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(NPC) Gamma Soldiers

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(NPC) Gamma Soldiers  Empty (NPC) Gamma Soldiers

Post by Nate6595 October 1st 2019, 4:44 am

Gamma Soldier

"Yes, Commander!"

The Bio

Real Name: Unknown
Villain Name: The Super Soldiers
Title: The Director’s Army
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Age: Varies
Gender: Varies
Race: Human
Hair: Shaved
Eyes: Varies
Height: Mostly above six feet
Weight: Varies
Blood type: Varies

The Looks

The Gamma Soldiers when working at one of the Director’s secret labs are usually in some form of combat armor, strong bulletproof vestments, heavy boots, gauntlets, and helms which block their face. They look very much like soldiers. The general colors of their gear are black in their base with trims of green. They have noticeable muscles and generally look very strong and/or aggressive.
The Gamma Soldiers who work in the offices and act as the guards around Isaac’s homes are usually dressed in the cliché bodyguard uniform, fine suits under which they wear bulletproof armor, and sunglasses. They tend to look very serious and determined.
The Gamma Soldiers who work as assassins (which is only a small handful of them) are dressed in full body suits, only having their chests, feet (up to their knees), and arms (up to their elbows), armored. They have helmets which cover their entire face and the only way for them to see is through their visors which can provide night vision. Their outfits are dark grey, through and through.

The Personality

The Gamma Soldiers are fiercely loyal to Isaac Crowe and the commanding officers of Isaac’s company. They will die for them and follow any order without question (at least the well-trained members). Due to the process of becoming a Gamma when suffering withdrawal, they become aggressive, yet weakened. They will do anything to ensure they get their fix.

The Story

The Gamma Soldiers are the elites of Isaac’s company. They are comprised of volunteers or they were abducted at a young age and trained to be specialized protectors. The training is comprised of combative training, tactics, and administering of an addictive drug which greatly enhances the physical abilities of the soldiers. Most of the Gamma Soldiers come from unknown origins and pasts, they are, for the most part, faceless soldiers, there to do their job.

The Priority

1. Strength
2. Endurance
3. Agility
4. Reaction

The Powers

Strength/Agility of Many Men: Because of the administering of the Gallows (the drug), the physical traits of the Gamma Soldiers are greatly increased to be doubled, or even triple that of the average person. They are capable of feats that beyond that of a single person. Depending on their area of study (assassinations or guards) either their strength will greatly be increased or their agility.

The Weaknesses

Drawback- In order to maintain their physical traits the Gamma Soldiers must maintain regular dosages of the Gallows. While they can get by on once per week, the safer bet is twice, or even three times a week depending on their addiction. If they go without a dosage they become greatly weakened, sluggish, and will suffer fevers.
Shortened Lifespan- The reason for naming the drug the Gallows is that it shortens the lifespan of those who receive frequent dosages of the drug. People who take the drug have their lifespans halved, most dying in their mid to late forties.
Needed Consumption-In order to maintain their stronger muscles the Gamma Soldiers need to consume a greater amount of food, three times the amount of a normal person. If they are well-fed they will be more lethargic and generally weaker. Further, they do need to get at least 10 hours of sleep for them to be able operate at peak levels.

The Items

High caliber rifles, sidearms, and machine guns.
Occasionally varying grenades.
Communication devices.

The Minions

The minions of Isaac and the sub-bosses.

The Fluff


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(NPC) Gamma Soldiers  Empty Re: (NPC) Gamma Soldiers

Post by Zonkes October 1st 2019, 4:17 pm

Gonna need another weakness, my dude. Reduced lifespan is a limitation.
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