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(Contest- Occult Operators) Wiccan

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Contest (Contest- Occult Operators) Wiccan

Post by coopersword September 2nd 2020, 3:51 am


"The Crone of Concord"

The Bio

Real Name: Zoey Brown
Hero Name: Wiccan
Title: The Crone of Concord
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Race: Half-Asian
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5’2”
Weight: 100lb
Blood type: B-

The Looks


The Personality

At her core, Zoey is a wild child. However, if you only knew her on the surface level you would never be able to tell. She has a rebellious streak about a mile long and twice as wide, belied by her seemingly passive expressions and mannerisms. She speaks in a low voice, softly and slowly even in extreme situations. The way she talks and looks are the exact opposite of what she says and does, though. She often enjoys using her hexes to pull harmless pranks on her unsuspecting colleagues and teachers, as well as to help her find remote places to relax in nature.
The Story

Zoey Brown was born in Concord, Massachusetts to strict conservative parents. Her parents wished the best for her, and were able to pick up on things she’d like to do like wander outside or play archery, or watch nature documentaries. In order to placate her, she was allowed to join the Girl Scouts at the age of five. Over the years as a part of Girl Scouts, Zoey began to develop independence and began to resent her parents rules more and more. At hearing what other girls her age were doing, she felt the need to rebel against her parents like the other girls did. She’d heard of her colleagues in the Girl Scouts turning to things like cigarettes, marijuana, hard drugs, and worse ways to rebel against their parent’s rules. However, she decided to try one-upping all of them with her way of rebellion. At fourteen years old, she fled her home in Concord, Massachusetts to run into the wilderness. Many of the scouts believed that she would return after only two days. After the first week, Zoey’s parents filed a missing persons’ report. After the first month, the Girl Scouts gave up on searching. After the sixth month, her parents had given up that she would return. In truth, Zoey had managed to get herself lost in the woods. However, her near-decade experience in the Girl Scouts had made her a skilled survivalist. She had wandered for three months before happening upon a coven of Wiccan, who had prophesied her coming as a new Priestess of their religion. Zoey did not believe the coven to be more than a bunch of insane people living in the woods, until they’d shown her that their magic was very real. Through reading the magic of an ancient tome, the coven was able to cast their aptly-named “black magic”. They explained to her that this magic was for three purposes: Soothe the spirits of nature, Enrich the community in which they live, and defeat the spirits of Darkness. At seeing the powers they commanded and the potential adventures it could lead to. Zoey decided that she would learn this exciting new power. In doing this, she accepted the responsibilities. Zoey trained in the ways of the Wiccan with the coven for two years, learning that she was actually nearby Salem, Massachusetts. After training for those two years, she returned to Concord with her story of surviving in the wilds on an adventure after escaping a human trafficking situation. Her bereaved parents were ecstatic that managed to return to them, and life seemed normal again. Except that Zoey had a personal mission: Soothe the spirits of nature, Enrich her community, and defeat the Spirits of Darkness. Donning the moniker of The Crone of Concord, Zoey fights crime with cantrips in the defense of her community.

The Powers

  • Skilled Scout
    Even before becoming Wiccan, Zoey was skilled enough as a Girl Scout to survive in the wilderness on her own for three months. After two years of training in the wilderness, she has also become a skilled tracker of men and beasts.
  • Accurate Archer
    The first merit badge that Zoey had earned was her archery badge. She is skilled with her bow, able to land shots even while moving. After becoming Wiccan, she has learned to enspell her arrows to either seek their target, or deliver one of her spells at a distance.
  • Spellcaster
    Given enough time, Zoey can put together the charms to make any spell from her spellbook! These spells can cause a multitude of effects, from healing, to injury, to spontaneous laughter, to banishing ghosts, and everything in between.

The Weaknesses

  • Young and Small
    Zoey is only sixteen years old, standing five feet and two inches off the ground. She’s about a hundred pounds (when soaked), and has a lithe build. While she may be quick and nimble, she is neither sturdy nor physically strong.
  • Inexperienced Spellcaster
    She has only trained for two years, where most Priestesses train for five. She often needs to reference her spellbook to prepare any of her spells.
  • Reagents
    Despite that her spellbook has spells that could resolve any situation, each of her spells require reagents that need to be gathered before a spell can be cast or a charm can be made.

