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The Spark trying to catch fire. (need people)

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The Spark trying to catch fire. (need people)

Post by Humanity on August 21st 2014, 2:46 pm

Guilty Spark is making his debut appearance and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in helping me decide a topic, or join in on the current plan that's half-assed and only partially together.

The Current Plan: Guilty Spark is targeting a corrupt political figure. Don't ask which one, I know that all of them are corrupt so I'll just make a name up when the topic comes. Guilty Spark is going to eliminate him in the middle of a public speech. His reasoning for this is the fact that this senator had "Friends" in low places. They protected him and funded him and he played their political puppet to exert their will on the law. Basically a lobbyist who just so happens to be part of the criminal underworld. Guilty Spark knows that he is too well protected any other time than when he's in public, as the immediate bodyguards wouldn't dare make a public appearance in risk of exposing the senator's ties to this "metahuman" mob group.

Guilty Spark is going to take him out, and frame the murder on the Metahuman mob, if he can....

He would be willing to compensate someone for their assistance.
Confrontation could happen prior to his attempt of assassination, or after.
If after I will leave sufficient information for the character to follow his trail.
If before, I will warn you that he will prioritize the assassination of this man running for senate office.

IN OTHER PLANNING: I am totally open for any other thread concept...
These are some basic little tid-bits about Guilty Spark if you think you have a plan you could use him for.

He wants to purge the human race of their corruption
He is utterly and entirely fascinated by the "Sub-humans" (Children)
He can be contacted through the members of the ZODIAC gang.
He targets those who are corrupt or enable the corruption
He will attempt to rescue any "innocent" soul from immediate harm via the Corrput directly.
His little "gang" lives in the sewers of L.A and he has contacts in Miami, and Atlanta.



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