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Membership Never Expires : The New Life : Chapter 01

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Membership Never Expires : The New Life : Chapter 01 Empty Membership Never Expires : The New Life : Chapter 01

Post by Viktor Kovalski October 15th 2015, 2:23 pm

Rain continuing to pour down on the city as a man dressed in a black trench coat, black aviator shades,black shirt,pants,and boots walks inside a hotel. He walked into the five star hotel and drench in water as in approached the service desk. The service employee turned around and spoke with him.  "Hello sir, how many in your party and for how long.  "One and for one night." Viktor placed the money on the desk and took the key as he headed to his room. Entering inside the room and opening the lights,stood a man in a well dressed black suit and shades. Blonde short hair and blue eyes as he stared at Viktor. The man spoke up. "Viktor Kovalski, the mafia needs a favor for you to do. I know that we betrayed you by killing your parents.. But that day you gained a gift. You are a metahuman." Viktor walking over to him as he speaks to him and stops within arm distance. "How did you know where I was.. I left the country.. And what makes you think I will be taking orders from you again." The man then handed him an envelope with Viktor's name on it and as Viktor grabbed it and opened it up to see what was inside it, the man began to speak with him. "We have your best friend. Unless you want your friend to die, I suggest you cooperate. We won't kill him like we did your parents, since he isn't an officer." Viktor then finished reading the information on his next assignment as he then looked up at the man and spoke up. "Prove to me that you have him." The man then whistled and had two suited guys come through the door with Viktor's best friend in the middle of them and placed on his knees. Viktor clenching his fist as the man begins to speak. "Your mission is to rob the largest bank in this city and acquire 1 million dollars, you will gain half the profit from it and your best friend." Viktor now speaking to him before leaving. "Keep your end of the bargain and you will get your money."

Viktor left the hotel and immediately headed to the most secured bank of Chicago which had armed guards everywhere, three on the outside and five on the inside. Driving in a taxi cab and being dropped right across the street from the bank as the driver is part of the mafia and speaks to Viktor for a brief moment. "Will have the car running. Get the money." Viktor smirked and then said. "Don't worry about it.. Will be back at the hotel within minutes. Just head back now and we will meet there shortly."
Viktor would quickly walk over to the entrance of the bank and seeing the three guards standing and examining everyone who walks inside. Viktor would quickly morph into a giant gorilla and subdue the guard right next to him with a full nelson and quickly tossing him over to the guard next to him. The third guard quickly pulling out his gun and standing at the opposite end of the enterance. Before the guard could pull out his gun and take aim at Viktor, Viktor would quickly turn into a giant anaconda and lunging himself at the guard's neck, biting it down and sending him to the ground with his weight. Viktor would then turn into a mouse and walking inside the bank as the five guards now run outside of the bank and looking for the threat. The three guards awaken from being knocked out as Viktor quickly turns into a dinosaur and quickly smashing the bullet proof windows and ceiling with his tail against the windows and his head against the ceiling. The rocks of the ceiling coming down as he turns into a fly and heads inside behind the counter as the smoke and rocks distracts everyone. Viktor now heading to the back of the bank and turning into his normal form as he tells the employee to hand him one million from the vault. The employee quickly stashes the money in a large sack. Viktor then knocks him out quickly with a karate chop to the neck and with his other hand, turning the sack into the size of a penny. Viktor then turning into a raven and grabbing the sack with his mouth and leaving the bank through the rooftop. The police arriving on scene and the eight guards still looking for the robber. Viktor now heading back to the hotel and enters his room in his normal appearance. Viktor turning the sack back to normal and giving it to the man who gave him the mission. The man now speaks to him. "I have your passport, a new name, a new life, a new identity. You won't be wanted from the police anymore. A deals a deal." The man walking out of the room with his partners and Viktor hugging his best friend and speaking to him.

"Head back to Russia, I don't want them coming after you again." The best friend nods and they both say there goodbyes as Viktor now sleeping in his bed with his 500k and relaxing for the rest of the day. Viktor now awakening the next day as he shaves his beard and dyes his hair black. Viktor now taking the money and heading over to the service employee and speaks to him. "Will be staying here for a long while." Viktor paying for a months worth of staying in the hotel and takes his walk back to his hotel room and gets on the phone with the head mafia boss. "I want another assignment." The head boss now speaking to him. "I thought you wanted out..." Viktor smirking and then speaking to him in Russian. ("What's my next assignment.") The boss now speaking to him in Russian. ("I need you to assassinate the Mayor... He's being guarded by his right hand Metahuman guard.")

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