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(Contest - Occult Operators) Isabella

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Contest (Contest - Occult Operators) Isabella

Post by ghost August 18th 2020, 7:39 pm


"You exist for my benifit."

The Bio

Real Name: Isabella Harp-marseille
Renegade Name: HexFlare
Title: Princess / Teacher / Sensi
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Age: 29
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Height: 5' 2"
Weight: 90lbs
Blood type: A +

The Looks

Isabella has long black hair and pale skin. Her body is athletic and her muscles are toned from gymnastics and an early start in marital arts when she was young. She usually wears long dresses that are made of dark colors. The nails on her hands and feet are neatly trimmed but are oftin decorated with metallic claws when she is out and about. She doesn't usually wear heels, she leans towards being comfortable over many things, her dresses, thought they look elaborate, are mostly one or two pieces. She lets her hair drape down or keeps it in a braid when she is going to be active, it hangs down to her waist. She is thin but not frail looking, a doctor would say she is healthy.

The Personality

Determined: When Isabella gets her hands on something she rarely lets it go before she has figured it out, be a math problem, a spell, or a person. She will go to great lengths to get to the root of the matter.

Charming: She is pretty and tends to use it to her advantage.  Isabella makes it a habit of studying people, she knows what it is that makes them tick, be it a man or woman, and she tends to play the good guy, the frail lady, the pretty one that desires attention, anything if it gets what she needs.

Selfish: She is after what she wants and what she wants is the most important thing. How can the people around her benefit her? Friends? Only if they help her accomplish her goal.

Meticulous: Things need to be done the right way, especially when it comes to sorcery. She does things the best way each time and takes her time to do it right. This has bled over to her personal life, ironing cloths, school work, and work.  

The Story

Born to into a happy family deep in the Nether realm Princess Isabella grew up to be a strong lady. She was feared like any good princess should be, though, when caught in the dangerous situations the environment produced she had her best friend and body guard Dra'lor to protect her. Dra'lor did not hold a form that looked anything like a human, his head head horns, his eyes were narrow, his feet and hands were clawed, he stood a monstrous eight feet tall, and his skin was a slick black color, his face was more of an animal than anything else. Sure, he could speak, but his tones and pronunciations were scared with a deep Nether draw that seemed to echo in the hearers head.

When Isabella was still young, about 20 years old, the war broke out between the celestial ream and the demon like creatures of the Nether. Filled with fear her parents acted quickly, gathering the needed supplies and calling the most skilled wizards and sorcerers of the realm to their keep, they cast Isabella's soul into the physical realm. A woman on earth became pregnant without ever having sex and, after guidance from a disguised Dra'lor, became wealthy and powerful. Isabella, in her human form, knew nothing of what had happened. Her mother always told her that she was blessed but she didn't feel it. After her mother's passing when she turned 25 from a sudden stroke her estate fell to her, along with her multibillion dollar enterprise. Isabella left things to the advisors for the business and went to college, seeking a 'normal' life. She found herself falling in love with literature.

When she turned twenty 26 however, everything seemed to change. Her dreams began to turn nightmarish, and soon they seeped into reality. A creature, who said he was her guardian, told her what had happened. Her birth, death, and rebirth onto earth, that she was called to be the queen of darkness. At first she didn't believe the thing but after much prodding she started to dabble in the black arts. She found she was skilled at it, the taste of power hung on her tongue as she continued to delve deeper. Soul magic was were real power was, she just had to find the right metas to fuel stones and she could have practically any power she could dream of.

The Powers

Sorceress: Though, she specializes in sorcery which controls and manipulates souls, she is adept at all types of spells and rituals. When reading things that others would consider, "unearthly" she is able to understand and comprehend the deepest of magical texts.  She has a deep understanding of life and death and the many realms that connect to the physical, allowing her to channel energies more freely than others.

