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Just another Idyllic suburban community (Valentine and one other)

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Just another Idyllic suburban community (Valentine and one other)

Post by The Nekromonga on June 6th 2015, 8:51 pm

Livingston County, Howell, Michigan

Probably best known for being the former headquarters of the Michigan Ku Klux Klan, the County's suburban community has seen extensive redevelopment into a diverse, integrated community with top notch facilities, all thanks to the Philantropic endeavors of a new corporation, Dawn Enterprises. Top of the line markets, shopping centers, water sports facilities at nearby Brighton Lake, and other amenities sprang up almost overnight, and now it was a large, bustling community with highly affordable housing options and generous employment opportunities thanks to Dawn. Thousands flocked to the County, rich or poor, of all races and religions. It was the perfect community.

Even upon entering the community, one was greeted by the friendly neighborhood Watch, riding a muscle car converted into a  'Watch' vehicle.

"Hello! Welcome to Livingston! Hope your stay is a pleasant one."

Of course... thousands came to the County... but it would only take months before questions were started to be asked. Relatives of people who move there are always invited to come, but no one ever wants to leave. Some believe it because of the ridiculous prosperity. Others sense something beneath the surface. Family are unable to do anything, as it seemed their brothers/sisters/uncles/aunts/cousins all seemed so happy in Livingston...

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