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Karnival in Kansas (Now Closed)

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Re: Karnival in Kansas (Now Closed)

Post by Troglodyte on October 22nd 2015, 12:48 pm

Disco snorted as the extra Jardins appeared out of nowhere, no doubt to prove the power of ol' Mirror Maestro, but Disco a fellow mage was not exactly impressed by this show of power. Maestros tricks sure were impressive, but he should use his mirror powers to promote disco-dancing rather than petty things like fighting do-gooders. Plus, he had decided to send in clones. Really? Doctor Disco had seen plenty of lame things during his years on this blue ball floating in space,but this must be amongst the lamest of the lame.

Wow, that's totally not gnarly, not gnarly at all! Disco muttered to Jardin, the derision audible under the layers of honey that his voice had slathered his words in.

"He's totally bitin' your style, man." He continued to his companion, it was fairly obvious that this, more than anything today had ticked off the the disco-dancing lunatic. And it had ticked him off. In his world your style tole people who you were and what you stood for. In a way it was your flag, and thus there was no worse thing than posers and phonies that wore a uniform which they had not deserved. That flied a false flag in order to fool their fellow man.

"Come on, baby, let's teach these poser-squares that that shizzle won't fly with us!" He said, the intense disco-music intensifying as he rose into the air, trailed by rainbows, still dancing in mid-air.

"ARE YOU READY FOR THE DISCO-FEEEEVAAAAAH!" he shouted, and due to the magic power inherent in the disco-charisma it sounded like he had a microphone connected to an out-of-this world speaker-system even though that was not the case.

Then he started to bombard the mirror-clones with disco-beams, taking great care to avoid hitting the real Jardin.


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Re: Karnival in Kansas (Now Closed)

Post by The Perfect Sandwich on October 24th 2015, 9:54 pm

It was not in his interest to be played and for someone to use illusions to take advantage. But what true advantage could you get on Coronel. Shrinking him? No. Disintegration? Not even. He could recover from any means of attack since he did not need a functioning brain to call out commands, but his power to force the command. The blades would also swing at the fairy, but stopped quick since he could multi use his ability and hold several hundred objects.

He looked around and seen his reflection then that of the mystery man. This man was about to get a full can of ass whipping if he did not just come out and fight.

Well it was plan time. Though Coronel would only think about killing he could stop those thoughts to further his chances and he would. He started walking through the maze and would pick up dust and dirt and cover the mirrors until little or no reflection could be seen. If he went through the entire maze he would coat all the mirrors and he would "play" by this mans rule of attack.

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Re: Karnival in Kansas (Now Closed)

Post by The Grey on October 31st 2015, 7:54 am

Sorry for the late reply.  Never thought to look for a 3rd page...dur!

Jardin gave no notice of Disco's comments about his "style."  The young thief had no style, and he knew it.

Still, he fought the doppelgangers, parrying with his crystalline blade.  He slashed at a neck here, spun into a crouch and hacked at an ankle.  One thrust impaled himself through the stomach and he followed by tearing the out through his clone's side.

He saw grime begin to coat the mirrors and thought to mimic the tactic.  A clone advanced on Jardin.  Two sneakers drove the mirror-man back into the pane.  A turn lead into a strike at another reflective surface.

With the mirrors damaged, Jardin hoped to weaken the Maestro.  He would see how well that worked...

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