The Spells

Soul Transfer: This spell takes about an hour to prepare. It requires the user to draw a spell circle on the ground. This can be done by linking sticks, pouring sugar or sault, or even with dead bodies, as long as the circle is there in the end. When complete, the practitioner would place the vessel with a soul, be it human or otherwise, in the center and the the alternative vessel would be placed to the north edge of the circle. A small incantation would be read, magic will happen, and the soul will be transferred from the center to the north. Using this spell on metahuman's has been found to imbue items with the power they have been given and enables the person who holds such an item to use that power. On normal humans, the new vessel tends to take on characteristics of that person, the color may change or an inscription may be written on it. [Permission Based]

Body Transfer: After one minute of concentration she is able to teleport her body and anyone touching her body long distances. [Permission Based - Non-Combat]

Hex Fire: She is able to create fire that will not burn flesh, but effects the soul. A small burn would create numbness or tingling, but exposed to a significant blast can destroy the soul itself. This spell simply turns fire into it's ethereal form, it is the essence of fire, able to be controlled by those with fire manipulation. It retains the weaknesses of fire.

The Weaknesses

Claustrophobic: Small spaces, such as a closet or elevator, terrify her. She isn't able to think or move, she starts to hyper ventilate and her palms become sweaty. if she doesn't leave the space a few minutes after entering it she will probably vomit and pass out.

Body Transfer: After using this ability more than twice in an hour she becomes disoriented and sick.  

Items: Any of her items created by soul transfer can be used by anyone.

The Items

The Pyre Stone:
The Looks: The Pyre Stone is a bloodstone with they kanji symbol of fire carved into it. The stone is small, the size of a quarter, and the carving, if examined closely, is so smooth it doesn't seem to be made by any human hand or tools.  She keeps the stone in a leather bag attached to a cord around her neck.
The History: The first soul captured by Isabella was that of a young pyromancer. She led him into the woods, struck him with a stone to the back of his head, and preformed the ritual to transfer his soul to the stone. The souls entry into the stone carved the kanji symbol into it and now enables the user to use his abilities.
Ability: When kept in the users possession the stone enables them to have complete control over fire, they will be able to create it at will, control it, and bend it in such ways to never get burned.
Weakness: Proportionally, water can easily extinguish the flames created by this item. E.G. if a large fireball is created, an equally large mass of water would be able to extinguish it.
Weakness: If struck with significant force, such as a sword or a hammer, the stone can break, and the power lost.

Ring Of Blocking:
The Looks: A simple gold band that she keeps on her right hand ring finger.
The History: The soul was taken from a witch Isabella had the fortune to run into, she found that the woman could hide her magical abilities from those around her and thought it useful. The witches soul now resides in the gold band.
The Power: Wearing the ring hides her magical presents.    
Weakness: When wearing the ring she is unable to use soul transfer.

Surging Bracelet:
The Looks: An obsidian bracelet that fits around her wrist perfectly.
The History: Traveling in Budapest Isabella met an old man who could control electricity, she took him back to her hotel room from the hospital and preformed the ritual needed. It was one of the easier items to attain.
The Power: When wearing the bracelet it enables her to have complete control over electricity, she will be able to create it at will, and control it.
Weakness: Easily resisted when blocked by metal.
Weakness: Easily resisted when blocked by earth.

Umbrella Sword:
The Looks: The sword is hidden in the long handle of an umbrella. It is black and scared with age but still operates correctly. The user just has to twist the handle and pull the blade from the umbrellas shaft, the blade is about an inch wide, sharp on both sides, and is 3 feet long. The sword is made of normal steel.
The History: She had the weapon made when in England a few years ago after a run in this a local gang.

The Fluff

Acrobat: She pent some time in school learning the basics of acrobatics. She isn't the most talented, but she can get in and out of tight situations easily enough. High places don't bother her and she is able to move elegantly wear others may fall.

Gymnast: Isabella works out, not enough to be the buff lady, but enough to hold her own in a street fight.

Martial artist: She took five years of karate and hasn't practiced since, when you can throw fire from your hands there isn't really a need. As a kid she learned the basics of fighting, stances, kicks, and blocks, and would be able to implement them if she needed.

Master of the Sword: When studying for her current teaching job Isabella picked up a new hobby of sword play. She has been practicing for about 10 years now and is pretty good.

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