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Madame's Guardian

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Madame's Guardian Empty Madame's Guardian

Post by Madame Versailles May 6th 2013, 4:02 pm

Name: The Grand Protector of Her Highness,The Third Empress of the Twelfth Great French Planetary Alignment System, but Madame likes to call him Kitty, Kit for short.


Personality: Kit is a very polite individual, having his own personality despite being robotic. Technology worked much different in Madame's dimension allowing them to build sentient beings. He is bound to MV's will, however he can think freely, ask questions, and give opinions.

History: "Kit" has been attached to Madame his entire life span, deactivating when she died and only to be reactivated when was reincarnated. He is roughly the same age as MV and has all of the same memories as her, in addition to his own memory banks. He had always played a crucial role in restoring the memories of the Empress during her reincarnation ceremonies. Upon her third and final reincarnation Madame had decided to keep Kit safe in her personal pocket dimension.
When the collapse of the Universe began and Madame was thrown through time and space, Kit remained safe in the pocket dimension. Since she had landed, she has not called upon his services.

Power(s): Kit is directly connected to Madame and he is able to see what she sees, however she cannot see what he sees. He is technically 'trapped' in the pocket dimension that MV put him in, however he can break through if her heart rate drops below a certain point in order to protect her and bring her somewhere safe for treatment. Otherwise he can be called through at any point by Madame. He has a medical kit in his mid section designed specifically to treat her, however it cannot heal her completely. If Madame is severely injured she would need professional medical attention.
His arms have mechanisms installed where he may launch them off in order to attack a ranged opponent, he may then call them back at will. As an additional feature the four talons on each hand can be fired. They can pin a target to a wall or explode, though the explosions would cause more distraction than damage as they are not very powerful. The missiles are replaced after their use.
His body is in three separate sections that can be dislocated and reassembled at will. The middle section allows for Kit to move his body 180 degrees around for combat at multiple angles since he is not all that fast moving
In all three sections of his body he has a propulsion system which allows him to move around freely, dismantled or not.

Grid: (24 is the max) (No stat over 6)
Intelligence: 3
Fighting Skills:3
Madame Versailles
Madame Versailles
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Post Mate

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Madame's Guardian Empty Re: Madame's Guardian

Post by Forceaus May 6th 2013, 4:08 pm

Approved until stated otherwise

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Mega Poster!

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