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Madame's Favorite Pets

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Madame's Favorite Pets Empty Madame's Favorite Pets

Post by Madame Versailles May 14th 2013, 11:24 pm

Name: "Flowers" and "Buttons 1&2"


History: Flowers and the two Buttons were 'spoils' of war for Madame. When her system was attacked in her second incarnation, they were used as tools of violence and destruction. Tortured to do as they were commanded. After the war MV saw how the poor creatures were treated and took them in to be cared for and neutered back to health. For the new pets, it took a little getting used to and there was much destruction involved in them adjusting to their new home. Though once they saw that Madame meant them absolutely no harm they became unwaveringly loyal to her. Upon Versailles third incarnation she placed them in her pocket dimension for safe storage. They can be brought fourth by Madame whenever she pleases.

Grid: (24 is the max) (No stat over 6)

Power(s): "Flowers" as she calls him, despite his size, is extremely fast and nimble. With special alien glands he has as his biological makeup he can also fly around at the same pace that he would on the ground. However when moving around on the ground he tends to tear up the terrain due to his body structure, though generally he tries to hoover slightly in order to keep from causing too much damage. With his long, steel like body Flowers is exceptionally durable, and combined with his size and speed it is very possible for him to cause quite a lot of damage. His body also conducts electricity allowing him to channel it through and release through different points of his body.

Fighting Skills:1

Buttons 1&2

Power(s): Both of the Buttons can float and fly around freely due to a constant magnetic charge that is given off. They have electrical based powers allowing them to give off powerful bursts and streams of energy at will. Their powers can also be used in tandem to create more intricate attacks or defenses. They can also move rather quickly and in addition to their high resistance to impact they can cause quite a bit of damage when moving at higher speeds.

Fighting Skills:0
Flight: 2
Madame Versailles
Madame Versailles
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Madame's Favorite Pets Empty Re: Madame's Favorite Pets

Post by CainVulsore May 15th 2013, 8:41 pm

approved until stated stelix and Magnemite

Cain Vulsore
Madame's Favorite Pets Pbucket

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