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Nine Empty Nine

Post by Nate6595 October 1st 2019, 4:42 am


"Nine here."

The Bio

Real Name: Phoex (Fawks)
Renegade Name: Nine
Title: The Sniper
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5’10
Weight: 140
Blood type: O positive

The Looks

Nine is a thin, fit woman who tends to carry herself in a very proud manner. She generally holds an expression which may suggest that she is alert and attentive to what is going on around her. She has a fair amount of muscle which is notable when she is not wearing her combat armor. Also, notable when not wearing her armor and her left arm is exposed is a large scar that appears to be made from some sort of animal claw. Her eyes are a dark blue color and her hair is light ash blonde, done up in a ponytail.
When it comes to attire, for combat she has a special designed suit. The entire suit seems to be one piece, it appears to be made perfectly for her body, shaping to it well. This base/body of the suit is black in color, while a few pieces of the armor of the suit are white in color. The suit also has a pair of white gauntlets, shoulder pads, a tactical belt (which contains most of her gear) and boots (the boots reach up to knees, acting as knee guards as well). Further, she has a visor which can raised or lowered, switching between enhanced vision and normal.
When it comes to everyday attire, she likes dresses or comfortably sized pants (about a size too big) and a tank top. It’s nothing special but it is nice to feel normal.

The Personality

While she often seems cold, determined, and dedicated to the job Nine is a very different in person. She keeps a cool head and is a bit…competitive. She, at least according to others, is a great leader. She is a skilled commander and tends to have a strong bond with those she works with (and has been given the time to actually get to know them). She also has strong beliefs in loyalties and committing to a job until it is done.
Nine is also someone who takes great pride in her skills. She is aware that she not always doing the morally correct thing, but she knows that she is good at what she does and enjoys that feelings. She doubts that she will ever fall into a morally correct line of work and that does not bother her. That being said, she does have morals and will not harm people doesn’t want to and will go to some lengths to protect people.

The Story

Nine was born to a unique group of people. She belongs to reclusive island nation of Dranossa, which has remained hidden and independent from the other nations of the world. The race of humans that were part of his community were known has the Valiants. To this day only a few people have actually discovered the island they reside on.
The Valiants are a proud and noble people. They are skilled hunters and possess senses that are slightly above those of normal people. Among the many hunters of the nation Phoex was a prodigy. She had a skill that surpassed some of most experienced members of their community. She quick, agile, and most importantly quiet. She had strong connections to her people’s unique senses and quirks. Beyond that though she was proud. Proud that she brought so much honor and respect to her immediate family and tribe.
However, it was because of this pride that she would dare to do what so few others have tried. She would exit the safety of her nation and travel into the outside world in order to become what her people called an “Ascended” one worthy to be blessed by their deity and rule over them. Only those who traversed the outside and achieved an incredible feat would receive a vison which would inform them of their destiny.
It was in her travels that she was captured at the young age of sixteen by an unknown group. She found herself in a strange place, somewhere that her captors called lab where she, and many others were to be put through rigorous tests and experiments. She and another by the name of Abraham, someone she would soon call friend, were the top two in the group. The two were to be put into a special program which would put them above the rest.
Believing this would be the best route to achieve her goals she earned a new name, Nine, and she began to work for this strange company in hopes of one day achieving her great feat. At the very least she hopes that this would all at least further her in some way, and to a degree she was right. Part of her is unsure why she stays with the organization but there is something compelling her to do what she does…

The Priority

1. Reaction
2. Endurance
3. Agility
4. Strength

The Powers

Valiant Traits: Being a Valiant Nine has several features which puts her above normal humans. She has what her people call Danger Sense which heightens her senses of oncoming dangers both that she can see and those she can’t see; this allows her able to react faster and dodge out of the way of any danger. Further, her people have strong constitutions and generally more agile. She is able leap further, attain great flexibility, fall from greater distances without injury (about three to four stories), and perform other acrobatic feats for longer durations.

Tactical Visor: Nine’s tactical visor comes with several features which helps her trade immensely. Her visor comes equipped with infrared vision (allowing to see traces of heat), scopes (allowing her to zoom in and see clear images of what’s head), X-ray (allowing her to see through walls), night vision (sight in dark places), and contains a partial AI which allows her to send and receive messages, the AI can help with hacking, and can provide her with further info she may need.

Vigil: Nine’s sniper rifle, a gun custom made for her. The rifle uses specialized bullets at incredibly high-pressured speeds. The bullets are capable of piercing metals stronger than steel, though at the same time remaining relatively quiet. The rifle does have a secondary feature which is only to be used in the direst of situations. The sniper can fire off high concentrated beams of energy that is roughly 3 feet in diameter up to a range of thirty feet. The beams can cut through metals stronger than steel and it especially strong against flesh/unarmored targets.

Stealth Suit Mark III- Nine’s suit is capable of turning Nine invisible. It will mask her presence and to onlookers it look like a shimmer or a blur, almost like a distortion. Her suit can also deploy and emergency parachute.

The Weaknesses

Valiant Allergies- All Valiants, strangely enough have a few allergies which disrupt their special traits/features. Silver will disable her agile feats, rendering her to be the same as about a common solider. Roses will cause her danger sense to overreact and think danger is constantly coming from several different directions. Consumption of pain killer will disable both her danger senses and agile feats.

Tactical Visor- Nine’s visor, though impressive does have a limit on how far some of the features can affect, further there is also a battery life to it and will require recharging after a point of time. The infrared and X-ray can only see up to eighty feet away. The scope and night vision on her visor can see up to 900 yards. Working at its full capacity, using the most amount functions it has, the visor will only have power for at most six hours before needing three hours to recharge. The AI system that runs on visor does require there to be some sort of signal in an areas that have no signal the AI will be unable to receive and send messages, unable to update her on her current job, and will only have limited info banks to give Nine info.

Vigil- Nine’s sniper rifle, like all guns, requires ammunition. Nine only carries about six clips, each containing twelve bullets. Due to her profession she needs to travel light, so not to weigh her down. Her sniper rifle can only fire up to 900 or so yards. At close ranges it does become much harder to use the sniper rifle, so in close combat Nine is usually at a disadvantage. Vigil’s energy blasts require a great deal of energy to fire; therefore, she can only fire off about twelve shots (each beam firing for about five seconds each). Afterwards, the sniper will need to recharge for about an hour.

Stealth Suit Mark III- Nine’s suit stealth for the most part only obscures herself. While she does appear to be invisible there is still a blur which when noticed can be followed/tracked. It also does not block her body heat and by extension she can be located by devices that can detect such things.

The Items

In addition to her specialized supplies she also carries: Three smoke grenades, two flashbangs, two fragmentation grenades, a normal combat knife, lockpicks, and four specialized projectiles which can be fired from Vigil, these projectiles essentially are grappling hooks that can reach up to ninety feat high.

The Minions

She is the minion of Isaac and Sasha.

The Fluff

Nine has spent a great deal of time training and is skilled in sniping, knife fighting, street combat, hacking, stealth/infiltration, and lockpicking.

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Nine Empty Re: Nine

Post by Silus October 4th 2019, 2:26 am

Nine is not allowes to flirt with Five!!!!!

Lol jk! Approved until stated otherwise!

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