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Madame Boss (WIP)

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Madame Boss (WIP) Empty Madame Boss (WIP)

Post by Madame Boss August 18th 2019, 12:43 pm


"You expect a fleur délicate like moi  to fight?! That is a job best left to the classe ouvrière, voyous mal élevés!"

The Bio

Real Name: Adrianna Eleanore Colette Renee Labelle III
Villain Name: Madame Boss
Title: Belladonna, the Scarlet Lady
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Age: 35
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Hair: Black (wears a red wig and applies a temporary red dye job to her eyebrows when in her Madame Boss persona)
Eyes: Purple (wears red eye contacts when in her Madame Boss persona)
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 145 lbs
Blood type: AB-Negative (usually the rarest blood type)

The Looks

The Personality

Madame Boss is best described as a mysterious woman all around. Not a lot of information about her is available to the public at large, seeming as somewhat of a faceless entity all around. Madame Boss carries herself with grace, poise and elegance, very much like a dancer would. Appearing somewhat laid-back and cool-headed a lot of the time, she happens to love jokes, puns, double entendres, word-play, and so much more. She is someone who prefers to maintain some sense of decorum, being very formal and polite with her speech while adopting a facade that appears friendly on the surface. The crime boss occasionally shows a flirtatious side, someone who's known to use her feminine wiles to get what she wants from a person.

She appreciates the finer things in life, always going to fancy upscale parties, operas, red wine, and so on. A lover of classical music and opera-based stuff, she absolutely anything other than those genres, viewing any other genre as being of 'slum rat origins'.She is someone that desires everything to go her way, and cannot accept failure under any circumstances. Priding herself on being a 'dainty flower' and possessing an extremely snobby attitude, she will often times forgo using a weapon. She will instead try to talk, bribe, or threaten her way out of a scenario in order to maintain a sense of feminine grace and elegance. Madame Boss cannot stand having to use a weapon or doing something herself, because her snobby upscale childhood caused her to fall into a hedonistic mindset, where others should do all the work while she pretty much sits around and enjoys herself. She will use a weapon or do something herself if she feels she has to, and always carries something on her to protect herself if she absolutely needs to, but she shows open derision over such a thing.

She always goes to fancy venues, restaurants, limos, and other such upscale lavish items to fit a luxurious, comfy life for herself, but not to the point where she's spending more than she's earning. Utterly callous and selfish by nature, she is willing to manipulate, lie, blackmail and strong-arm to get her way. She does this to such a point that she has married several men in the past, then had them assassinated while forging their wills to ensure she gets what she wanted from them. Madame Boss only cares about herself, being very much sociopathic in nature, and feels no sense of remorse or sorrow over anything bad she does or orders to have done. Very paranoid due to her line of work, she is very cautious when it comes to almost everything she does, to such an extent she has someone by her side at all times to test everything she uses to make sure it isn't sabotaged.

While she often refuses to do most work for herself, she surrounds herself with boot-licking toadies who are smart and capable, but desperately want to catch her eye so they do whatever she says. On top of that, Madame Boss also limits the amount of information her lackeys know so that they will absolutely need her input to handle their branches of her many criminal businesses. Utterly vain and completely after her own self-interests, she is one to make frequent use of grooming products and maintain a really healthy lifestyle. She abhors nicotine of any kind and loves red wine, but on top of that she maintains a strict diet of home-grown fruits, vegetables, and meats that she personally oversees to make sure they are as healthy as possible, while also doing a lot of exercises to stay fit and beautiful despite her age.

One that's all about appearances, she is rather obsessive about her ambitions, her appearance, and possesses a manic desire that she be clean, everything to be in specified orders and symmetrical. Madame Boss is one to put on a facade of kindness when in public, making generous donations to charities, hospitals, orphanages, and so much more to separate her real self from her anonymous alter ego. At the same time, she makes damn sure to suppress all knowledge of her real name from the criminal underground, so much so that learning her real name is tantamount to being marked for death. This is added onto by her wearing a black wig, purple eye contacts, and having a voice modulator to hide what she really sounds like.

Madame Boss is a die-hard hater of anything that isn't French, as well as hates things like children and free health care, but she pretends to care in order to give others the impression that she is a nice person. She runs a very tight ship and is known to be particularly cruel to those who work for her, to such an extent that she actively rules through terror and intimidation. She is so abusive towards those she is upset at that she frequently makes use of Dark Ages-level of torture to get her point across.

