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Don't Fear the Reaver

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Don't Fear the Reaver Empty Don't Fear the Reaver

Post by Demonhunter November 15th 2021, 6:59 pm

A trail of blood spills as the demon sprints through the back alleyways of the city, running blindly on on occasion glancing back behind him. He held on to his bleeding abdomen as he left a steady trickle of ichor with no time to stop and tend to himself. He then strips and falls over a discarded trash can, only to stumble back to his feet and run right into a dead end. Clawing at the chain link fence, the devil turns to realize he was trapped with his assailant.

“Aicha, Von dorir?” A heavily accented voice calls from the fog as the devil visibly prepares himself for a fight.

The devil shivers at the horseman’s voice as her energy begins to put pressure on him, giving him the sinking feeling of mounting dread begging him to continue running rather than fight her.

“Why though? It’s not like you’re a cop or somethin! Here take it!” The demon yelps, reaching into his pocket and tossing a silver necklace with crimson stains in the recesses of the pendant.

“No wealth undoes the suffering you caused to procure it, demon. That woman is still dead and you are soon to join her.” Rai’s voice was still clouded from the accent as rage boiled inside the reaver as she steps out of the city fog into full view of the demon who just looked as though he wanted to run.

Only one dying here is you, horse bitch!” The demon suddenly cackles as the rooftops spring to life, a small swarm of demons descends upon the reaver, catching her in the back, but failing to knock her to the ground. Talons dig into the flesh of her collar as she swings a blade upward into the feather’s monster’s chest, slicing a piece clean out of it’s sternum. Another demon finds it’s footing in front of her and leaps into her, jaws agape and poised to go for the throat, only for Rai to duck down and shove her pauldron into it’s check, knocking it into the dirt. Before she lands the killing blow on that one another hound-like demon jumps onto her back, jaws clamping down and digging into her armor. The demon she was about to execute gets up and leaps just as another appears from down the alleyway and join into the assault on the reaver.

The original demon gives a sigh of relief, choosing to continue his sprint down the streets, choosing to take the opening the gang had given him and not sticking around to see the result. Satisfied with the amount of space he’d put between himself and his pursuer, the devil stops, panting with exhaustion as he looks to the sky, laughing like a mad man. He’d be one of the few demons to survive a reaver attack it seems.

Sadly for him, he was too busy celebrating to hear the cascading of horse hooves coming from down the ally as he finds himself barreled over by the horseman. Grimmorah’s hooves plowing the demon over with no mercy as the Reaver leaps from it’s back.

Now crumpled and bruised he groans, trying to crawl away from the approaching reaver, who was also a bit torn and tattered. “Was it worth it?” She asks as she sends the blades crashing down through the devil’s spine, ending it for him in one clean blow.

Only then did she let out a held breath, taking the moment to rest, sitting against the brick wall as she notices how much damage she’d taken from getting swarmed. She shakes her head convincing herself she’d be fine, she just wanted a second. Grimmorah lumbers to his rider, shoving his boney nose into her chest and stamps his hoof as if urging her up but she just shakes her head. “Not now. We can sit for a minute.” She admits, brushing a hand along the bridge of his snout.
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Don't Fear the Reaver Empty Re: Don't Fear the Reaver

Post by Samael Christensen December 2nd 2021, 5:57 pm

”If there’s one thing I hate more than anything else it’s demons, and crooked cops,” Samael eyed the demon strung up by the shadowy vines, thorns digging and ripping out small little droplets of inhuman blood with each squirm. Did they know they were hurting themselves more or did they care? Well the more a demon could suffer the happier he was, so that thing could hurt itself all it wanted.  ”you’re one of those things, so I hope you’re not under the assumption I won’t stoop to torture to get you to tell me what you know,” As if to make the point, the shadows dug into his skin even more and drew a strangled growl from the demon.  

“So what the fuck do you want from me you half freak,” The demon spat, eyeing him with unrestrained rage.  

”I know a hive if your kind are lurking around here. I want you to tell me where they are, ”

“Hah as if I wou-” The sentence was cut off by a howl of pain, sharp thorns digging into abyssal flesh.  

”You will. It’s just a matter of when really. Demons like you...well they can’t take too much pain, but it’s not much of a problem for me.”Pitch black eyes bore into the suspended creature, seeing through the nearly impenetrable darkness of the room, sparsely lit by a street light through the window. Demons he knew didn’t like pain, not enough to withstand it forever. All he needed was his information, which meant plying his method until something worked.

It eventually did of course.  

Despite how much they liked to act like they were above humans, both were averse to pain. Both didn’t like to hurt, so torture was always a tactic to fall back on if he needed it. Why was he hunting down demons? Well as he had said, he hated them but also someone had asked for his help. These things were beginning to turn their eyes towards them, though for what reason he didn’t know. Maybe it was something stereotypical like wanting to devour their soul but he was paid. Not enough for a job like this normally. Nowhere close but he made up something about a demon discount.

It didn’t seem like they were associated with his father but that was fine too. They didn’t need to be. That was what lead him to walking through the fog cloaked streets of New York, hands buried into his pockets and senses all honed towards any sound or scent they could catch. The air smelled if water, smog and something else. Horse? Not a common scent for the city he was sure which meant something odd was going on. Under the smell of animal was blood, inhuman blood to be exact.  

Following the scent trail didn’t reward him immediately with a horse but instead various demon corpses all killed in some fashion. Was he not the only one hunting them down? Samael furrowed his brows, looking them over before continuing to follow the scent and now signs of blood that led further onwards. Something was happening and he had to at least be sure that his own job was finished. If someone else was killing these demons, that might not bode well for his paycheck. Unless they were less of a mercenary and more of a free agent.  

Well he wasn’t surprised to see that the deed had already been done, just a damage looking woman and horse looking over the cadaver. Well, there was nothing normal looking about the woman with her bone white skin and strange black markings. Nothing normal about the horse either. Snorting, he pulling a cigarette from his back pocket and lit it, taing a drag before exhaling. ”Looks like you gottem all. Guess that saves me the effort of doing it,” he shrugged, making his prescence well known now.

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