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The Supervillain Allstars

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INV ONLY The Supervillain Allstars

Post by The Nekromonga July 22nd 2020, 11:24 pm

Prologue – Castle Mordheim, Germany

It was a dark and stormy night; the rain fell in torrents, and the thunder boomed like the beat of a storm god’s drums.  But it was not dark inside the castle, as it was sensibly lit by LED lights. Nor did it rain inside, the roof constructed of sensible modern materials. And the thick castle walls insulated it from the thunder, making it a distant bass at best.

But the castle was abuzz with the footsteps of armed Templar guard, an order of warriors sworn to protect the contents of this place with magic swords and copious amounts of firepower.

“Into the sanctuary sister! Hurry!” A guard called out, and a single german nun, a waif of a woman running as best she could in leather shoes and her habit, ran past a barricade of assorted soldiers, some in modern combat gear, but a couple with archaic sword and shield.

“God be with you!” She said, not taking another look back. The hellish neigh of a massive equine nightmare preceded a hail of gunfire against a black armored rider with a lance. The figure battered down the reinforced door, his eyes ablaze with crimson fury and his blood scarlet armor adorned with motifs of blood and death as he charged the barricade lance first. The footman with his shield was impaled and crushed in a single blow.

The nun descended the stairs into a secured vault. A single Templar closed the massive door behind her, but she saw a reddish cloud was already descending the steps, as the Templar began hacking and coughing.
Alone in the vault, the nun went to the display at the far end, housing a single item- a staff adorned with web and arachnid motifs. She then went to the tablet built into it, and tapped the emergency function that sent out a priority message to certain involved heroes.

+ + Priority 1 Emergency Message: Sent 1:30 AM (Berlin Time) + +
+ + This is Sister Ingrid Mordheim. If you are receiving this message, the Spider Staff –and likely myself- have been taken. Please send help. + +

Act 1

Castle Mordheim stood silently in the gray morning, a stark white construction standing in the middle of greenery. It was quite some travel time from Berlin, but the Autobahn permitted her to hit her bike’s top speed, and riding the custom Kawasaki Ninja was more fun than even flying. It was also less obvious.

June was in hero mode, and left Korea on the first flight to Germany the moment she got the message. Questions floated around in her mind, but she knew only an investigation was going to help.  And upon arrival, seeing the broken down gate she had her red bike suit morph into a long blazer, as she slowly entered the castle grounds to begin investigating. The smell of death and of brimstone were the first clues of wrongness, followed by bodiless blood stains on the ground, then from the bushes and dark interior of the castle, its former defenders now reduced to ghouls. Some crawled on all fours, some dragged their swords along, and some still had their guns.

"Ghouls. They turned everyone into ghouls. Of course."

She set to work immediately, grabbing a shotput with a heavy lead core from her pack. It was just a training shotput for athletes to build up strength- but in Dragon Girl’s able hands, it caved in an undead skull when thrown. "I'm getting blood on my cloak." she sighed to herself, readying her next shotput to put another ghoul down.

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