A huge entrepreneur when it comes to crime, she has her hand in every kind of illegal activity one can think of. Blackmail, bribery, extortion, money laundering, gambling, drug trafficking, weapon smuggling, human trafficking, prostitution, voter fraud, forgery, insurance scams, assassination, and so much more. In her eyes, if there is a venue that she feels she can make money in, she will expand her businesses into undertaking that as well. Her ultimate goals are to remain young, and overthrow the French government so she can turn it back into a monarchy that she will rule for the rest of her lifetime.

The Story

Adrianna Eleanore Colette Renee Labelle III was born to the Labelle family, who were a family of reclusive old world French aristocracy who's line could be traced back to the Merovingian Dynasty, the first royal family in the history of France. Her parentage is both disgusting and shocking, being a child born from a brother and sister coupling, both of whom were inbred through multiple generations before them. However, against all likelihood she came out of the coupling with almost no genetic deficiencies ever. Her only quirks are that she's a major germophobe and has ocd, which tend to make her very obsessive about being clean and having everything be symmetrical.

Growing up under her ugly, harsh parents, she was desensitized of gruesome sights and acts by being forced to watch her parents torture and abuse their 'indentured servants' (which were really slaves), and taught that because of her lineage, she should get to say and do whatever she wants, to whoever she wants. Her family being reclusive meant that she was strictly home-schooled, learning how to read, write, talk, and other essential things only from her parents. She didn't have any friends her age growing up because she was never allowed to go beyond the boundaries of their manor house that was far away in the country size on a private road.

At the same time, she was being more and more desensitized to all kinds of violence and crimes so that she could one day take over the crime syndicate. This crime syndicate was started by the Labelle family at a time when France's government was moving away from a style where royalty and nobility ruled and into a more favorable system like what is in France today, as the Labelles were too comfortable with their lavish lifestyles to just hand over influence to those they viewed as commoners. Sure enough she did one day inherit the crime syndicate, just not in the way that either of her parents expected.

Adrianna had taken to managing businesses and illegal activities like a fish to water, and in a flash organized a coup with lower-ranked members of the crime syndicate that felt as if they were being shafted by those who ran said syndicate. She stabbed her parents and their associates in the back, poisoning all of them with knockout drugs and then ruthlessly slaughtering them all while they were asleep. She then forcibly took over the crime syndicate, renaming them the Chevaliers du Rideau Écarlate (Knights of the Scarlet Curtain in French), setting up people loyal to her to fit the most important roles in the organization.

From this point on she ruled with an iron fist, slowly expanding the business operations just from France to cover most of the world. While she operated in the daylight as a reclusive businesswoman of noble birth, in the moonlight she created her persona of Madame Boss, a mysterious woman in which so little is known about her that she is often regarded as a complete myth. She makes the decisions in the background, but has a decoy leader that she occasionally feeds orders to.

The Priority

1. Agility
2. Endurance
3. Reaction
4. Strength

The Powers

Mysteriousness: Madame Boss operates under a veil of mystery, so much so that her name isn't even known by either authorities or members of her crime syndicate. In fact, she's so unknown that she has a front man who most believe to be the leader of her organization.

People Reader: Having learned how to interact and read even the most subtle cues from a person, Madame Boss is capable of discerning things about a person from the most subtle of details and tells a person has. This isn't fool-proof since someone with sufficient training can fool her, but the majority of people she meets lack the training and experience needed to escape her suspicions.

Poison/Drug Handler: Being somewhat fond of using poisons and drugs on those who attract the wrong kind of attention from her, Madame Boss can be very sneaky and subtle about poisons and various drugs. Keeping them everywhere on her person, and even hiding poisons in places like under her tongue, she can oftentimes slip some harmful substance into her target without them noticing.

The Weaknesses

Reclusive: Only her front man Alexandre Dechant and Joseph le Faute are aware that she exists, and that she is actually the leader. Since so few people know of her existence and her connection to the Chevaliers du Rideau Écarlate, than if she somehow gets into trouble and she is unable to contact either of those two men, she could wind up being taken down permanently.

