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Valentine Dragonia

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Valentine Dragonia Empty Valentine Dragonia

Post by The Perfect Sandwich February 8th 2023, 10:36 pm


"I'm the beast of legends. It implies I am power incarnate!"

The Bio

Real Name: Valentine Dragonia
Title: Master of Draconic Fighting Style
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: 200+ (looks 16)
Gender: Female
Race: Draconic Human
Hair: Red
Eyes: Red and Gold mix
Height: 5`2
Weight: 125 lbs.
Blood type: AB+

The Looks

The Personality

Valentine is very short to temper and can be very pushy and loud. She is very open and finds little to nothing to be embarrassed about. Her short comings is failing a test in power which she is enthusiastic to push onto others. Can be overly descriptive in her insults and can seem overly murderous at times. Though she means well it would be hard to tell through her incredibly dense will to never be swayed. She has a drinking problem with her higher metabolism and with that a money spending problem.

The Story

"Ha...ha, iyah" A mid solstice where the temperatures were moderately heated. A beautiful day was in full swing as training went on. In a large structure with no roof top you could see the clear violet sky. The wind was blowing and would be the lifting embrace to get everyone on their feet. A young girl squatted on the floor of an old training room and her grandfather stood next to two other participants in todays preliminary spouts. Valentine who was interested in training and becoming stronger was also spaced out that day as she would peer towards the suns that orbited around the Center Scepter. It was the name of the planet that was at the center of their whole universe and in their realm believed to be the existence of all creation. Their universe was again going through another long happy peace as their race of dragons protected the peace of the worlds.

"Valentine stop slacking and pay attention" demanded her grandfather. Her eyes darted back to the fight currently taking place. This was an old tradition where they trained new born dragons and sent them into other worlds or even other dimensions to try and bring peace to all things. Currently Valentine also trained to be able to go and protect. To save and bring about an order meant you could move freely through all dimensions and hold the most honor in their accomplishments. The key to this was The Draconic Ledger. A magic tome that granted only dragon kin with the magical power of the draconic arts. With out the book it was absolutely impossible to use dragon's magic and they would only be able to rely on their own abilities.

"Winner Ryolu, next Valentine and Targon. You go until I declare the victor. Exchange breaths and begin!" They placed their fist to their palm and lightly gasped and blew fire into a small ceremonious twister of fire. With the formation they both sprung into action. Targon the larger fighter excelled in his ability to sprint and gain distance, and would take the initiative to close the distance. How ever as her own grandfather was the head instructor for the institution; he trained her in some of the most sever ways possible so she could achieve her goals. After 300 years of training she surpassed even her own grandfather who held the position as the Chancellor of Peace which was their symbol of the strongest of the dragons. Unannounced to many people her existence was more of a mystery since she was not allowed to do any physical exercise except participate in the placement battles.

As he lunge in she shifted her stance and swung her body under his center of mass. She altered her hand closing her ring and pinky and extending her middle and pointy together with her thumb extended out ward making a partial open palm strike. The dragon fighting style was like a powerful spring and activation of specific muscles to unleash a dragons full power while in a humanoid form. For the average human they could pulverize steels and other materials by utilizing these techniques. Sadly it takes most dragons anywhere from 500 to a 1000 years in normal training. She met her her strike to his stomach and out loud shouted "Overkill". A ring of fire engulfed Targon and projected him out of the building and the impact from her hand crushed one side of his ribs and destroyed most of his internal organs.

Suddenly she was meet by a quick large strike to her head as her own grandfather swatted her in order to scold her. "Valentine wins, now stay here!" her grandfather said as he jumped into the air and reverted back to his true form. His speed was beyond real and it took him almost no time at all to reach Targon. Landing next to him he breathed out a dark orange and yellow fire that singed the area around them. He stopped and let the fire dissipate and then used his massive wings to clear any remailing char. Targon who was almost killed now laid on the ground looking up into the sky completely unscathed. "Thank you grand master, I did not think a new comer had so much strength." The grandfather sighed at his comment and instructed him to return to the line up.

