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Dire’s 1st-5th Upgrades

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Dire’s 1st-5th Upgrades Empty Dire’s 1st-5th Upgrades

Post by TheDastardlyDire January 28th 2020, 2:44 pm

Item/Character Advancement Name:
Moonblade "Warm Up" Time and Aesthetics

Item/Character Advancement Description:
On the aesthetic side of things, this gives Dire the ability to change the colors of the flames coming off his Moonblades to any color he can imagine.

Item Power(s):
This gives his two Moonblades the ability to "warm back up" and become powered again after being depowered (see Items on App) in 1 post instead of 3. The swords still have to go into their sheathes for an entire post for it to give the power again.

Item/Character Advancement Weakness(es):
This power still has the same weakness as the first time.

Water- If the swords are doused with water, the blades then lose their ability to give him enhanced reflexes and agility until heated back up.

Ice- If the swords are covered in ice or snow, they lose their ability to cut through highly durable objects.

Item/Character Advancement Price: 5 XP

Item/Character Advancement Name:
Teleportation Range Expansion

Item/Character Advancement Description:
Well... This power doesn't really have a... Look... When Dire teleports, a red flash is emitted?

Item Power(s):
This expands his range of teleportation, making him able to teleport anywhere within eyesight. He can also teleport places that he has a VIVIDLY CLEAR MEMORY OF (a database will be kept of these said places, and no pictures do not work).

Item/Character Advancement Weakness(es):
This power still has the same weakness as last time.

Super Sonic Blasts can disrupt his teleportation, meaning if something is making him lose focus while he teleports, it could not work, put him into a wall, or somewhere he doesn't want to be. (Example, he teleports to China while trying to teleport to Germany)

Item/Character Advancement Price: 10 XP

Item/Character Advancement Name:
Redone Teleportation Limit

Item/Character Advancement Description:
It makes Dire's teleportation easier to keep track of.

Item Power(s):
This changes Dire's teleportation limit and the "cooldown" that was hard to follow. Now Dire can teleport up to 3 times every two posts. This can be split in any way, and all three do NOT have to be used.
Post 1- One teleport, Post 2- Two teleports, Reset.
Post 1- Zero teleports, Post 2- Three teleports, Reset.
Post 1- One Teleport, Post 2- One Teleport, Reset.)

Item/Character Advancement Weakness(es):
There isn't really a weakness as it's more of an upgrade of the mechanic and not the actual power...

But the weakness for the teleportation itself (already established) is that Super Sonic Blasts will throw him off.

Item/Character Advancement Price: 15 XP

Item/Character Advancement Name:
The Totem of Regeneration

Item/Character Advancement Description:
A small, 6 inch tall, rubber tiki totem that can hang or stand on its own. It looks a lot like something else, but it is, in fact, just a rubber tiki.

Item Power(s):
This item is normal in all respects to physical qualities, but it is laced with an enchantment that makes Dire able to regenerate entire limbs and organs (and anything below that scale) in any household he lives in (allowing him to move out of his L.A apartment.).

This power is already established for his apartment in L.A, so this is technically just making him able to relocate to another area if he so chooses... Or just move out of a really gross L.A apartment.

Item/Character Advancement Weakness(es):
While this totem can be carried around on his person, it will only work within a household. (So he can't carry it on his person and expect to become an unkillable tank).

This totem has all the physical weaknesses of normal rubber. It's elasticity exceeds the frame, so it is able to bend as harshly as he wants.

Item/Character Advancement Price: 20 XP

Item/Character Advancement Name:
Superhuman Durability

Item/Character Advancement Description:
This upgrade doesn't give him any kind of visual change.

Item Power(s):
This power grants Dire Superhuman Durability. Some examples of the extent are listed below.

Gunshots from medium to long range only stun him, and do not pierce the skin. (It feels as though he's getting punched instead)
Blades (unless used by a superhumanly strong person) have no affect on him. It will feel like a paper cut for a few moments.
He can take a punch or kick from a person with super strength (while it hurts like hell) and it is survivable and he could keep fighting after one.

Item/Character Advancement Weakness(es):
While Dire can take all these attacks, this doesn't mean that his brain is super durable. Now, his skin, muscles, and bones are... But not his soft squishy brain. So while he can be shot in the head from a long distance, or knocked in the temple by someone with super strength, this will still jar his brain. Meaning that, until he heals, he could take hefty brain damage. This can even work with people without super strength. A few good knocks in the head, and you could knock him out cold.

This power also does not change anything about magical and supernatural attacks. All manners of things from conjured magic to werewolf claws will work as they would on a normal person, thus making him a pretty bad against magic kind of guy, being as it also takes WAY longer for him to heal from magic than from mortal injuries.

Item/Character Advancement Price: 25 XP

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Dire’s 1st-5th Upgrades Empty Re: Dire’s 1st-5th Upgrades

Post by Kubi Tsuru January 30th 2020, 2:20 pm

Everything seems fine to me. Approved.

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