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Ixedde [Finish]

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Ixedde [Finish] Empty Ixedde [Finish]

Post by Ixedde July 6th 2019, 2:37 am


"I have no reason to stop."

The Bio

Real Name: Ixedde Briar
Villain Name: Liberator or X
Title: N/A
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age:  23
Gender: Male
Race: Demigod/ African American
Hair: White
Eyes: Gold
Height: 5'11/ 180 cm
Weight: 142lbs/ 64 kg
Blood type: A+

The Looks

The Personality

Words like "fate" and "destiny" are not a part of Ixedde's vocabulary. He believes that, with enough hard work and determination, anyone can do anything. While he understands that everyone starts with certain advantages and disadvantages, any goal that any type of person has is ultimately attainable. That being said, regardless of the Advantages that have been set upon Ixedde, he continues to move forward, giving his all to accomplish his goals. His fundamental belief is such that, although he may not have control over the things that happen to him, he does have control on how he chooses to respond. Ixedde is also a very Artistic and creative person in both speech and action, often coming up with very interesting ways to solve problems or approach a situation. He yearns for a free society that is no longer held back by concepts and idea.
The Story

"If anyone has the right to be called a hero, It's not the one who took up the blade. It's not the one who raised his shield, nor the one who healed the wounded. Only one who truly risks his life may be called a hero. Protect your friends, save the girl, and face danger. It doesn't matter if you fall. No, that's just fine. Cry your heart out over it. within that defeat, a new stronger you waits to emerge. Stay true to your wishes. Cry out your desires. And if you do then what's going to stop you from succeeding?" these was the last words Ixedde heard from his father. At the young age of 6, Ixedde watch his father protect him and his mother from a group of robbers, the young boy clearly remembered his father's last words with that bright smile on his face as he laid down his life for them.

It was this day that Ixedde changed. He didn't understand why people stole from one another, why they lied, why they killed each other, and why they was mean to their neighbors. He was to young to understand why every time his mother look him in his eyes, she began to cry. Ixedde young man came up with idea, that people are evil. It was humanity fault that my dad died and my mom cries. It was their fault. He vowed on his 8th birthday to become a force that would break free of this cycle.

8 Years later, Ixedde return home to find that his mother had committed suicide due to stress and their was a strange man in the living room crying. Ixedde not understanding the situation attack the man but found his body unable to move. "My son, I'm sorry that you had to see this but I am your father, Hermes the god of travel. By heavenly law, we were not suppose to meet but I have bestow upon you a gift please use it wisely." Everything went dark for Ixedde and when he awoken his mother body was gone and he met his father. Ixedde couldn't believe at first he thought he was going insane but his body began to change, he felt stronger, faster, yet lonely. Ixedde found that he passively absorbed solar energy and he had access to this power up mode. He also found that he could literally walk anywhere and that moving through substances like water and mud didn't restrict him at all.   7 years later, through grief and sadness Ixedde had finally came to terms with everything that was happening in his life. His powers that he tried to hide, he have now embrace them. I will keep my promise, he thought to himself. I will break the cycle one way or another he said to himself.

The Priority

1. Reaction
2. Strength
3. Agility
4. Endurance

The Powers

Solar Energy Absorption-  User can absorb solar energy, using it as power source temporarily. This also give the user minor resistances to solar, fire, thermal attacks.

Hype - Mode: Using the solar energy that has been absorbed, he is able to harness the raw energy and then apply it to his body. This increases his strength to where he can throw small cars which ease and if he was really trying (like his life depended on this) he could lift a medium size house. Hype - Mode also double the users speed and the user can also emit and use the energy like a projectile or mold into energy-like constructs.

Free Roam- Ixedde was bestowed with the gift of movement by the god Hermes, he can move fluidly (normally) in any condition. He can walk up walls, walk on water, and treat any surface as if it was flat.

Demigod Physiology, As a demigod, Ixedde possess a body greater than normal man. Base on his traits this is how Ixedde body is affected by godly blood.
Strength-would be comparable to lifting and throwing ability just under 2 tons. Running ability would be around 50-70 Mph. Around the speed of a leopard.
Agility would be comparable to being agile enough to keep pace with deer and elk. He is agile enough to twist his body in mid air.
Reaction - Due to his godlike body, Ixedde body is capable of  matching his mental speed, and with that, the body can keep up with the mind and act/move at the same time a thought is formed without delay between action/movement.
Endurance - Though not his strongest trait, Ixedde is able to get throw through a concrete wall but can keep up with a level 6 pain on the 1-10 pain scale.

