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Don't fear the Reaper

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Don't fear the Reaper  Empty Don't fear the Reaper

Post by Lacerta May 29th 2011, 11:17 pm

Evening was settling in the city of Chicago. Residents were doing some last minute things for the evening as small shops closed for the night. In the midst of the quieting city, another crowd began to come out. Night was falling and thus the ruffians and bad guys were coming out to play. Gangs began meeting and stray animals began looking around for food. The city was quickly changing from it's idyllic facade to a more dark and gritter form. As the last rays of light fell beneath the horizon, the night life came alive. Amongst a dumpster walked out a figure wrapped in a tan overcoat and cameo pants. Her bare feet pressed upon the dirty streets as she hid herself from view.

Wide lime green eyes looked about as she pulled down her collar, revealing a face. However he features were odd.. The woman looked African American, however green scales clustered on her face. As she pulled her hand to brush away her hair it was revealed that her hands were speckled in the same green scales as well. Around her waist was an odd object which wrapped around her- it was in fact her tail, the woman was a mutant... Checking her surroundings she walked out of the alleyway towards the street, unknowing running into someone MUCH worse than a mutant fearing human or a rowdy gang thug...

She might just have to fight for her life...


[sorry for the crappy post]

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Don't fear the Reaper  Empty Re: Don't fear the Reaper

Post by Travis Traxler May 30th 2011, 12:07 am

It was a slow day he had woken up from his bed in the house someone else owned, knowing not who had been the owner, but they were dead now. The only person he had killed though was a lonely old man that did not seem to have anyone to care for him judging by all the thrash about the place but it was shelter and that was important when as many people were after you as he had. Grabbing his things and heading for the door, still wearing his typical choice of cloths, there was nothing left in the house and left the dead old man in the middle of the living room.

About mid-day he had found his way to the hideout of some local gang, not knowing who he was they threatened him. The had tried to circle him and gang up on him trying to be as intimidating as possible but there was no chance of them overpowering the man before them. Mister Reaper took great pleasure in killing each and every single one of them, allowing only the last one to live so that the legend of Mister Reaper and his great martial art abilities. Killing gang members did have an upside though and that was the large amount of money they always seemed to have locked away somewhere.

Once the sun had set and the real lowlifes were coming out to take advantage of the innocent, though there was no glory in taking an untrained person’s money. It simply had no sport. Then it happened, somebody bumped into him. Who had the nerve to do such a thing? He turned to the shorter girl and looked down on her and speaking in a low voice, “How dare you so much as touch me?” Then without warning and with inhuman speed he made to strike the girl in the stomach.

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Travis Traxler
Travis Traxler
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Don't fear the Reaper  Empty Re: Don't fear the Reaper

Post by XxRedxX June 3rd 2011, 11:23 am

While Connor was busy in his home town announcing his new position as CEO of a multimillion dollar company, Noah was placed in charge of patroling the streets of Chicago. It seemed like endless night shift from hell as every night was a battle for his life against thugs, gangsters and drug dealers. Tonight was no different from any other, or at least that was what Noah thought as he made his way across roof tops. He spied a suspicious character making their way down an ally way, but after watching her movments Noah found it was just a civilian who might have lost her way. About to turn away to continue his patrol he stopped to look as she bumped into a stranger.

'Act before they do, a life will depend on it one day' Were the words that quickly shuffled through Blues mind as he was already dropping down from the three story roof using his push powers on the man who was just about to finish his sentence. The push slowed his decent as he dropped behind the covered woman but in the dark he couldn't make out any details quit yet. "Now is that any way to treatt a lady?" Noah raised an unseen eyebrow as he got a good look at the guy with the anger problem. Two words popped into his mind at the moment, 'super villian' His body tensioned up as AIVAS automatically began searching for data on who this man was, Noah placed himself between the girl and the man before them.

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Don't fear the Reaper  Empty Re: Don't fear the Reaper

Post by Sponsored content

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