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Dominus Soldiers [Reaper Division]

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Dominus Soldiers [Reaper Division] Empty Dominus Soldiers [Reaper Division]

Post by The Bolt August 3rd 2013, 7:37 pm

Name: Reaper Squadron

Dominus Soldiers [Reaper Division] Light_Power_Armor_by_Shimmering_Sword

History: Each Agent of Dominus is capable of choosing squads of Dominus soldiers to have join them in battle, this squadron composed of those that Reaper has personally chosen. They are usually initiated within the Energy Harnessing Initiative, as as such have some form of energy weaponry built into their power armor, which is standard upon joining the battalion. Each agent has been trained to personally use and control what they have been given, and are fiercely loyal to their squad leader: Agent Reaper. Most notably, almost all of the members are female.

Power suit: This suits systems are split into multiple systems that allows the wearer to perform at optimal levels.

  • Enhanced physical capabilities: The suit allows them to operate on levels beyond females of their size and age, reaching the edge of human speed and durability. This allows them to operate when others would fall and to even protect themselves against some small caliber weaponry.

  • Advanced energy battery: Within the suits core is a powerful energy battery that constantly produces power bursts of energy. The energy is transferred through the suit, and keeps it moving, as well as powering its Unique energy based weapons systems. This takes the form of small launchers on their shoulders that can harness this energy, as well as energy channelers that form blades on the hands and various other mechanisms, as well as an emergency shielding mechanism.

  • Combat training: When entering into this division, all are trained personally by the albino agent. They can shoot a gun, and if need be have minor knowledge in using close range weapons such as blades, and whatever is available, though their greatest skill is their hand to hand.

Intelligence: 3
Strength: 3
Speed: 4
Durability: 4
Ability: 6
Fighting Skills: 4
The Bolt
The Bolt
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Dominus Soldiers [Reaper Division] Empty Re: Dominus Soldiers [Reaper Division]

Post by Sim August 4th 2013, 5:32 pm

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Post Adept

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