The Items

  • Zoey’s Bow
    The bow carries an enchantment charm for good luck. Other than that, it is an ordinary shortbow. Because it’s strange, she only carries this around when she’s ready to fight.
  • The Book of Wiccan
    After training for two years with the coven outside Salem, Zoey was given the book of Wiccan in order to set up a coven of her own in Concord. The book contains all of the intricate instructions for how to craft charms and cast spells. It’s a rather hefty tome, though Zoey always carries it in her messenger bag.
  • Messenger Bag
    It’s a messenger bag! Works for carrying schoolwork, charms, and of course her spellbook! It’s even Hello Kitty themed. What?
The Minions

None, unless you count her idiot friend Issac. He just likes Tae-Kwon-Do.
The Fluff

The RP Sample

The moon rose high over Concord’s downtown district, illuminating the paved roads and small stores in pale light. One would normally expect this to be a quiet night, however the night was rife with spectral screams! A ghost of a colonial american soldier had shouted before firing at a parked car and shattering its windows.

“Really?” Wiccan asked in her surly tone. “It’s like, quarter ‘til midnight and people are trying to sleep.” She continued, using the car for cover as she affixed a charm to an arrow. “Plus you just broke someone’s windshields. Like, come on dude.” She says, running from behind the car to find new cover. The ghost is heedless of Wiccan’s warning as it begins to chase her with the musket’s bayonet affixed!

“Crap! I need the spell of resting to put this guy away! It always rhymes, something like… spirit come from days long past, won’t you rest at long last?” She half asked, half chanted, hoping the charm would activate. Unfortunately, it did not. The spectral soldier was almost upon her now, and she had to think fast. Gripping her arrow in her bow hand, Wiccan quickly reached into her bag and pulled out a different charm. “Save my butt before I fall, with this charm I cast Recall!” Wiccan shouts at the spirit, before the charm glows a vibrant green! Just before the ghostly bayonet can skewer the girl, she too is enveloped in that green light, and she is teleported back to behind the car. While the anachronistic apparition stood there confused, Wiccan took the time to slink away to an alley.

“Okay, not a lot of time before Paul Revere over there starts breaking things... I need to find this spell again. No, not the one for turning people into newts, not the bad luck hex, not the inexcusable instant death spell… oh, there it is. The ghostly banishment spell. Finally.” She thinks to herself as she quickly pages through the book. She looks back to where the colonial soldier was, and they had flipped over the car that Wiccan had hidden behind before. Wiccan cringes. Yep, there’ll be news lines on that one later. Paying more attention to the book, she reads the spell. “Spirit of war that fought when asked, please return to your distant past.” The spell was plain in the book. “Really? Not return at long last?” Wiccan grumbles. “Alright, lets put this guy to rest.”

She mumbles to herself as she begins climbing up the side of the building from the alleyway. By the time she’d made it to the roof, she was able to see that the spectral soldier had already flipped three cars over, and was about to flip over a fourth. “Better late than never, I guess.” She murmured again, aiming her shot for the ghost’s head. The girl steadies her breath, and began reciting a poem.

“Arrow of wood, please glow

So that as you fly, my magic will flow.”

As she finished the poem, the entire shaft of the arrow began glowing that same vibrant green! She then fired the arrow, a streak of green sailing through the air and planting itself firmly in the side of the ghost’s head. The ghost roared again at the sudden assault, looking towards its assailant.

“Spirit of war that fought when asked! Please return to your distant past!” Wiccan called from atop the building, as the charm on the glowing arrow began to glow green, along with the arrow. The ghost began flying towards Wiccan, as its entire body began glowing as well! Before it ever got close, though, it found itself unable to move! A portal had opened up behind it, and forcibly sucked it in.

Wiccan dusted off her hands, and surveyed the damage. Four flipped cars, two broken windows, and a messed up sidewalk. Sure, she was no comic hero, but… it seems like she’s all Concord has. The girl shrugs. It’s far too late out right now anyway. Better head back home and see what’s on late night cartoons.

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