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Demetri Thales (the third Eclipse, perhaps?)

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Demetri Thales (the third Eclipse, perhaps?) Empty Demetri Thales (the third Eclipse, perhaps?)

Post by CaptainGrue May 10th 2020, 3:01 pm


"I'm not transparent, you moron!" *THWACK!*

The Bio

Real Name: Demetri Thales (Dem/Demmy)
Hero Name: The Eclipse/Eclipse
Title: The Starlight Silhouette
Alignment: Lawful Good (bending toward neutral good)
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Race: Hispanic/Greek human
Hair: Black (samples show a light auburn)
Eyes: Black (tests suggest a deep blue)
Height: 6"2
Weight: 197 lbs
Blood type: B+

The Looks

The Personality

A goofball at heart, Demetri finds it difficult to let go of the constant brooding associated with his superhero alter ego. Really an extrovert, he seeks social encounters but fails to connect with most people as a result of his condition. He loves to talk, has a dry sense of humour and is very aware of all the usual questions people have about his unique affliction.

Being an advocate for mindfulness, Demetri will meditate in his own time. This gives him the most peace, as he can feel himself letting go of all the light stored inside his body. He also expresses himself through writing and photography.

As far as his superheroics go, Demetri fights the good fight out of a desire to do something useful with his powers moreso than an intense desire to serve justice. If he had it his way, he'd be normal and live a normal life. But he isn't going to remain a slave to his condition, Demetri has always tried to be proactive in all aspects of his life. He just wants people to see him for who he is. Like anyone would.

The Story

Demetri has had a life of traumatic misunderstandings and stunning shows of willpower, yet never thought he would go the route of a superhero.

Demetri is from Brazil. His mother was Spanish from Brazil as well, and father Greek from abroad. While being born, Demetri drained the light out of his mother and seemed to appear to his parents as a black void. When he started crying he started bursting with light, blinding nearby doctors and his father. While colour returned to his mother over time, it seemed to be the case that Demetri was to remain this way permanently. It proved extremely difficult for doctors to figure out his condition, as they were unable to see any specific parts on his body like veins or muscle. Tissue samples could be taken, which could then be analysed and yielded no abnormal results. Being passed around scientists and doctors alike with much discretion, infrared cameras and other such scanning methods could prove that Demetri was a perfectly healthy boy if only a little undernourished. Photodetector tests showed that as soon as a ray of light hit Demetri’s body it was completely absorbed as opposed to his body only partially absorbing light and reflecting the rest (which would render him properly visible like everyone else).

Demetri’s relationship with his parents was strained to say the least. His father was permanently blinded and was never able to forgive his son for that. Demetri’s mother guilted herself into believing she was the cause for his peculiar state, a belief no medical test could prove. Demmy tended to be more of his mother’s child due to this, causing his father to cast some of his misgivings from him onto her. In one case of domestic abuse Demetri blasted his father back by firing a beam of light from his hands. Ultimately his parents went for a divorce, after which his father disappeared from his life completely.

School life was no easier. Demetri knew exactly how he was different from others, but didn’t expect just how much of a role his condition would play in ostracising him. He learnt to be more expressive to make up for the fact no one could see his facial expressions. This led to him taking up the role of the class clown, tending to act out or perform pranks so that the other kids would like him. This had limited success, and didn’t help with his teachers’ perception despite decent success in his schoolwork. Demetri left primary school with no long lasting friendships, but a very talkative nature.

Secondary school was a slight improvement. While it was still just as hard to make friendships, teachers were more nurturing of Demetri’s academic skills. Through his English teacher he was able to get a part time job writing in a local news comedy column (under a pen name of course, Daniel Thesis). Afterschool sports were out, as his school opted not to let him join any teams to avoid any criticism. During high school he was able to start taking self defence classes, knowing that there were people like his father out there that might try to hurt him or his mother. Weekly group sessions quickly turned into private training when it became apparent Demetri would need a self tailored approach to self defence. Together with his trainer he learnt a unique take on martial arts that makes use of his natural ability to appear pitch black. Arguably more impactful, Demetri was taught mindfulness that unlocked his ability to enter an “eclipsed” state, in which he is able to release all the stored up light he has absorbed. This led to his control over various light projection abilities that he and his trainer practice frequently.

No longer was Demetri merely aware of his body, he had ownership of it. He was developing a level of genuine self confidence he never had, even if his social life stayed at arms length. He picked up photography as another hobby, finding some connection with the act of capturing images. The idea of superheroics actually came from his personal trainer, when discussing the possible applications for his abilities. At first Demetri was enamoured by the idea of getting to wear a costume in a rare moment of ignorance, but seriously considered vigilantism the more he thought about it. He’d never been a huge fan of superhero pop culture and paid little attention to the many real life superheros in his world, but couldn’t deny he felt some connection to all the freaks and weirdos who all seem to end up fighting crime. He understood the desire to protect others, just as he desired to protect his mother. While he may be cursed in his personal life, he had abilities that could only really be used in the defence of others. Besides, it wasn’t like the police force would let him shoot laser beams at criminals.

Finished with high school, Demetri had the grades to go on to college or university. But instead he opted to live a modest life, acquiring a flat and focusing on his writing career to sustain himself. Him and his mother would still support each other and meet monthly. He continued to work with his personal trainer, taking their lead in how Demmy approached the vigilante thing. With combat skills and a reasonable amount of control over his abilities, his trainer enlisted the help of an outsider to hone one more skill: The Art of Stealth. Demetri trained to run silently on nightingale floors, and learnt methods of dispatching opponents efficiently and quietly. Still, it wouldn’t be too hard for someone Demmy came up against to identify his secret identity. This would mean he could only operate at night, or in the dark. No one should see his unnatural pigmentation. At least until he got the kind of help that could stop that being an issue.

