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Isaac Crowe

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Isaac Crowe Empty Isaac Crowe

Post by Nate6595 October 1st 2019, 4:55 am

Isaac Crowe

"Your powers, abilities, you godly beings, it all means nothing to me."

The Bio

Real Name: Isaac Crowe
Villain Name: The Director
Title: Crime Lord
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Age: 49
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: Black and gray
Eyes: Green
Height: 6’3
Weight: 157lbs
Blood type: A positive

The Looks

Isaac is a middle-aged man who carries himself with a great deal of pride and respect. He has a good deal of muscle to him, more than the average person. His hair has a blackish color, though in his age it has begun to grey some. In terms of facial hair he usual has a five o’clock shadow, something he does well to maintain. He is Caucasian though has a fine tan to him which compliments his complexion well. His body doesn’t carry any other sort of marking, scarring, or similar discernable detail, to some degree he looks rather average which is just how he likes it.
In terms of attire he usually wears business wear, a fine, hand-tailored suit, blue or black in color, sharp dress shoes, and a simple tie of varying color. When he encountered in a fight he usually will lose his overshirt though he will remain in his other attire. Outside of that, his clothes are usually of similar caliber, elegant and well-made. He does carry a simple high caliber pistol concealed on his person, a pair of brass knuckles, and a gold watch.  

The Personality

As the leader of a large criminal organization Isaac is very businesslike in his interactions. Rarely will he make a decision based off of emotion or feeling. That said, he is not a man without ruthlessness or pride or respect. He is not one easily insulted or made emotional, he is very calm and in control which shows. He does think himself above of the law and other lesser people and rarely will he full estimate their abilities to surpass him.
When it comes to business and his organization, he is insanely smart and calculative, able to make calls that are both clever and quick. He is someone who always gets the job done.

The Story

Isaac was born to a life of crime. Crime was a part of both of his parent’s lives. His mother was the head a small-time mafia that mainly dealt in drug trafficking and his father ran an arms company that dealt with the black market. Because of his parents’ successful lives Isaac enjoyed a gifted childhood, private schools, any sort of material good he wanted, and the approval of both of his parents. However, as he went through life with his parents, he couldn’t help but feel…disappointed in them.
It wasn’t quite disappointment though. He thought that they wasted most of their potential, that they could achieve so much more, but didn’t due to the fear of getting caught. As his parents entered their elderly years Isaac inherited both of their empires and from there he would work tirelessly to expand them. He used resources from both of their organizations to recruit and abduct people to further the fields he would be working in. Among the several brought into his organization, whether by their choice or not, were scientists and engineers. With their intellect he put his resources into technological growth, developing several medical and combative tools and devices. This ranged from weaponry, drugs, and even human augmentation.
While the front of his organization, his father’s “legitimate” remains rather small in the grand scheme of things, only being valued in the low millions, his criminal organization has earned a much higher value ranging somewhere in the hundred millions. Besides the arms industry he has also expanded into most forms of crime which include drug trafficking, prostitution, human trafficking, extortion, blackmail, and assassinations.
To this day his identity as a criminal is unknown, however running an arms corporation has earned him the spite of many activists. There are some investigations going on around him, checking claims black market dealings.

The Priority

1. Strength
2. Endurance
3. Agility
4. Reaction

The Powers

Power 1) All Men Are Created Equal: Isaac was born with the genetic ability to equalize people to himself. With his ability, Isaac can create a thirty-foot, bubble shaped zone around himself in which every living creature (with the exception of plants) is brought to his peak level. Essentially, they are as strong as him at his peak, as fast as him at his peak, have the same endurance at his peak, and so forth. While in the bubble any within also lose any sort of genetic, magical, or special abilities they may possess. The effects are only present within bubble and return as soon as exiting it. If someone’s special ability is an extra limb or extremity, they lose the ability to use said limb or extremity.  Any sort of enchantment is also lost within the bubble. This ability is permission based!

The Weaknesses

Weakness 1) That Which is Beyond Man: Isaac’s ability only works on living things, with the exception of plants. This means that machines and any sort of device is unaffected, giving them full function.  
Weakness 2) Ammo/Charge: With Isaac’s Bolt Pistol it can only fire twelve shots before needing to recharge its ammunition. Recharging takes about eight seconds. After firing sixty shots the pistol will need about ten minutes to cool down and prevent overheating. In the case of overheating the circuits will fry and the pistol will be inoperable.
Weakness 3) Time Limit: The zone that Isaac creates only lasts for about fifteen minutes. Furthermore, the bubble can only be done once every six hours. During the recharge time Isaac is unable to form the bubble at all, leaving him to his own devices during this time.

The Items

Bolt Pistol: Is a type of energy based weaponry which can pierce/burn through iron despite only traveling 2600 feet per second.
Brass Knuckles: Isaac carries around a pair of brass knuckles which has been in his family for generations. It is more an heirloom, but it can still pack a punch.
Gold Watch: Another family heirloom. It also acts as a key to several secret locations in his factories and laboratories.
Fortune: Isaac has a vast fortune at his disposal. His criminal empire has put his wealth in the high millions and he has at his disposal several labs and factories, many agents in his disposal, and four separate homes in America (mansion in upstate Vermont and a Penthouse in NYC), in Japan (A penthouse in Osaka), and in Germany (a mansion on the outskirts of Heidelberg).

The Minions

The Fluff

Isaac is a very cautious man. He only goes out in public when he absolutely needs and will only travel on private planes. For meetings they are almost always via phone call or video call, otherwise it will take a lot for him to meet with someone in person. There are only a handful of people he will meet with personally.

Isaac is married and has a son who is attending college in Germany. Both his wife and son know of his criminal organization but that is as far as their knowledge extends, they have nothing to do with it and have limited knowledge of their actions. Isaac mainly uses them as a front to a normal life, he does not hold any strong emotional attachments to them, though there has been questions about whether or not his son will inherit his empire when he passes.

The name of Isaac’s company is Red Ways. The name is mafia goes by is Chimara.

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Isaac Crowe Empty Re: Isaac Crowe

Post by Silus October 4th 2019, 2:36 am

Approved until stated otherwise!

NPC's will be approved on their apps respectively

Ps: King Chimera approves!

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