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The Contract : Chapter 02

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The Contract : Chapter 02 Empty The Contract : Chapter 02

Post by Viktor Kovalski October 18th 2015, 10:35 pm

Viktor sat on his bed as he spoke to his boss and wondered why he wanted the Mayor of Chicago to be killed and then spoke to him in Russian once more. "Why do you want the Mayor dead.. I'm curious.." The boss chuckled and spoke in the same language. "The reason is simple, you kill him, you start a war in the city...Don't fail this mission.. His right hand is a meta whose gifted in super strength and metallic mimicry. Viktor then spoke to him. "Will do the job now.." Viktor hanged up the phone and turned on the tv to the news where the Mayor was giving his speech. Viktor turning the tv off and flying over to the destination and being a black raven as he landed on top of a street lamp and watched the Major being concluded with his speech. The Major then taken to his car and back to HQ as Viktor followed the car. Finally arriving at their HQ as he saw them both entering a building with arm guards. Viktor now being in an alley and turning into a white mouse and heading inside through the sewers. Viktor then turing into a snake and sliding through the pipes and popping out of the toilet in the building and getting out of the toilet and turning into his normal form with the uniform of that of a security guard of the building with a hat on which looks similar to a baseball hat. Viktor now exploring the building with his black aviator shades on and now looking at the right hand and the major heading inside the major's office. The right hand taking close notice to Viktor as he turned his head and lightly tapped the major's shoulder as he came to a halt and closed the doors behind the major. The right hand now turning to face Viktor who was now walking over. Viktor now coming to a stop and being within distance of the right hand as the right hand now smirked and then spoke up. "I don't recognize you as any security guard that works here. You are a spy, I suggest you take that uniform off and tell me who you are." Viktor now smirking and changing his clothes instantly to a black tight shirt and cargo black pants. The right hand now turning his skin into metal and using his enhance strength as his muscles started to bulge. The right hand now speaking. "A Meta...This will be interesting.."

Viktor getting into a fighting stance and taking off his tight shirt as he took his run forward to the meta. The meta now taking his run forward to him as well as Viktor quickly threw the shirt in his face and quickly changing it to a big blanket which covers this meta's body completely. While this is happening and within arm's reach, Viktor quickly turning into a rhino and bashing his horn against the meta's body. The meta now taking the blanket off his body and not moving a muscle as he lifts Viktor up into the air and hurling him against the wall. The impact would cause a severe crack in the wall, along with Viktor reverting back to normal. The meta now smirking and then speaking to him. "Your here to kill the major, and that's against the law. I will have you arrested and placed in prison." Viktor now rising to his feet as he picks up the pieces of pebbles from the ground and having three in each hand as he quickly takes his run forward. Viktor now being within arm's reach of the Meta and now jumping over his head as he drops the six pebbles above the meta. The pebbles now turning into large boulders, which completely pins the meta down to the ground and lying on his back as the weight of these rocks above his body would be weighing a massive ton each. The meta now throwing the boulders off him and turning them into tons of pieces of pebbles and other sizes of rocks. Viktor now taking this opportunity to gather the rocks and having a total of twenty rocks of pebble sizes and small sizes as he quickly goes over to the meta and avoids his fist attacks. Viktor then throwing all of the rocks at the same time to the meta's body. The twenty rocks now turning into large size boulders and completely smashing the meta's body and quickly ending his life. Viktor now smirking and walking over to the major's office as he opens the door and looks at the major now crouch behind his desk and holding a gun. Viktor now smirking to the major as his arm guards now looking at the dead right hand man that Viktor carries over his shoulder. The arm guards now dropping their guns and running away. Viktor now smirking to the major and speaking to him. "Your guards are smart and wise to leave. This was the only person you had that could beat me... Now you are going to die." The police now entering the scenery with the lead detective now bolting over to Viktor. The detective using his speed to go around Viktor in circles, while sending a powerful blow of his enhanced strength to Viktor's stomach. The impact being enough to send him to the ground and cough up blood instantly. Viktor laying on the ground and speaking to the detective. "Who the hell are you.." The detective now speaking to him. "Detective Strong. You are under arrest Viktor Kovalski, for the murder of the major's guard." Viktor now speaking to him. "How do you know my name..." Strong now speaking to him and places him in special handcuffs which can scale to any size. "You are wanted in Russia and now you are wanted here.. You have the right to remain silent, anything you say will be used against you in a court of law." Viktor now being raised to his feet and being taken inside a prison car and being taken to the station. While Strong is driving the car, he looks in the rear view mirror and speaks to Viktor. "Welcome to America Viktor Kovalski, this isn't like Russian's prison back home."

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