Atlanta's Savior-Memorial. I_vote_lcapThe Ranger, Chicago and Atlanta's Savior-Memorial. I_voting_barThe Ranger, Chicago and Atlanta's Savior-Memorial. I_vote_rcap 

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The Ranger, Chicago and Atlanta's Savior-Memorial.

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The Ranger, Chicago and Atlanta's Savior-Memorial. Empty The Ranger, Chicago and Atlanta's Savior-Memorial.

Post by Swordsmaster October 26th 2015, 12:03 am

From Atlanta to LA, from New York to Washington, all across the United States and even places in Europe and Asia knew about what happened in Chicago three years ago. Sure, the effects weren’t as nearly devastating as the New York Assault and in the end the hero team known as Knightwatch had been able to rally together from their locations in Atlanta and New York to the Windy City to fight the otherworldly threat but it cost them and the world dearly. Atlanta’s own and one of the last members to join Chicago’s own infamous Phantoms as well as the founder of Knightwatch the man known to the world as The Ranger had given his life fighting tooth and nail for the survival of not just his group or the city of Chicago but the entire state of Illinois.

He had made the ultimate sacrifice to ensure that the rest of the world could continue on; so that they could live their lives to the fullest or in whatever way they wanted. Without even a second thought he did what he had believed was necessary to ensure that his adopted city would be able to live to see another day; something he would never be able to do. After the battle was over and his sacrifice was made and his body was found it was discovered that not only was he The Ranger but the ‘undefeated’ lawyer, who had a hand in putting Doctor Cosmos behind bars, Rey Miller. A defense attorney who fought for the little people before the New York Assault and afterwards a prosecutor who avidly took up any and all cases having to do with Super Human Crimes. A hero in his own right in both personas, both under the hood and in his business suit.

A few days after his death a funeral was held for the Hero. He was laid to rest in a grave right next to his beloved Rebecca O’Day, otherwise known as Paine, his late Fiancé who died, protecting the world in quite the same way as The Ranger, on the night of the New York Assault. A small memorial was held for his family and friends first, which he had very few of as his mother and father had died when he was fifteen, his sister ran away while he was at college, and most of his extended family died tragically in the New York Assault but those who could make it did come. A public memorial was held afterwards and it was this one that seemingly the entire world showed up to. People across the globe came to show their respects to the man who had once believed in the best in everyone.

Normal people, politicians, heroes, and even well-known villains alike came to watch as he was lowered into his grave and those that knew him best spoke about him as well as they could. Listening to a eulogy that was given not by a single person but by anyone who knew the man and had something they wanted to say about him, get off their chest, or simply had a story they wanted to tell about the man in the crimson hood. Eventually they had to stop people or the service would never finish. It was also here at the funeral and memorial service when Knightwatch was officially disbanded. The man who they had rallied behind, whose idea it was for the group in the first place was deceased and his death had hit them worst of all. It didn’t seem right to continue on without him.

It was a few days after the event that Atlanta decided to have a yearly ‘Ranger Day’ on the man’s death in honor of him and Chicago started construction on his memorial statue. It was constructed in the middle of Grant Park it stands a reminder to all those that pass it just how much of a hero he truly was. Created in his exact likeness, except the size of course, the seventeen foot tall depicts the Hooded Archer in a crouched position a quiver full of arrows slung over his back and his bow drawn taut, an arrow notched and ready to fire. The plaque in the center of the base of the statue has this quote by him transcribed on it. “We all have the capacity to be Heroes, powers or not, young or old. All it takes is for someone to try to do Good.” A quote spoken by The Ranger to a young girl in dire need of something good to hear.

