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Coronel's Advancements (W.I.P.)

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Coronel's Advancements (W.I.P.)

Post by The Perfect Sandwich on Tue 10 Mar - 5:21

Item/Character Advancement Name:
1: Advancement to Telekinesis.
2: Advancement to Telekinesis
3: Advancement in Regeneration
4: Advancement in Sensory

Item/Character Advancement Description:
1: Years he has trained and over time power was granted.  He can imbue objects with a telekinetic force making it near indestructible. Using meta abilities other would find bending metal imbued by his power much more difficult and objects released as a projectile stay effected and have accelerated speed making it easier to pierce the hardest of material with ease. Only when he chooses does the object effected loose his ability and turns back into a normal item.

2:  Coronel ability was surely like the muscle described. Over a long time it grew into an outrageous amount of power with the ability to pick up a small mountain, but not for long and it would take him an entire topic to do so. But thanks to this growth in power regular items are feather weights and stamina use is not depleted after performing his more concentrated attacks.

3: This Advancement will take away weakness in Regeneration.

4: This Advancement will take away weakness in Sensory Ability

Item Power(s): (e.g. What the item can do, whether or not the item is durable or not, whether the item is magic in nature or made of a stronger metallic alloy, etc)

Item/Character Advancement Weakness(es): (e.g. Cannot work while wet, weak against a certain substance/ This is OPTIONAL for purchased advancements, but are encouraged to have better character qualities.)

Item/Character Advancement Price: (The amount of XP used to purchase this item)

EXP Used:
First Advancement will cost 5 XP
Second Advancement will cost 10 XP
Third Advancement will cost 15 XP
Fourth Advancement will cost 20 XP

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