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The Interval Kid

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The Interval Kid Empty The Interval Kid

Post by Singularity on April 25th 2018, 6:57 pm


"The life changing moment was when I decided I wasn’t going to run anymore, but ironically, I haven’t stopped running ever since!"

The Bio

Real Name: Tiberius “Tiber” (pronounced ‘Tai-bar’) “Ty” Hadley

Hero Name: The Interval Kid

Title: None really (yet to get anyone that pertains to his superhero alter ego)

Alignment: Good Neutral

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Race: Meta-Human (Accident caused)

Hair: Black, slightly tousled hair, which stops at the nape of his neck

Eyes: Violet

Height: 5 feet 10 inches / 177.8 cm

Weight: 145 lbs / 66 kg

Blood type: A+

The Looks

Tiberius is a young Caucasian male human with a toned appearance, who, according to most, looks very easy on the eyes. He has a mop of jet black hair which crowns his head. No matter how much he combs or brushes it, it always seems to look somewhat unruly, giving him a somewhat laid back appearance. His eyes are a very, very deep shade of blue, violet, if you will, and he has such a way of focusing intently with them that is considered mildly unnerving by some. His nose is small and upturned, and he has a mouth capable of a generous grin, with perfectly formed, pearly-white teeth. His lower face is completely hairless (which gives him a bit of consternation) and his facial features are softer than they are angular, which adds to his youthful appearance.

Tiberius is averagely tall for a human his age, with a slender but athletic build. His muscles are well defined, toned but not ripped, so that he looks more like a youth who regularly engages in exercise and less of a body builder. His hands have long slender fingers, and he wears size 45 shoes. His skin tone is a slight tan, and he has no visible scars on his body, though looking carefully at his hands may reveal a plethora of tiny, well-healed scars, an indication that he is quite… handy (pun intended?).

A very casual individual, Tiber is rarely seen in formal attire. Jacket, T-shirt, denim pants, sneakers are his most favorite choice of wardrobe. His superhero attire is discussed in detail, in the “Items” section.

The Personality

Who Tiber is:
Tiber is a very warm and friendly, albeit slightly socially awkward individual. He’s the kind of person to smile warmly at a stranger who greets him, even if he doesn’t know the person from Adam. He enjoys to spread cheer, and so tries to make wherever he is lively, though his lack of a previous social life may make him act clumsy and silly at times. Be that as it may, he’s a very steadfast friend with a strong empathic streak, and he’s good at keeping secrets. Oh yes, a secret of his… or maybe it’s not so much of a secret: he’s rather bashful around the opposite sex of his age.

Tiberius can be annoying at times, because he can get… pesky. He believes he needs to fix as many problems as he can, and if you’re he’s friend, he is convinced that he must share your hurt and help you pull through (even if you don’t want his help). He does this out of an honest heart, though, and when he is aware that he is getting bothersome, he will apologize and back down, but never too far away that he can’t run to help if the need arises. He can take a lot for his friends, and thus, if he has an exploitative friend, he will be used and taken for granted without much of a complaint on his part. Beware though, about how much you abuse him; when Tiberius dislikes, he dislikes, and very few can change his mind about the matter. He sincerely detests traitors.

Tiberius is a nerd, but without the glasses. Possessing a keen, analytical mind he loves studying the workings of the universe, and once he feels his company is not needed, he will vanish off to the nearest library or laboratory. Only his closest friends can drag him away from these “study” times, and though he will comically protest, he will not hold the interruption against them. He is a hard worker, and is rather meticulous, with a knack for inventing things. However, he is abysmal in current affairs and social media slangs. Don’t ever believe that geniuses are good at everything. He’s also an airhead, and easily zones out on discussions that do not pique his interest, and sometimes, he can walk away in the middle of a conversation. He can’t help it, that’s how he’s wired, but it makes him… “socially backward” according to some.

Many consider Tiberius to be too idealistic, a trait that shows in his life as a superhero. He sees the best in most people, and unless he has a history with someone, may be one of the first to extend a hand of friendship to a ‘villain’ if he believes the person has turned over a new leaf. He is convinced his powers were given to him to help those who cannot help themselves, and uphold justice, and he does not ever try to cross his moral lines (one of which is killing), not justify doing so. However, whenever the time comes to make a very tough decision, Tiberius will consider the most selfless course, and is not afraid to sacrifice himself to save the day. He doesn’t do it for the thanks; he just believes it’s the right thing to do.