Today was three years exactly sense the man’s untimely demise, in Atlanta they were hosting the new Annual “Ranger Day” and here in Chicago hundreds gathered at either his grave or the statue in Grant Park to pay their respects. It is also where Darren Cross, aka the Swordsmaster, the Fastest Boy Alive was currently quickly approaching. He hadn’t been in Chicago in quite some time. In fact the last time he had been there had been when he had run into John and Tyuki’s alternate future daughter who thought he was her uncle. That had definitely been a weird day for sure. Today was also a little weird, Chicago was supposed to be a crowded city, it was supposed to be hip and happening but it was as if the entire city had gone quiet for some reason.

He quickly found out when he rounded a corner, after grabbing a footlong hot dog off a hot dog vendor, and made his way into some fancy park like area. Probably not nearly as nice as Central Park but Darren liked exploring. Well really he liked running in general and at his speed it usually turned into exploring but that was besides the point. The point was that a whole lot of people seemed to be converging into the park staring at something. Something that was not Darren! So what if he was basically just a blur to everyone else in the world and that they were all basically standing still he was the most interesting thing to happen here and nothing could be more impo-woa that was a big statue.

Admittedly not nearly as big as the Statue of Liberty or the Great Sphynx, long story don’t ask how Darren knows what the Great Sphynx actually looks like, but it was also a statue of someone Darren was sure he knew. The speedy little sword fighter came to an abrupt stop, the wind that was following behind him abruptly stop as well knocking down a few people and sending some stuff flying but his hard earned attention was on the bow wielding statue. The Ranger was dead?! When did this happen? Darren had always looked up to the ‘older’ hero and he knew John did as well…how could he not have known? A tear slowly made its way down his face, as the most hyperactive person in the world stood still, the world around him seemingly stopping as he looked upon the memorial.

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The Ranger, Chicago and Atlanta's Savior-Memorial. Empty Re: The Ranger, Chicago and Atlanta's Savior-Memorial.

Post by Red October 26th 2015, 2:38 am

The Ranger, a hero of the people, a beacon of light for many in these dark times. An image, an idea. That anyone could fight the powers placed against them, no matter how superhuman they were. A symbol that the world would endure no matter what. A little old fashioned, but maybe that's what the world needed at the time.

With all the politics involved with metahumans and if vigilantism was really what the world needed, at times it was hard to see that people like the Ranger were, indeed, saving lives. Lucius himself never believed punching people in the face was a very good way to stomp out superhuman crime in the long run, he believed in more progressive and long lasting solutions, ones that would improve life for humans and metahumans alike. But today he wasn't looking at the big picture, he didn't care about the long run, opinions didn't matter. He was honoring the life of a man that had saved someone dear to him. Yes it was true months later, that same person died in the New York Assualt. But the fact he was given a bit more time with the woman he loved was enough to warrent him paying his respects to the one who had done it.

Sure it was risky, but if the Agency or the military wanted to try to arrest the new acting president of Belarus, for uncomfirmed and controversial things at that, at a memorial, well, they were just giving him ammo. People knew the things Lucius had done, and they likely would feel he had some serious nerve showing up, but he had been putting this off for three years now, it was time.

He drove through the streets of the windy city of Chicago in the back seat of a black limo, pulling up to the large park and crowd. Some people drew their attention away from the memorial to see who had arrived, and they found out once he opened his door. The first flash of a camera came seconds after he showed his face, and in the same amount of time later numerious reporters who were on the scene crowded around him, pushing and asking questions along with a flurry of blinding camera flash.

"Sir! What brings you here so soon after the hostile takeover of Belarus?" One of them asked.

"Do you have a comment on the United Nations ruling of your seizure of power being unlawful?" Another asked, Lucius was now pushing his way through, Hector at his side helping along.

"Did Ranger actually mean something to you or are you just here to mock him?" A different reporter asked with a snide tone.

"Do you deny the charges rose against you by the supreme court? The list is quite extensive." Another asked before Lucius finally spoke up.

"I'm here only to speak and honor a fallen hero. If they want to arrest me for unconfirmed suspicion now, they can sure try." Lucius said with a hand wave, as if he were shooing away a fly.