Germophobia & OCD: Unnaturally obsessed with symmetry and staying clean, she can't operate if something is even slightly wrong. She can't function if everything isn't perfect, and can sometimes have panic attacks if something is bad enough.

Paranoia: Due to her line of work as a crime boss, she has developed an extreme sense of paranoia, such an extent that she almost always has someone with her for many reasons.

Unskilled Fighter: Madame Boss is still a normal human at the end of the day, one with no real type of formal training in anything except poisons and drugs, and she often refuses to do something herself. As a result of that, she can be a lot easier to take down than most would expect since she is usually so reliant on other people to do things for her. The Scarlet Lady is also by no means a fighter or skilled in any forms of combat. She considers learning such things as beneath her, not worthy of her time to learn.

The Items

Hidden Poison/Drug Paraphernalia: She carries things like needles, pills, etc hidden stashes of various drugs and poisons everywhere she goes so that can potentially use them on her foes.

The downside to these items is that she is unable to administer them from a long range. She has to get in really close to the person she desires to use it on.

Hidden Walking Stick Blade: Madame Boss always carries a diamond-studded walking stick with her everywhere she goes to further showcase her profound wealth, which has a red ruby on the top of it. This ruby can be twisted to expose a hidden blade on the inside of the cane made of titanium that is always coated in a potent cyanide/arsenic blend of poison.

The downside to this weapon is that due it's design, the blade can be a bit cumbersome and awkward to wield since it lacks a proper grip like most swords do. Combine that with Madame Boss' lack of training in any style of swordsmanship, and that leads to below average performance when using it in a fight.

Hidden Wrist Blades: Underneath the silk wristbands she wears lies mechanisms that flick open and closed hidden titanium blades saturated with a cyanide/arsenic blend of poison when she flicks her wrist in a specific way.

Like with her poison/drug paraphernalia, these hidden wrist blades have a very short range and requires her to get really close to her opponent.

Hidden Silenced Pistol: A small, lightweight pure white pistol with a built-in silencer made out of a material that isn't metal, thereby allowing her to slip it by metal detectors that come equipped with armor-piercing rounds.

Since she carries so much stuff with her, there is a limited amount of space for her to carry ammunition for this weapon. Combined with it's non-standard craftsmanship, she requires custom-made ammunition for the gun, which is expensive. As a result of these limitations, she only pulls it out if she feels she has no other option, or getting close to someone is too risky.

Bullet Resistant Clothes: All of the clothes she wears while in her Madame Boss persona is made of a bullet-resistance material, including her signature red trench coat and hat.

While this does protect her a bit, the bullet resistant material is a bit heavy, so both her speed and range of movement are hindered, making her slower.

The Minions

There are many branch heads and underlings that Madame Boss has under her employ. They have been listed in terms of overall importance to the cause:

Ser Alexandre "Morningstar" Dechant:

Associated Rank: Inner Circle - Decoy Boss

The front man for the organization Madame Boss rules from the shadows. Given the moniker of "Morningstar" to go with the overall theme name of the Inner Circle, he is regarded by all the other minions as the leader of the organization, with only himself and the other highest-ranked minions being aware of her status as the actual leader. All decisions that need to be made are discussed with Madame Boss, who gives the orders. Wears a large golden ring with the image of a jeweled crown in the center of it on his ring finger.

Ser Dominique "Luxure" Pascal:

Associated Rank: Inner Circle - Pleasure Executive

The only female member of the Inner Circle, given the moniker of "Luxure", which translates to Lust. She is a woman who knows how to tempt those with falling into various vices. As such, she is the one who runs operations such as drugs, gambling, prostitution, and even human trafficking.

Ser Ruben "Gourmandise"

Ser Hadrien "Avidité" Freson:

Associated Rank: Inner Circle - Financial Executive

A corrupt bank executive who is firmly in the back pocket of Madame Boss. Given the title of Avidité (which means Greed in French) , he is in charge of the organization's budget. Things to invest in, brokering deals, and is usually in charge of all money-related matters unless overruled by Madame Boss through her puppet Dante.

Ser Joseph "Colère" Maturin

Associated Rank: Inner Circle - Torture & Interrogation Executive

A cruel man who wears a Medieval Executioner's Hood and was given the title of Colère, which means Wrath in French. He is the man who is in charge of the syndicate's T&I Division. His job involves disciplining disobedient and/or incompetent minions, as well as peons who screwed up or those Madame Boss wants information from. He is allowed free reign to use the most inhumane and cruel methods of torture imaginable to serve the needs of Madame Boss.