The Weaknesses

Night time, Due to decrease amount of solar energy, Ixedde body can't absorb solar energy as well as he could in daylight. During nightfall, Ixedde is weaker and slower reducing his overall performance by half.

Solar-Power, Hype mode relies on solar energy to be activated.

Power Supply, Ixedde's inexperience with his power prevents him from keeping the energy he absorbs for long periods of time. After the initial absorption of solar energy, Ixedde has approximately 15 minutes to use the stored energy or it will begin to rapidly fade away. (Out of combat, this takes 1 post to absorb, in combat it's take 2 post, during the night 4 post to change in and out of combat)

Fatal Flaw, as a demigod Ixedde share's a trait along with his distant cousins. They share one fatal flaw that will usually lead to their demise and unlikely death and for Ixedde that's recklessness. He never thinks things through and will often do something for the hell of it despite the consequences.

Dark magic- As a son of a "light" god, Ixedde is more susceptible to dark magical arts. If Ixedde takes damage or has a status effect by dark magic it is 50% effective.

Magic Metal- Celestial bronze, imperial gold, and/or Stygian iron weapons, bindings, and etc are
50% more effective on Ixedde due to the godly blood flowing through his veins. It's also dampens his  demigod physiology by 25% for 2 post.
The Items

Sanguine- Blood red katana, 73 cm(2.4 foot) blade and weighs about 1.3kg (about 3 pounds)
The Minions

The Fluff

When hype-mode is activated the user hair stands up and his body softly glows yellow
The RP Sample

When Ixedde heard about the island swallowed up from the land, he couldn't believe his ears. "Gramps said their should be a island nearby going off what he told me but all I see is some lights in the ocean." Ixedde said out loud looking out at the sea. He immediately slap himself in the face thinking, "lights in the ocean clearly mean people and people means island dumb dumb." He slowly dragged his hand down his face while looking for a way across. Ixedde was wearing a dark green parka, with a gray button up shirt, the parka unzip and the shirt is button all the way to the 2nd button, a pair of greenish grey jeans to compliment the two colors, and finish the look off with dark green crew socks, white sneakers, and his gold ear rings to match. He also carried a bag containing his "fancy" clothes on his shoulder, the bag was a small gray rucksack.

Looking down along the beach, Ixedde notice a few boats. Each boat was manned with a single oarsmen and each boat fitted at least 2-3 people. He notice that a few people was getting turned away and others weren't. The people who was on the boat wore and mask and robes of some sorts. "Hmmm, this gives me an idea," he thought to himself as duck in the bushes and change clothing. He was now wearing his fancy clothes, an all black two piece vestment (attire of a priest) with a matching pair of all black mid-calf combat boots and all white button shirt. His only accessories are a golden cross (which is wore around his neck, outside of his vestment), his two earrings, and a blood red shroud drape over his shoulder. He toss the bag over his right shoulder and started heading down to the boats.

As soon as Ixedde set his foot on the sandy beach a little child ran up to him, "Heya Mister! Are you going to the island? They won't take you if you don't have a mask." "Oh, so that's why those people was turned away," Ixedde thought to himself as he scratched his head then address the kid. "Do you know where I can get one? I really need to get back on the island to find my grandparents." "Yeah Yeah! I got a mask! Me and mom couldn't go because she didn't have one but you can have mind since we're going home." The kid reach from behind him and thrust a mask into his hands and ran off while yelling good luck. The mask was made out of fine wood and the painted, it was clear that whoever made this mask took their time. Inside the mask was the engraving "E.J.," that must've been the kid's initials he thought to himself. He examine the mask once more before putting it on, the mask was white with red, Japanese style, horn-like accessories decorating the front, and two slits on each side presumably to allow for vision. The mask fit a bit snugly but it fit it would do.

Ixedde walk right up to the boats, confident, the oarsmen gave a slight bow and allowed Ixedde to take a seat on the last empty seat. The oarsmen began paddling and once they was five meters from the shore each activated their magic in turn and began to accelerate the boat at great speeds. The oarsmen on his boat was using wind base magic but Ixedde only concern was the island that was quickly approaching.

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Ixedde [Finish] Empty Re: Ixedde [Finish]

Post by Silus July 14th 2019, 11:29 pm

Approved until stated otherwise.

Ixedde [Finish] Lucife10
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