The Story

How it all happened:
Tiberius Hadley had always been the runt of the pack, scared of bullies and easily cowed into submission. His parents were both scientists, and were extremely busy individuals. They were very wealthy, running the prestigious Hadley Laboratories, a lead developer and supplier in the cutting edge technology market. They, however, had very little time for their only son, who grew up in the hands of his uncle and aunt. For a hefty sum from his parents (which was supposed to be mostly for his upkeep), they were to take the boy off their hands, so that they could focus on their scientific breakthroughs. His uncle and aunt were very harsh with him, and he grew to fear and dread them (although this facet of life taught him the first steps of being self reliant), so that when it was time for him to go to an elementary boarding school, Tiberius was very relieved.

Being small in stature almost immediately made him the target of bullying, and Tiber always seemed to be the pack runt. Except in his studies. As if it was genetic, Tiberius had a knack for education, especially the sciences. He always had good grades, which was all his parents wanted to find out about him. Oh yes, there was something else he was very good at: running away. Since Tiberius had realized that he couldn’t compete with others in terms of brute strength, he decided to react more subtly. He would organize very elaborate schemes, and had the talent of setting up a scene and running from the area so fast that he could get himself into another area in record time, where the culprit of the elaborate plot could scarcely have been, if he was indeed at the “crime scene”. Soon, bullies began to discover that very ill “luck” befell them whenever they crossed him, and since they couldn’t prove he was responsible, not to mention that they feared being hexed, they started letting him be.

As he grew in both intelligence and age, his stature experienced a growth spurt in his teenage years, and one who was the smallest among his peers soon grew to a tall height. He liked this part of his life, having a couple of good friends, but still had the habit of running away, which spilled into how he viewed life. Tiberius never wanted to confront anything troublesome, but would always avoid and shirk from such. In his opinion, as long as he was out of the way of anything insalubrious, he was okay. Somewhere deep down in his heart, however, his conscience always berated him whenever he did so. Eventually, he decided to work against that bad habit, and began trying to build up his self-confidence.

At the age of 16, Tiberius was the best science student around, and got an internship job as an assistant in the same laboratories that his parents owned. While he was initially thrilled at the prospect of becoming a part of his parents’ lives, he sound found his hopes dashed. Tiberius’ parents made no indication that he was even related to them, and he became embittered at his estranged parents… not like they would notice, anyway. Their multi-million projects were all that mattered to them. If not for the fact that working there was a dream come true for him, and he could learn so much, he would have abandoned the internship position. For a while things continued as described above, until that fateful day…

The Hadley Laboratories had quite a lot of competitors, and one of the unscrupulous ones, Imperius Industries, considered sabotaging some of their efforts in what would look like an accident. However, the accident was meant to take the lives of the brilliant scientists that headed their major competition, so that they could become the major controllers of the market. On the day of the accident, everything was moving along well, when suddenly, an alarm system went off. One of the nuclear cores had been professionally damaged, and it threatened to obliterate a radius of 1 kilometer around the Hadley Laboratories. The core could be cooled with water, but the blast doors that controlled the flow of water to and away from the cores decided at that moment to ignore the manual overrides (because they had been manually disconnected). The only way to save the day was to activate the Ultimate Fail Safe System, but the remote control device was nowhere to be found. As everyone tried to flee as far away as possible, Tiberius was among the first to fly. However, he had noticed that the device in question seemed to have been unceremoniously dumped in the experimental synchrotron. The particle accelerator had been primed and was ready to go off, utilizing new and untested allotropes of rare extradimensional elements in the process. Tiberius considered, and figured that he would be fast enough to manually open the maintenance hatch of the synchrotron, access the central orbit and get the device before the particle accelerator went off. So, for the first time he could remember, Tiberius Hadley did not run away from the problem, but towards it. Everything went perfectly: he got to the hatch and opened it, and found his way to the central orbit. He got the device and was going to get back out in time. He could imagine the looks on everyone’s faces. He could imagine his parents finally acknowledging him, being pleased with him, looking at him with parental pride.

