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Factory Showdown

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INV ONLY Re: Factory Showdown

Post by Nate6595 on November 8th 2020, 11:12 am

There was a moment of disbelief as the same data card was taken from him. There was also a lot of moments of pain that followed that as he was suddenly released from Dan's grip and sent flying back into a bunch of concrete sewer pipes. He had some resistance to damage but man that hurt like a kick to the head. Probably because that was a kick to the head. Her words were interesting, sassy, but...interesting. A villain willing to kill alongside a villain that didn't really seem to have the same motive? What would Dan think of her actions? It was honestly hard to tell, but slowly Sam managed to get back to his feet, shaking his head once.

"Ooooh, good..." He grunted out, managing to keep his balance despite the pain. He would look to where the girl had once stood, his brow furrowing, a deep frown on his face. Whether she was moving away now or if she was still in the same place, Sam would open up a portal around her leg, hopefully making her trip for a moment. Another portal would up besides her, not too big mind you, but soon his hand appeared from it, reaching for her hand, trying to make a grab for the card. He had a job to do and he wouldn't let it end so easily. Despite pain, he really couldn't let this go. What would Melody say? Probably scolding him or saying something along the lines of it being too important for him to have taken on alone. Maybe that he wasn't a match for them? Or maybe that was his own thinking. Maybe they did have him beat. But again, a hero's job isn't too be better than a villain, it's to stand up to them regardless of the difference of power.

Of course, while he worked he kept his gaze shifting between the two. While Dan didn't seem all that dangerous he was still a threat that shouldn't be taken lightly. Further, if the girl made a move to strike him or grab his arm he had to be ready to pull back. It would be awkward situation if he was suddenly grabbed as well...he'd have to come up with a plan on the fly if he was gonna get the data card and get out of here alive. Worst case scenario he could try to...maybe...

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INV ONLY Re: Factory Showdown

Post by Vorik on November 16th 2020, 4:48 pm

Dusting himself off for what felt like the umpteenth time, Dan was annoyed. His "partner" clearly didn't value his safety, or really, didn't seem to value anything about him. To be fair he was probably the most suited to being ignored when it came to safety standards given the whole invulnerable schtick he had going on. However, 90s Girl didn't know about his supreme ability to laugh at any potential DANGER, so the idea of her tossing him into a brick wall with enough force to split a skull open was worrying. If she was willing to do that to him, he really hoped she wouldn't do worse to the hero, he was going to be a nemesis after all!

Standing back up from the rubble of bricks and mortar, he looked at the classic villain pose #113 (Where the villain holds the battered and helpless hero) whereupon 90s Girl roundhouse'd the hero into some sewer pipes...Awesome, no wait, not awesome, he might be dead. Wait...No he's moving, awesome.

Overall this was shaping up to be a good outcome for Dan. Hero didn't get too beat-up, Team DANGER got what they came for, and he was sure this would appear in the local news due to the property damage 90s Girl did when she ripped apart the sewers. Unfortunately, heroes never seem to quit as Dan watched Portal Guy try to pull a fast one on 90s Girl.

There wasn't much he could do at that moment to help besides shout out a warning to her.

"Watch out, he's going for the legs!"


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