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Storms [Closed]

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Storms [Closed] Empty Storms [Closed]

Post by Jordan Reynolds September 21st 2015, 7:58 pm

A storm lingered on the horizon, thick black clouds filled with rain ever approaching closer. Ryan could see them from his spot on the beach, though it was more of a feeling that was brewing within his chest. It wasn't something that he had made, but it was something that gave him an almost ominous feeling within himself, as if the rain itself would be heavy. Not that he minded it really, considering that heavy rain was something that he dealt with for a large portion of his life. However it had been something that for so long felt as if it were inescapable, yet now it was something that had just subsided all of the sudden. Perhaps that might have been him regaining control over his own powers or maybe it was something else entirely. The question rolled around his head before just leaving it entirely as he drew his knees to his chest, waves lapping violently against the shore.

Living on the beach during storms like this must have not been the greatest thing really, considering that he had seen the damage that the waves could cause. Though something told him the lighthouse was protected against storm surges or anything like that, so in the end it was all good. Considering he didn't really do anything today, Ryan chose to dress up in just a pair of swimming trunks with were a multitude of colors, and a simple white muscle shirt. It didn't seem like anything would happen, but then again things could change.
Jordan Reynolds
Jordan Reynolds
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Mega Poster!

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Storms [Closed] Empty Re: Storms [Closed]

Post by Stryker September 21st 2015, 8:08 pm

The storm seemed to stir above as Miles made his way along the beach, taking slow steps, feeling the breeze before the storm. The water seemed to lap up on the beach slowly and consistently, splashing damn close to his feet. Looking around Miles noticed very little people in the area, besides one figure sitting down in swimming attire, somewhat similar to what Miles was wearing. "It's a damn shame there's going to be a storm, could of taken up surfing..", Miles looked about and became quickly interested in this lone figure. Could it be due to the fact Miles had just recently resurfaced after being underground for a month, needing to socialize once again? Perhaps, but there could also be a multitude of reasons.

Miles kept on walking and stared at the waters beautiful ripples as they near the shore in forms of waves, he watched as he approached the boy. He seemed young, but even the young can strike up interesting conversations these days. Miles ended up standing near the boy and sat next to him, facing the water.
"Beautiful sight aint it?", the water truly was in Miles's eyes, being cooped up in a bunker for extended periods of time really gets to you over time.

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Storms [Closed] Empty Re: Storms [Closed]

Post by The Perfect Sandwich September 21st 2015, 8:53 pm

This was not great he had been drifting in the air for to long and with his eyes closed. Thanks to a coincidental time of event apparently there was a nice size storm. It was higher than what he was floating, but what made him realize it was there is when lightning nearly missed him striking the ground, but the pop of the air becoming super heated was too damn loud for someone to sit next to. He looked above himself seeing the storm and he was no where over land to get away from its fury.

He fell a few feet before darting off towards land and it took him a few minutes to get there too. He was pressing on as fast as he could and he also put a barrier on his back so it would not strike him. The winds started blowing really hard making him unable to maintain balance. He slowed his acceleration then started to descend. Then out of the corner of his eye the electric white blur reached out burning through his means of defense and striking his back. The quick hit of a car knocked him into the water and soon he washed up on land.

He was a bit furious of the sharp pain that hit him. He punched the sand using his fist and his ability making an enormous shock wave that picked up a hell of an amount of sand and water. If you looked at it from a sky view it looked like an expanding dome. The sand raced down the beach and into the sea and it would surely hit everything in sight. (Including those two.)

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The Perfect Sandwich
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Storms [Closed] Empty Re: Storms [Closed]

Post by Sponsored content

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