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A Race to the Finish

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INV ONLY A Race to the Finish

Post by Nate6595 on October 6th 2019, 4:05 am

It was rare that Nine was sent on jobs that didn’t involve assassination of a high priority target. If anything, her next job was going to be the opposite. On Melville Island, an uninhabited island in Northern Canada, an organization by the name of Gorgon Corp had established a secret lab within one of the mountains. This lab was developing special mechanized suits of armor that were supposed to triple combat efficiency. The lab was headed by one Doctor Jasmine Yul, an expert in bionics and engineering.

It was Nine’s job to break into the facility and retrieve Doctor Yul, alive, and bring her to an extraction point about thirty or so miles away from the lab’s entrance.

According to the reports the facility was the heavily guarded by a combination of human guards, automatic turrets, and a few augmented humans. There had been some reports of a large, hulking mech that was developed deep in the lab, but those reports were not confirmed. The facility itself was composed of the main compound, a three-room building on the edge of the mountain, and the elevator. The elevator led down to the main facility, which was layered into three parts. The top level was the guard post, about five rooms which housed the guards, held the armory, and managed the general security of the compound. The next level was the storage and processing, this is where the finished products were stored and double checked, there was one main room and four large storage units. Finally, there was the bottom level, development. It was on the bottom level that all the tech was developed and tested, and it was there that Nine would be able to find Doctor Yul.

Nine had landed about four to five miles from the main compound. She couldn’t say she was a fan of the cold weather, but she has had worse jobs. Jobs in sewers, jobs where she had to “seduce” targets, and the worst of them, jobs at weddings. Those were the worst. Not that it made her any more thrilled to be here. There were even rumors of competitions. Doctor Yul was a sought-after target, she had caused problems in London when she was discredited and an attempt for her arrest which ultimately failed. It was because of this several groups have made attempts on her life. Additionally, there were the experiments she did during the human augmentations which gave her numerous enemies.

Effectively, she was in hiding.

Nine didn’t like the idea of competition. It would complicate things beyond what they needed to be. Thankfully though she was quite confident in her skills and if need be she was allowed to resort to force to get Doctor Yul out. That included the guards of the facility. Of course, if it could be avoided and if she could get out without a fight she would greatly prefer that. Stealth would be the best method of entry.

Nine let out a sigh. She was at her destination. It wasn’t the entrance of the compound but instead one of the ventilation shafts. It wasn’t the biggest but it would be enough to stand and walk in. Of course she had to employ a gas mask to prevent any toxins from getting to her but it was a small price to pay. From there, she would begin her long walk into the facility.
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