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Post by Champion on January 8th 2016, 6:39 pm

The snow was steady, flakes falling downwards upon the Windy City in its silent manner. It wasn't anything exceptional, likely the city had seen denser snowfalls but that wasn't what a certain child was interested in. They had their own purpose for being in the city and it was something far darker than enjoying the white flakes falling down. "You want me to take....some kind of data chip thing?" The young voice questioned as he enjoyed the warm interior of the car. He was dressed for the cold, in baggy blue jeans, a t-shirt with a thick hoody over that and a wool beanie covering his head for the most part. Soft blue eyes considered the woman sitting on the opposite end of the seat, intelligence obvious from a single glance within them.

"It's more than just some data chip." They spoke with a thick posh English accent. "The information it holds could bring our research decades ahead of what it is." His eyes narrowed, considering what they said carefully before leaning against the door. People walked along, ignorant of the things beneath their very city as well as the changes that could very well be taking place. Reaching out and picking their thoughts from those skulls of their was something that he found rather easy as multiple concerns flooded his head. Some people were worried about their children, girlfriends, boyfriends and other things. As easily as it was to rip those thoughts from their heads, he pushed a few thoughts onto them as well.  

Ominous noises within their minds, that caused a bunch of people to just stop, bumping into one another as small chaos broke among those walking. A decious grin broke across his lips as he turned back to the woman handing him a small folder. "I get that, but shouldn't I be robbing someplace a little more....important lookin?" Despite their age, one could tell they were far more mature than your average twelve year old at times.

"It appears they thought a little ahead. Your location will be a warehouse three blocks from here. The rest will be detailed in your folder."

"Mhm. A lot of boring words." He noted stick his tongue out the corner of his mouth, rapidly absorbing every bit of information in the small papers contained within the folder. "Ew time limits." He muttered resting the folder then next to him, as the door itself would open. It was only a walk from there really, but then again he knew what he was doing. Slipping through the alleyways was easy enough  but things were never as easy as one would hope they were. As if seemingly from nowhere, three men appeared from the shadows. Well not exactly from nowhere but that came with the whole telepathy thing.

"What's a kid doing around here?" One of them said, and their surprise wasn't unexpected. They were obviously armed, holding what looked to be either bats or large guns, maybe even a machete in there.

"Well you know what the boss said."

"Yeah yeah I know." They were supposed to kill him. Normally likely they wouldn't do this, but he was dealing with some kind of mental influence, just enough to where they obeyed without even knowing it himself. Weapons were raised and they prepared to...well that was obvious.
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