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Apologetic Negotiations (closed)

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Apologetic Negotiations (closed) Empty Apologetic Negotiations (closed)

Post by Elena Vexus February 8th 2021, 3:20 am

On the edge of the New York skyline, Elena Vexus was found pacing in her penthouse. Having just finished this brilliant and beautiful investment of a building, she was doing better than she could have hoped. But there was a feeling, a sensation that was weighing her down. Of all the years she had lived, the countless lives she had taken and stepped on, and she was feeling remorse. She felt bad. Bad for betraying someone who saw her as an equal, as a ally. It had been a personal wake up call. Her self experiments had gotten out of control. Elena had obtained the power that she had been seeking, but it came at a cost. As power always does. Vexus was forced to alter he methods in seeking growth in her abilities, and in doing so she was looking back on her mistakes. Elena Vexus, one of the most powerful minds in this realm, was nervous. She had invited Lucius to her penthouse for tea... And an overdue apology. Elena decided to make her way down to the lower floors for a beverage despite having a full staff on her personal floors for anything she needed food or drink wise...

If nothing else, Elena is a businesswoman. She knew that eventually this man would target her. Being on the radar of someone with such influence was not ideal. So it ended up in Vexus’ best interest to have a meeting with this man in order to set the record straight professionally. Not to mention there were a plethora of stirring in both the Hero and Villain worlds that needed discussing. She sent him a formal messaging inviting him to the top floor, including a special one time use key card that would instruct the elevator to take him to her floor.
On the ground floor of her building there were plenty of people moving about. It was during a week of a move in special that she was indirectly hosing. Giving upcoming discounted living quarters and easier access to missions and pay in order to better their chances of making it in the big leagues. There were valets taking cars to and from the door, luggage being moved everywhere, businessmen and casuals just running in to grab a cup of coffee all mingling about. Vexus stat in the cafe sipping a latte, just observing for a moment. Not even the top investors knew that she was the owner of this establishment. After a short time, she took her beverage with her to one of the center elevators. There was one other gentleman in there with her. She paid him less than no attention as she sipped her beverage.
”What floor are ya headed to?”
He said confidently, as he pushed one of the suite keys. Without making eye contact, Veuxs took out a odd looking key card a pressed it on a blank spot above the floor buttons. The spot illuminated with a number far above the man’s. He gave her a concerned look, but simply got off on his floor.

It pained Elena, and embarrassed her, to think of her actions against Rise. The violet paranoia that had been inspired by her self-sabotage drove her to the traitorous actions of a data breach. Vexus did not remain in possession of the information for long, if at all. Not to mention it would have been impossible for any of the information she came across to have been leaked. This and a number of others she had planned as a conversation point for if and when Lucius arrived.
Since she was expecting him, she had the most appropriate of greetings set up. There was a separate valet set to take his form of transport, another to escort him to the appropriate elevator with instruction of the particular key card that he received. Following arrival to her floor there would be a bodyguard awaiting to take a coat and offer beverages as they escorted Luscious to the futuristic meeting are Vexus had organized with a break taking view of the city. She would offer him a seat as one of her employees knelt next to her presenting her with a cup of tea. Elena took a drawn out sip and took a glance towards the powerful individual.

”Long time no see, Lucius...”

Ms. Elena Vexus
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Elena Vexus
Elena Vexus
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The Eternally Elegant Elena Vexus

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