"Does that mean you would meet them with force?" The same man asked. Lucius just smiled.

"Get back to reporting what matters, son." Lucius said just before breaking from the crowd and walking up to the stage. Whispers of all kinds could be heard as Lucius took the stand, what was this so called villain going to say about this cities beloved hero? The crowd turned silent, and Lucius cleared his throat,  ready to say his piece.

"Three years ago we all lost so much. Maybe not all personally, but the effects of New York hit a sore spot for the whole world. Suddenly lone people could destroy our monumental cities with ease. The superhuman problem was at it's breaking point. No one knew when another one of these monsters was going to strike next, no one knew if they were safe. But one man who never gave up was the man we honor today.He didn't let the assualt shake him like it did so many others, and he went on doing what he thought was right until he eventually gave his life for it.

Selfless, enduring, and good hearted to his very core. These are qualities anyone could see in the man, even through the costume and a video camera. I cannot even begin to tell you how much respect I have for him, all because he was doing something bigger then himself, he literally gave his life for others, an elegant end for someone who spent his whole life helping people.

I never knew Ranger, not personally. Heck i never even saw him in person, but he gave me more time with the woman i loved. If she would have died the day she was saved, i wouldn't have had those short months with her leading up to the assualt. For that I am in his debt. I may not agree with vigilantism or metahuman subjugation,  but my views don't matter today. I may have done horrible things, I may be a monster myself,  but that won't stop me from thanking this man for what he did for me, and so many others.

You're a better man then I'll ever be, Rey Miller."
Lucius finished with a turn and bow toward the statue, tears rolling down his face as he made his way from the stage. Sure they were mostly for Isabella, but that was beside the point. The crowd exploded, mostly the reporters really. But right now it seemed everyone wanted to ask Lucius Alba the same question, why?


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The Ranger, Chicago and Atlanta's Savior-Memorial. Empty Re: The Ranger, Chicago and Atlanta's Savior-Memorial.

Post by Entei October 26th 2015, 6:19 pm

"Mr. Krieger?"

Michael was snapped from his reverie by the voice of his assistant, Lily. Shaking his head, clearing himself from the daze, he returned his gaze to the monument before him.

Ranger, a name he had heard many times while being raised in L.A. The man had been a hero to him, an idol to look up to. To say it was odd to be standing near the grave of someone he had looked up to so much would be an understatement.

Even with his career as a hero, Ranger had led a helping hand. His organization Knightwatch being a form of guiding beacon for The Guardians, a group for them to model themselves after.

With a sigh, Michael buttoned the jacket of his two piece suit, taking his first steps towards the memorial service. He of course saw Lucius, but he was ignored. Not today.

For a villain he gave a nice speech. Though, Michael found it a bit too personal for someone he barely knew. His Cerulean orbs watched carefully as the super villain exited the stage, taking note of the tears streaming down his face. Who knew he actually had emotion.

"Will you be saying any words?" Lily asked of the half demon.

"No." He responded shortly. "I'm no hero, I'm just a guy who happens to be around sometimes. After what I did to London, Agency control or no, I can't with good conscious compare myself to the likes of Ranger. No, I'll let the real heroes speak today. People like Jeisen, Uzma, Vanguard. Maybe that kid who is flying around with the Knightwatch crest on his outfit will show up, that would be interesting."

The sky was clear today, that was good. A hero like him earned something like that on his day. Entei held an orb in his hand, produced by the demons who inhabited the realm where he was born. With no effort, he filled the orb with his cerulean flames before kneeling down, and placing the orb in front of the martyr's grave.

"From one man doing their best to another." He said, sticking his hands into the pockets of his dress pants as he rose. "May my ever burning fire light your way, like you helped light mine."

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The Ranger, Chicago and Atlanta's Savior-Memorial. Empty Re: The Ranger, Chicago and Atlanta's Savior-Memorial.

Post by Sponsored content

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