The Fluff


Madame Boss (WIP) RcFcuM

This particular branch of Madame Boss' organization are an elite black ops. group. They are creepy figures dressed head-to-toe in bullet resistant dark-colored hazmat suits, complete with face-obscuring mask that come equipped with eye-obscuring protective lenses that glow green and also act as night-vision goggles. They do not say a word, and instead mostly hiss, growl, and shriek as they prowl around the areas they either inhabit or are sent to. Their anonymity is so immense that only Madame Boss knows who they are under the mask. Utterly remorseless and lacking in any semblance of morals, they follow the orders Madame Boss gives them exactly word for word, with no hesitation or questions asked.

There are enough of them to constitute as a small army, all ex-military types with horrible official reputations that they were dishonorably discharged. Madame Boss has them employed as her 'ultimate solution' in the criminal underworld, when the kid gloves come off and she wants one person or multiple people dead so much that she doesn't care about the collateral damage that comes with it. They have various top-of-the-line military hardware to really decimate their leader's targets.

The RP Sample

A figure sat at a table that was far off in one of the corners of the upscale French restaurant, clad in a red trenchcoat with a large popped up collar and red brim hat. This figure sighed to herself in a contended manner as she swirled a glass filled with wine around in her gloved hand, and then quietly took a sip of the delicious beverage. Red wine was one of her greatest pleasures, especially since it was both her favorite color and it tasted good, and she liked to indulge herself on the sweet alcoholic beverage that was common among more well-off individuals.

"Comme c'est magnifique! This is the life" the woman said to herself under her breath as she swapped between French and English, enjoying the luxurious pleasures her criminal lifestyle has allowed her to afford. There was a somewhat robotic tone with how she spoke, which was an indication that her voice had some kind of device that changed how her voice sounded so that no one could figure out what she really sounded like. The figure slightly tilted her red hat up to star at the two well-equipped bodyguards she had with her, and smirked at them.

She didn't really give a damn about these two, or at least she didn't care about them. They protected her with their lives despite her fearsome reputation even in her own organization, so she valued them more than most. They were still disposable to her in the end as she would trade them for someone who was better, and she wouldn't really care if they died, but they did an excellent job protecting her. They were still ill-bred, working class slum-rats that weren't worthy enough to live cushy lifestyles like the woman herself, but they better than most.

She tucked a long strand of black hair out of her eyes and into her red brim hat, and paid attention to her bodyguards.

"What do you think, bouclier de viande? Are the sights enjoyable or what?" she asked them with a raise of her black eyebrow. Due to how they were standing, they were able to keep the woman in their sights while being able to see the whole restaurant and make sure no one tried anything on her. The two bodyguards quietly bowed their heads in the affirmative, which caused the woman to smirk. Their discipline was as impeccable as ever.

The mysterious Madame Boss was glad that she chose competent people to fulfill their roles in their organization. Although it would be cheaper to hire less experienced and less skilled men, she preferred that her minions be as competent as possible. She'd likely snap and murder so many men that people would stop joining her if she did that. At the same time though, she wanted everyone in her organization know that everyone but her were expendable, she was the only important person, and that she could sacrifice them all in a heartbeat if she felt it benefited her.

Madame Boss let out an almost seductive chuckle at their silence, very pleased with it.

"You boys are taking your jobs very seriously. Tis why I gave you two your positions, it is so hard to find good help I can trust" she said with a disappointed sigh. Granted she didn't trust them in the slightest, but she had no problem lying and claiming she did if it got them to do their jobs right. One should never abuse their assigned protectors no matter how much you might want to, because then they might just let you die instead of help you.

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Madame Boss
Madame Boss

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Madame Boss (WIP) Empty Re: Madame Boss (WIP)

Post by Red August 19th 2019, 3:09 pm


Villain or not, this character has themes that are incredibly sensitive in the current political climate, disturbing, irrelevant given the story of SHRP, and stupid. This character is a walking embodiment of a deranged political movement for no other reason than, apparently, shock value. Pick something else. That's the end of the conversation. I will provide no further justification.


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