Nowadays Demetri still takes private self defence classes to further work on his fighting style and superhuman abilities. He acts as the lone superhero “The Eclipse”, continues to work as a freelance writer (he’s writing a novel!) and goes out clubbing.

The Priority

1. Agility
2. Reaction
3. Endurance
4. Strength

The Powers

Light Absorption: The crux of Demetri's powers, and his weaknesses. His body does not reflect light, instead it absorbs 100% of light that comes into contact with his body. This causes him to appear pitch black, no matter the light around him.

Eclipsing: The act of releasing light from Demetri's body. At its most controlled/peaceful, he appears pitch black and eclipsed in light in a meditative state. At its most violent, Demetri can release a large amount of light from his body at once resulting in a bright explosion firing away from Demetri in all directions. Demetri can also focus continuous beams of light through his body, firing them through a limb (generally his hand(s)). While blinding, these light rays (or projectiles) also burn and apply intense concussive force. With a similar method, Demetri can project a harmless ray of light to act as torch of varying brightness.

Dark Touch: Demetri can sap the light out of anything he touches. Any light that object would normally reflect is instead absorbed by Demetri. The object turns pitch black in the same way Demetri is. This works on other people, as well. Clothes or other items that are constantly in contact with Demetri’s body will naturally have their light absorbed over time regardless of will (generally takes up to an hour). As soon as contact is severed, light will continue to reflect normally off the object. This goes for Demetri as well; if a limb of his is severed, natural colour will be restored to it. Open wounds may also be visible, as blood that leaves his body will reflect light.

The Weaknesses

Light Absorption: The longer Demetri goes without 'Eclipsing' (or the more light he absorbs), the heavier a migraine he develops. He can go up to an hour in daylight before it causes a noticeable impact in his fighting ability, or six hours in night. If hit with light based attacks, Demetri's ability to absorb them has a detrimental effect as the unhealthy increase in light causes extremely intense headaches that would quickly pull him out of a fight.

Eclipsing: If Demetri chooses to violently burst with light, he will burn himself. The intensity of his attack determines the severity of the burns.

Mindfulness: Demetri's ability to 'Eclipse' depends on his control over his mental state. If he cannot stay calm, or becomes too emotionally distracted then Demetri's abilities will be weakened up to the point of being completely nullified.

Point to Where it Hurts: Demetri's body is pitch black. He cannot see his own injuries, and neither can doctors without the use of advanced scanners. He might have scars, burns or such that he won't notice if they're not actively hurting him. Bruises are a constant surprise.

Paint Him Red!: If Demetri bleeds, or has some visible substance like paint or sunscreen on him then he would lose his capacity to apply stealth, depending on how much surface area is covered. It will take up to an hour for Demetri's passive Dark Touch to come into effect.

The Items

Eclipse's Suit: A simple, black, lightweight body armour. Slimline and trades protection for mobility and stealth. Bulletproof in the chest, knife resistance around the chest/forehead/forearms/thighs.  Fingerless gloves to give as little resistance as possible for Demetri's Dark Touch as well as his projection abilities.

The Fluff

Fighter: Under private specialist lessons, Demetri has learnt how to fight both offensively and defensively. Working closely with his tutor, Demetri has even developed his own fighting style which uses traditional martial arts but uses stances that maximise use of his ability (such as standing side on to obscure his limbs). He is no elite fighter, and has to put in extra effort if he's fighting someone tougher than your average combatant.

Shadow: Suitably, Demetri has also trained extensively in stealth to produce as little noise as possible while applying less conspicuous means of dispatching foes. Likewise he has much to learn, and what knowledge he has he can't always execute.

The RP Sample

It was night, about 11:30 PM. Demetri stood outside a large stone building, on the footpath of a street shining wet and bathed in a splintered gold light from the nearby streetlamp. He looked at his hands, the deepest black imaginable. A void that made it look like nothing was even there. The light had no effect on him.

He was standing in queue for a nightclub. The people around him were familiar with the visual oddity that is Demetri Thales, but still gawked and played games where they tried to pass their hands through his body-
He had just gotten poked in the eye.

"Youch! Tá bom?" Demetri cried, bringing his hands up to his face in recoil. Of course, to the people standing in front of him, the black void only slightly shifted. "I'm standing right here, ay?"

"Geez, sorry, Pão-duro..." One them said. An insult.

"Hey man, I just wanna have fun too, sim?" Demetri said, turning to face the bouncer who hadn't yet had the pleasure of meeting Demmy.

"Eh..." The bouncer said, "ID?" then offered a hand.

Demetri produced his wallet. Pitch black, as usual. He placed it in the bouncers hands, and watched his wallet instantly turn to a leathery brown when he took his hand away. The bouncer eyed Demetri (or would have if he could tell where his eyes were) before opening the ID and examining it. The picture was accurate, a black silhouette. "Yeah this won't get you in, sorry."

"Seriously, man? I've been here before." Demetre said.

"Yeah look, I don't want to argue. Step aside." The bouncer handed back Demetre's wallet.

A voice called out further back in the line, "Porra, hey vai tomar no cu!" a slur spoken which high distress, "Monte de merda just took my shit!" he said, another slur,  "That chick just took my wallet and you all just stood there?"

An argument erupted between the young man and his friends, as they debated who was to blame and who should be willing to go after her and lose their place in queue. Demetri stepped out of line and looked down the street. She was in still in eyeshot. He could get to her, nab the wallet and then run back in less than five minutes.

Well, Demetri thought, I suppose I am wearing the costume. And he took off in a sprint, a blot on the pavement.

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Demetri Thales (the third Eclipse, perhaps?) Empty Re: Demetri Thales (the third Eclipse, perhaps?)

Post by Zonkes May 12th 2020, 8:45 pm

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