The class was patiently waiting for the return and Valentine, who was the cause, sat on the matt with a look of defeat on her face which was clouded in rage that Targon was actually to damn weak. "Alright look ahead, Targon was rumored to be this years representative to go and explore one of our worst planets, the one they call Earth. As you can tell he was defeated almost before the match even begun. So without further delay and the proof of strength; Valentine Dragonia you will go to Earth as its care taker." The class started to whisper and rumors started flooding the quietness. It was shocking the princess of the Dragonia's was also taking part and the fact no one seen her face, but immediately understood why she had her strength. "Thank you grandfather" she stood walking towards him. He held out a hand to his side and with a snap conjured a green flame that turned into a gateway. "You have all your things now go and do your best" he said giving a final fare well. She turned around and with a big smile shouted back "Later, I'll be waiting for everyone to return." She pulled her skin down and stuck her tonged at Targon. "Get stronger" she fell back and blasted herself through the portal scorching the floor matt of the room.

"Damn brat" her grandfather looked around and under his breath he coughed. Luckily she didn't give any problems until it was time to part ways. He looked back to the portal and let out a tear and a smile. Flicking the tear away he turned back to the class "Next Targon again.... and......"

The Powers

Draconic Fighting Style-
Training that uses specific muscles and ligaments in a synchronization to create explosive energy. It was said this sequence of movements in humanoid form brings about the destructive power of a full fledged dragon's assault.

Form Alteration-
She can change in between her human form to blend in with the populace and a half dragon/human hybrid form that shows a few characteristics of her dragon form. She can also change into a large dragon form which is at the top of her most destructive forms. (Full dragon form currently locked.)

Hostile Detection-
Can sense hostility directed at her or around an area she is in.

Draconic Strengthening-
While in her Hybrid Form she can exert strength to topple buildings, this gives her amazing speed and her skin to scale and muscle density drastically increases her durability.

Draconic Fire-
She can create and emit her own special form of fire that she can fully manipulate. The dragon fire comes out of select areas on the body like scalp, arms, mouth, torso, ankles and feet. The dragon fire is a fire that can exceed the heats of plasma but maintain a the shape of burning flames. She prefers her own created fire to manipulate but will also use other fierce sources for manipulation.

Heat Absorption-
She can draw upon any form of heat including her own fire to heal her own wounds. She can sap all the heat in an area which leaves the area heavily covered in ice or water do to rapid cooling

The Weaknesses

Draconic Fighting Style-
She is beyond skilled as of her own race goes, but does not mean she cant get bested by others equal in skill or better. This fighting style uses a sequence to build maximum power and bottle neck it to the point of impact. Disrupting her flow with terrain alteration or forcing her into an accident can cause the energy to drastically destroy her own body. The flow of energy is powerful enough to rupture organs and break limbs.

Form Alteration-
She can be stopped from going into her other dragon forms if the attack is strong enough to stop her, draw her attention or incapacitate her. Her human to hybrid takes roughly 30 seconds to a minute and hybrid to dragon takes around a minutes.

Hostile Detection-
She can sense danger in all forms however while in her first form she is but an average human with martial arts.

Draconic Strengthening-
While she can stay in any form as long as she wants she has to keep herself out of danger when reverting back. Reverting back will leave her impaired and weakened worse than normal and after reverting she cant change into a stronger form until she has properly let the pains and weaknesses dissipate from her body.

Draconic Fire-
She is weak to those who can manipulate ice and water based abilities. She can create her own fire but being swept in water or ice burdens her on creating fire faster and can hinder her to the point of only using external fires which do not compare in heat.

Heat Absorption- Most times she takes in from the area that has been heated by the sun. Her healing abilities drastically drop if she is in a low climate area or around night time when their is no sun. The lack of heat prevents her from healing until she creates a source of heat.

The Items

Draconic Ledger-
The scriptures to all magic made by her ancestors. (Currently locked)

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