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farewell Chicago

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farewell Chicago Empty farewell Chicago

Post by Blood Wraith on December 9th 2011, 2:42 pm

It was an early morning for Derek Dawn, but none of that mattered today was the first day of the rest of his life it was straight shootin from here on out. Blood Wraith was to make the switch to pure goodness or atleast attempt it, in all seriousness the only thing he really wanted was attention and to be loved. Perhaps he could join the military again,but chances are if that happened they would find out about his special abilities and he would just become they're lab rat once more. No he needed something more like maybe a new city, this could definately be a great possibility perhaps L.A. or New York.

Derek started his day buy slipping his suite on and gearing up just before heading down to the travel agency, he still didn't trust Chicago although even if someone did attempt to shoot the only thing that would happen is he would heal then kick they're ass. So in his mind he was really saving someones life although once he arrived at the travel agency things didn't go as smooth as he had hoped. The lady behind the front desk wouldn't even allow him any further into the building she iven tried setting off an alarm.

"Come on lady we just wanna get to New York is that so hard, I promise I won't shoot anyone, atleast not untill I get to New York.....Dude your too honest you never straight up tell them that and besides we've turned over a new leaf remember"

The lady behind the desk really didn't take him seriously at this point and pointed him towards the door. So now he was stuck in Chicago with no way to New York and then the idea hit him he would take a bus. Derek was off he pack all his guns and gadgets away in a duffle bag and headed for the bus station. Upon arrival the guy behind the desk didn't take him too seriously as well.

"What are you...going to some kind of comicon event or something?

Blood Wraith shook his head and palmed his face, this was rediculous how could no one know who he was he's lived in and protected the city for years.

"I suppose you could say that now could I please have my bus ticket?"

As the ticket was printing the attendent was trying to make small talk, although it was like asking for Wraiths life story.

" So whats taking you to New York thats a long trip by bus"

Derek stood there dumbfounded he couldn't think of anything quick enough so he just spurted out random jiberish

"Well I'm in the process of becoming a better super hero and people here just kinda take me for advantage...dude thats becuase you've shot up half of Chicago...your really over exagurating it was more like a quarter.

The guy behind the desk hesitantly handed Wraith the ticket and with a skip and a jump he was off to his bus stop.

farewell Chicago Bloodp
Blood Wraith
Blood Wraith
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