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The Current Predicament

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CLOSED The Current Predicament

Post by Singularity on May 16th 2018, 10:05 am

It was more than 16,000 kilometers from Los Angeles to Melbourne, Australia, and then, Tiberius Hadley didn't even live in California. He lived on the other side of the states, in New York, which was like, another 4 kilometers from Los Angeles. But that would not deter the Interval Kid. He had noticed something that had interested, and bothered him deeply, and he was going to get to the bottom of it.

If there was anything Tiberius believed in, it was the use of metahuman powers for the safety and protection of normal humans, and the upholding of reasonable laws (yeah, not all laws were cool, in his opinion) to bring criminals to book. So, when he had heard of a metahuman criminal who murdered innocent civilians for no apparent reason, it just made his blood boil. And even though he was far away, he was going to let this serial killer, and the world at large, realize that Justice was just a step away.

His expression intense and stern, Tiberius completed donning his suit, then looked at himself one more time in the mirror, before slipping on the headgear part of his outfit, or his mask, if you will. For long distance travels, he had to take extra preparations, so he had packaged some home-made peanut butter sandwiches in a small backpack. Funnily, the bag was full of those and little else, but that was all he required for his journey. Once he was sure he was ready, he turned off the lights and locked the door to his little apartment behind him. Most likely, he wouldn't be back till the next day.

It took him roughly an hour to get to Los Angeles; unlike the other time when he'd been distracted, he had spent an hour extra. From there, he zipped to Seaside, and continued his hyperspeed sprint over the waters of the Pacific Ocean, in a general south-western direction. Running over the water was fun, though he had to, more than once, evade towering waves and ensure that he did not miss his footing. If he slowed down, he went down, and no one had to tell him that he was better off running than swimming. And as he ran, he ate.

Running non-stop ensured that he hit Byron Bay about four hours after he started his water-walking, and without waiting, he tore through on his way to the state capital of Victoria. He could rest once he got there, and started following whatever leads he had. It was twilight just as he got to the city, which was a good time, in his opinion. Criminals liked to work under cover of darkness, and such was the best time to draw them out. The Interval Kid stopped after such a long journey, sitting on the steps of the Shrine of Remembrance, as he opened his backpack to retrieve another sandwich and consider his next line of actions.

At this rate, he would have to get more food for his return journey.

The Interval Kid

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CLOSED Re: The Current Predicament

Post by CaptainGrue on May 16th 2018, 12:54 pm

Cold fluorescence bathed the 7-Eleven in white light. Stores like this were scattered all over Melbourne, sometimes three on the same block. Like a gas station without the gas, 7-Elevens were known for their convenience and acted as luring flames for any hoodlum beggar to score a couple dollars from any customers.

A man in a black hoody sat in the back of the store with his hands over his mouth. The woman at the counter kept a close eye on him. She was somewhere in her late 40s, and was used to those who might want to get the one up on her. Her skin was tough and she held a large presence, her knuckles covered in callouses indicative of prior conflicts. Unbeknownst to the man in the back, she had won most of them. A small standard definition box television in the top corner of the room fizzled as it played. Late night news.

"It's been years, officer. Tell me, what does our local justice department have planned to deal with this killer?" A reporter said. The camera shifts to a bald police officer in his 30s. Clean.

"The one the tabloids call the 'Heart Attack'?" The man's eyes furrowed.

"Of course."

"Look, we have no solid proof a killer of such a nature even exists. There are larger, more devastating real threats out there that are causing harm and we have to deal with those first."

"Don't you think there are people more suited to such threats? And no offence but come on now officer, anyone with some time on their hands can figure out something seriously wrong is happening here. In our city. What are our law enforcement going to do about it?"

"No further questions, we're all very busy here."


The man in the back tapped his gloved fingers on the small table. He clenched his fists and struggled to control each breath. He had been trying to dial back murders in the past couple months, releasing energy onto small animals and birds rather than humans. The homeless by Yarra River had an appreciation for Bernard's skills, as he would share the dead animals with them for meat. This also meant they knew about him, and whatever police were investigating the Heart Attack would force Bernard into hiding more and more. The goal was to convince the system that he did not exist, but the public loved buying the conspiracy. Bernard couldn't blame them. They were right.

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