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War factory of the forgotten

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OPEN War factory of the forgotten

Post by Cerek on September 27th 2017, 1:56 am

On one side... a legion of mutants in the streets, not the rational kind. These mutants were savage, hungry, snarling and devoid of any feeling. Standing on the other side defending the mayors office of Seattle and the mayor herself was Cebra covered in graphene armor and wielding an electrified long sword. Beside him stood Aria, one of the rare few times she'd ever ally with Cebra. The large wooden doors behind Cebra and Aria were locked solid with security detail behind them guns drawn ready just in case the two renegades failed, and it was looking bad. Cebra had a rather bad injury clearly visible on his knee, a wound with a slight red glow to it through the armor. The wound was taking much longer for the nanobots to heal and the pain was evident in Cebra's heavy breathing and flinching.

Aria was pretty banged up with many bruises and small cuts, she held on to the side of the wall looking on as the horde closed in on the two. Not all of the horde, some were still terrorizing civilians and killing at will. The fires were spreading through the war like streets as the police and special forces grew overwhelmed by the numbers and power of the mutants. A few mutants charged up the stairs at Cebra and Aria, Cebra quickly dispatched two with a quick one two slash. Aria blocked the long claws of another and high kicked him twenty yards away. Aria's focuses on two more sending them flying away with her telekinesis crashing into the horde. More came at them each time as vicious and fearless as the last. Cebra grabs a flag poll melting it fast and forging it into an assault rifle letting loose on them downing one after another, but they were like ants on wolf swarming everywhere.

"GEEEEEET BAAAACK! Damn these things! How could there have been so many under our noses?! Aria watch your flank!"

"Dont worry about me! You're the one bleeding everywhere!"

Aria grabs the arm of an attacking mutant and twists it into a hold then breaks it before she cracks it's skull on the hard concrete ground.

"This isn't working, and I'm running out of steam and ideas!"

"What about Cyco? Cant you use it now?"

"No he will only force me to run away, Cyco is all about self preservation. We... we need help."

The whole horde moves in effectively separating the two renegades from each other. Cebra takes a bad hit from one of the mutants using some manner of sonic vocal canon and flies back into the wall crumbling a bit of it and falls to one knee.


Aria jumps up high and jumps off one mutant to the next kicking them back until she gets to Cebra. She sends out a huge wave of telekinetic energy pushing the horde back sending some flying. She grits her teeth as her nose starts to bleed.

"Damn... I dont know how much I have left Ceb."

Cebra gets back up and puts his hand on her shoulder.

"We... we might fail this time, I'm sorry I dragged you into this."

"Pfft like you could make me do anything I dont want to."

Cebra smirked and chuckled.

"This is it."

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Quote : "Humans are comprised of whiny, entitled, arrogant, fat, ugly usurpers and I will be damned before I care what they think" -Cebra Ulkenne

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OPEN Re: War factory of the forgotten

Post by Druidic Nomad on September 28th 2017, 5:39 pm

All of a sudden, the pavement near them cracked; a spire of earth and stone six feet tall jutting out of the fractured ground. The spire rapidly molded itself into the form of a young man with copper hair. His leather jacket was torn and weathered; his muscles taut against the plain white shirt underneath, a dirty patch on the back peeked out at the two from where he stood. Dirt and rock tumbled down as his body formed, a steady trickle falling onto the bloodsoaked pavement. He stepped out of the remains of the spire and promptly started shaking the rest of the dirt from himself.

The remains fell back into the hole in the concrete as empty eye sockets turned towards them, hollow and scarred. His mouth briefly twitched while he raised his arm up, a ten foot tall wall of dirt, stone, and metal topped with spikes breaking through the pavement in front of the building, encircling the entrance. Letting his arm fall, the concrete fractured again, forming a deep spike filled trench behind the earthen barrier.

"So I'll be here in a bit. This is about all I can do for you right now."

He paused for a moment, a vacant look coming across his face, before speaking again. "I'm a little under half a mile out. My name is Siege, by the way."

With that, the man raised his arm again and two more copies of himself exploded out of the ground nearby, each brushing excess dirt off of themselves. One motion later from the trio compacted the wall into solid earth three feet thick.  "Nice to meet ya."

A little over a quarter mile away, Siege drove his motorcycle between buildings, dodging the clumps of mutants where he could. Where he couldn't, he collapsed the ground beneath their feet and the earth swallowed them whole.

"This should be interesting."

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Druidic Nomad

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OPEN Re: War factory of the forgotten

Post by Cerek on September 29th 2017, 12:41 am

"Siege?... Is, is he one of your friends Cebra?"

Cebra shook his head wiping blood from his eyes.

"But I'm not about to turn away any help now. If I can get a few minutes then I can heal enough to fight again."

Aria stood up straight and took a deep breath, She took off her jacket and flexed backwards stretching out.

"I can give you that I think, I'm not as beat as you tin man."

"I told you to stop calling me that."

"I told you to stop looking at my ass pervert."

Cebra blushes and turns his face away as Aria looks back with a cheeky smirk.

"Just go already!"

Aria runs up and leaps over the massive barrier in place easily gaining fifty feet in the air. She comes crashing down in the middle of a crowd of mutants shielding herself with psionic energy. The crash makes a small crater and sends many flying away some hitting the spikes. She gets back up quickly with a deadly focus in her eyes, she runs up towards a group of the savage fiends punching and kicking her way through at a speed difficult to keep up with for the naked eye. The only thing that could be seen clearly are mutants flying back not to mention the groans, roars and howls of pain. A silverish liquid forms around Cebra's wound as he lays against the wooden doors watching the battle unfold. He turns away for a moment after he see's a group of polices being ripped limb from limb.

"Damn... come on heal faster."

Up in the top floor of city hall in the mayors office the mayor observed the fight outside the window surrounded by security. Her husband and two sons huddle together te father trying to calm the crying children. The mayor has her phone in her hand ocassionaly glancing down at it as if to decide whether or not to answer it, the look on her face shows a clear conflict. Her husband calls her over to come sit as a family, she's reluctant at first almost looking a little guilty but ultimately goes over to sit with them and comfort them. She assures her family that everything will be fine and the police will win and save the city.

"Mom what about the blacksmith and his friend? They can help."

The mayor looks back at her son with a look of pity, never the less she holds him close.

"Yes sweety... I'm sure he'll try."

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Quote : "Humans are comprised of whiny, entitled, arrogant, fat, ugly usurpers and I will be damned before I care what they think" -Cebra Ulkenne

Warnings : 0 Warnings
Number of posts : 401
Humor : dark
Registration date : 2017-03-20

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