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Seven Empty Seven

Post by Nate6595 October 1st 2019, 4:41 am


"Just doing my job…"

The Bio

Real Name: Abraham
Renegade Name: Seven
Title: N/A
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6’4
Weight: 156lbs
Blood type: A positive

The Looks

Abraham is a tall man, standing slightly above the American average. He is quite fit with noticeable muscles, though nothing that looks to be overbearing. His eyes are light brown in color. His hair is black in color, cut short with a high fade. His beard is on the shorter end, a three-day stubble. His body doesn’t appear to have any sort of tattoo or piercing, though there are several scars all around his body.

When he is not working, he is given very basic clothes to wear. Simple color schemes, simple brands, nothing that would stick out or be eye catching. He does wear a strange watch which does not seem to be from any known brand, it usually only displays the time.

For more active jobs he wears dark blue trousers which hang on the baggier side. He then wears a black Haori, under which he wears a dark blue cloth shirt. Further, he will wear a black face mask which covers the lower part of his face which includes his mouth and nose. For bodyguard jobs he wears similar underclothes, but instead of his Haori he wears a Kimono with a golden lining and gold sash.

The Personality

Abraham is a very honorable and dutiful person. He usually doesn’t talk much, only when he is spoken to or if he really needs to. He tends to be more serious, though has been seen to have a soft spot for kids and a few animals. When he does have free time he tends to take it easy, enjoying a chance to relax for a change, there does seem to be some genuine relief when he gets out of a job.
He has a fear of flying and tries to avoid it when he has the chance to. He does enjoy jazz and secretly wishes he could take up the saxophone though due to his current work he is unable to (he owns one but only rarely gets to practice on it). In terms of goals, he just wants to be able to live for himself once is debt is repaid.

The Story

Abe’s story is simple enough. Or at least short enough.
Abe was adopted from an orphanage when he was three and was brought into an extremely well off family. Unfortunately for him, he was not joining the family itself, rather he was going to be the father’s next big project. It would start with training. Abe, since the age of four, was taught how to fight with martial arts, acrobatics, and how to sneak around. When he was ten, his teacher decided he was ready to start learning how to use a weapon. He was trained with several different weapons, though he seemed proficient with blades.
He was unsure why he did all of this but it was what his father wished of him. He secretly wanted to make him proud somehow, but he never really did get a chance to do so.

The work would not stop with training. When he was sixteen his adoptive father had decided he was ready for the big project. After days of surgery Abraham was implanted with an enhancer, something that would make him able to react to things not usually humanly possible. He was then quickly sold by his dad to a local shady individual who immediately began putting seventeen-year-old Abe to work, doing several different jobs. To this day, Abe still works for that man, trying to save up enough to buy his own freedom.

He hopes one day he can put down his blade and just rest.

The Priority

1. Reaction
2. Agility
3. Strength
4. Endurance

The Powers

Augmented Perception: Due to an experiment, Abe’s eyes have been augmented to greatly increase his perception. As it stands, when activating his augments, everything around Abraham seems to slow down. Even bullets move like a snail, at least to his perception.

Enhanced Katana and Wakizashi: Abe’s katana and wakizashi have been enhanced with unique technology. By using buttons on the hilt, alongside the blades of these weapons can gain a few different effects.

-The button emits a small strange of plasma which trails the front blades of these weapons allowing Abe to cut through metals with some force.

-The second button emits a different kind of energy which enhances the metal. With this enhanced metal Abe is able to deflect bullets and potentially other forms of projectiles, possibly even sending them back to the shooter. The blade is much duller in this state and makes it hard to cut people.

-The final button exhumes a massive amount of energy. While this is a big drain the amount of energy it releases is staggering. With this amount of energy he can pierce steel like it was butter.

The Weaknesses

Abe’s katana and wakizashi run on strong batteries. If the battery is damaged or they run out of juice they just become regular blades, only able to do what they are usual capable of.

Human Reflexes: Despite Abe’s perception allowing him to see things in slow motion, his speed does not change. When perceiving things slowly, he also moves as slow as everything else around him. Point blank strikes at high speeds are much harder to dodge due to their closeness and lack of time to make a response.

Fragile: The blade of the Katana is a fragile thing, fragile at least compared to other forms of blades. The section of the blade that is not coated in plasma, if struck hard enough or strikes a hard enough surface, can be damaged or broken. Without the blade the plasma will have nothing to form around and will not function properly.

Bullet Hell: In the case of deflecting bullets or projectiles when fired rapidly, like from a machine gun or similar rate of fire, Abraham will be physically be unable to deflect all the shots, at most one or two.

Blades: The first button only moderately drains the battery. The second button only slightly drains the battery and makes the blade much duller/harder to cut into things. The third building massively drains the blade’s battery life and could only be done for a short time.

The Items

He has his clothes, a small two room apartment, his weapons, a few extra small weapons he may take with him on a job which include: a small crossbow, a blowpipe and seven poison darts (causes dizziness and nausea), throwing knives, smoke bombs, his enhanced blades, a digital watch which can emit a small hologram which can display a map or work as a communicator, a grappling hook, a cassette player with headphones.

The Minions

Technically he is the minion of a man named Lucas. Lucas works for a mafia boss handling several of the boss’s deals. Lucas has no powers to speak of, though he is usually armed with some sort of firearm. Lucas does also possess a great deal of money and pays for most of Abe’s traveling fees and extra equipment.

The Fluff

People are unsure if Abe doesn’t break away from his life of crime because he is forced to, if just doesn’t know he’s allowed to, or if he’s just trying to do the honorable thing and repay the debt of the “gifts” he received.

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Seven Empty Re: Seven

Post by Zonkes October 3rd 2019, 5:54 pm

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