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Oliver Masters (Gamma)

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Oliver Masters (Gamma) Empty Oliver Masters (Gamma)

Post by Gamma on June 14th 2017, 3:16 am

Oliver Masters

Oliver Masters (Gamma) Tumblr12

Basic Biography

Real Name: Oliver Masters
Code Name: Gamma
Alignment: LE
Age: Physically 18
Gender: Male
Race: Homo Superioris
Hair: Dirty Blonde
Eyes: Grey
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 165
Blood type: O+

The Looks

Oliver Masters (Gamma) Hd-wal10
Oliver Masters (Gamma) Garret10

The Legacy

Personality: A serious and somewhat humble individual, at least compared to the rest of his family. Despite this stoicism he has a certain humor about him, one could call it sarcastic though it isn't inherently rude or against any person in particular. Oliver is determined and logical, but sometimes lets his emotions take control for those he loves. Above all else his family is the most important thing to him. Everything else can be put on hold if they are in danger, even the supposed evolution him and his family are into. Gamma is also quite distrusting and in a sense cynical, but it is more of a way to make bad things funny then to dwell on them. He is definitely a calming or positive presence, to those he likes anyway.  All around he is quite kind, but stern and introverted. But when things get heavy, you can expect Oliver to do questionable things for his goals and the safety of his siblings.

History: Oliver was not born in the traditional sense, as most are born from a womb, he was born in a test tube. The place of his birth was a genetic project that was formed to create the perfect human, one perfect in every meaning of the word. As for the name of the project, one had not been given, though the Alpha had come to call it Project Perfection, due to the fact that the project was the thing that had birthed him and his kind. Oliver was the 22nd subject within the project, making him the 3rd success. His creation involved a human sperm, egg and the introduction of various metahuman genes in the attempt to create the perfect human, or at least a potent metahuman.

The gestation period of the young man was around the usual nine months, until the child was fully formed, and then he went through a rapid growing period within the tanks that he was bred in. His body would rapidly mature, going from new born to adolescent within a matter of three months. The male came from the tube around the physical age of fifteen, with everything having already formed properly. The only difference being that his muscles were denser than the average humans and allowed him to do things greater than the average human, and his physicality was only improving. While his mental faculties were greatly matured, his mind was a blank slate and it was considered imperative that the male was forced to learn as much as possible so that it would excel, being expected more than most humans would have been expected at such an age.

He had learned alongside Alpha until he splattered the research teams guts everywhere, allowing for him to escape. Though Oliver was unable to, he had no knowledge of his own abilities and was promptly detained by the remaining researchers. However, once Alpha had been captured by their "Father" he came for Oliver at the research lab, taking him into his "Family" and preforming the same memory manipulation procedures on him as he did on Alpha. He ended up taking a back seat for awhile as he showed no powers other then the common perfect body and enhanced intellect until later, however upon discovering them he took his rightful higher rank as gamma.

He found his mind and body were somehow a blank slate in a sense, allowing them to take in the properties and powers of substances and superhumans. He could essentially have any power his siblings had and then some, if only temporarily. This caused him to have an even bigger superiority complex then the others, though he knew better then to act like that to Alpha.

The Powers and Weaknesses


Power of the mind: Another side effect of the strange experiments done to him is that Oliver is superhumanly smart, capable of thinking hundreds of times faster than the average person. What has blossomed from this change is that he is capable of performing complex calculations that any human would be left confused with in a matter of seconds, learning and memorizing languages within a day, figuring out strategies and even predicting a person’s movements and actions based upon minor clues normally ignored. Though he is wildly more intelligent then a normal person, Alpha and Omega both surpass him as far as brain power goes.

Mimicry: With a simple touch and a bit of mental concentration Oliver can copy from anything and anyone, gaining powers and abilities related to what he copied (Can choose how copied targets effect him). This does nothing to the target and if its a person they feel nothing. An example of this would be if he were to copy from a person with pyrokinesis, he would gain that power. An example of an element being copied would be if he were to copy a basic rock, his skin would become rock like. He can gain up to four powers (+1 from advancement, so currently five) at a time, and as such this ability costs four weaknesses. The powers do not carry over thread to thread, but will only leave him if he wants them too or if he trades them out in the confines of a single topic. The powers he gains will always be listed in a spoiler as well as any weaknesses that come with them.

Power Mixing: Oliver can combine two or more copied powers to create a single, potentially more powerful ability. (Still gets weaknesses where applicable).


Weakness Mimicry: When Oliver copies the powers of a superhuman, any weaknesses directly related to the powers he copied that the superhuman may have will also be mimicked. This extends to elemental copying, for instance, if he copies fire his powers will be naturally weak against water.

Over Use: Naturally over use of his copying abilities will strain him, it can even result in him passing out or going into a coma.

Combined and Chaotic: Though they can be more powerful, combined powers are unpredictable and hard to control.

Damaged Hearing: Oliver has damaged hearing. Its not very apparent normally but don't expect him to hear anything below conversational level.

Family: Oliver would rather die than let anything happen to his family.

Sonics: As an extension of his damaged hearing Oliver can be incapacitated or at least weakened with high frequency sonics. Since his powers work off his mind and concentration the bombarding of his hearing will make it very difficult to copy anything.

Radioactivity: High amounts of harmful radiation can cause Oliver to lose all his currently copied powers, he can also not copy anything that has even a small amount of nuclear radioactivity.

RP Mechanics

The Perfect body: Due to the research placed into his body, Oliver is easily capable of matching an Olympic athlete as far as physical prowess is concerned. His muscles produce far less fatigue toxins, and allow him to perform a peak human levels without tiring out, as well as lifting more than 3 times his body weight and placing more force behind his fists. Not only that, but Oliver is capable of reaching sprinting speeds of around 30 mph when pushing himself, and can strike with frightening quickness. Along with this, he has a minor amount of enhanced reflexes, not making him by any means superhuman but he is beyond the average human. Finally his body is monumentally efficient, aging rate having slowed to the point that one consider him biologically immortal, body processing food, water efficiently. He is capable of going on with around eight hours of sleep a week. His genetics are also considered nearly perfect bearing almost no defects, and the few that exist are minor enough to not warrant any concern

Enhanced Healing Rate: A minor regenerative factor that allows for a healing rate that doubles how fast wounds heal. For example something that would take a week to heal would only take three days.


Mundane Items: Oliver carries an assortment of common items to copy from such as a lighter and a small bit of alien metal.

Physical Priority
Strength 1
Endurance 2
Reaction 3
Agility 4



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Oliver Masters (Gamma) Empty Re: Oliver Masters (Gamma)

Post by Arcana on June 14th 2017, 3:21 am

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