He tripped.

By the time he got to his feet and moved, that one second had sealed his fate. The maintenance hatch was locked, and would not reopen until the particles had run their course. The device that had cost him had been hastily sabotaged to further prevent its use, but he was able to hotwire the system and open the water gates. The day was saved, and the core was cooled, but at a great sacrifice. As the synchrotron hummed to life, Tiberius kind of felt good that he had saved the day. He was a hero. He did wish, though, that his celebration would not have to be posthumous. But he learned a lesson that day: sometimes, as a hero, you might not have the opportunity to hear the thanks. He wished he could see his parents, hear what they thought of their son now. He wondered if things would be different after today, if he had survived. But he would never know, because he would never see them again.

Tiberius was literally accelerated into energy when the ‘wave’ hit him, and that was the last thing he remembered: a searing, all-permeating pain, and a fade-to-white. He later regained consciousness in a hospital, and for many days, he was unable to recall who he even was. His memories came back to him eventually, and when he asked about his parents, to his shock and horror, he learned that they had been murdered. Their competitors had finally resorted to using base assassination. He found himself the unwitting heir to a multi-million dollar establishment, but he wasn’t interested in it all (as it brought back too many memories, and he didn’t feel he was into that line of life), so he sold off the business.

It was after he had been discharged from the hospital that he began to notice, little by little, that his body had been altered by the accident. Afraid of telling anyone about his issue, he decided to fix it himself. He picked New York as his new base of operations. He invested money in other areas to maintain a steady (and hefty) source of income, and with what was left, which was still sizeable, he built his apartment, which involved a secret, underground laboratory furnished with some of his parents’ technology. In the solace of his home (which above ground is quite modest but comfy), he slowly began to come to terms with his newfound abilities. He realized that his parents’ killer was still at large, causing him to question the legal system of the day. Perhaps he had obtained these powers to stop criminals from doing evil and avoiding the law. If they were powerful enough to stand above the law, he would use his own power to bring them back beneath it. However, he wasn’t ready to go all out and make himself a target.

Tiberius Hadley enrolled himself in college and got a little job as a freelance programmer, which would appear to help him pay the bills. He fashioned an outfit for himself that would be his signature and help hide his identity. He chose a name for himself, based on a joke name he was given by the university’s news bulletin when he first showed his prowess. Now, the Interval Kid is starting to make a name for himself, but as he doesn’t believe he has done enough to earn him a really cool name like the names of the big guns out there, he will keep the name for now, even though it may sound a tad silly.

The Priority

1. Reaction
2. Agility
3. Endurance
4. Strength

The Powers

Acceleration: The primary ability of the Interval Kid is acceleration. Unlike the average speedster that can simply run or move at superhuman speeds, the Interval Kid has complete control over each of his individual molecules to accelerate them at will. However, he is largely unaware of this fact. Still, he can accelerate his bodily speeds to levels beyond the sound barrier, enabling him not only to move, but to react to things on such a level. So far, he is capable of attaining speeds of up to Mach 4. Some of his capabilities include, running on water, running up and across walls, and of course, dodging bullets.

Uncanny Regeneration: The Interval Kid, by virtue of having his body altered by unnatural forces, regenerates lost and injured tissue at an extremely rapid pace. His body also gets rid of fatigue toxins very quickly, as a result, making him seem inexhaustible.

Kinesis Field: The Interval Kid has discovered that when he moves fast, his body generates a kinetic field that protects him, and whatever he wills, provided there is physical contact, from the frictional damage caused by air resistance. This force field is powerful enough to also protect him from collisions that would otherwise prove fatal. Of course, this implies that he can hit much harder than the average human when running.

Supergenius-level Intellect: Tiberius possesses an intellect that is far beyond that of your average human, and is among the best intellects anyone can boast of. This enables him to easily find various alternatives to problems, especially involving machinery and software. He is also a brilliant inventor, and it is very easy for him to learn things related to the physical sciences. Sadly, his intellect cannot save him from the strange phenomenon known as human social behavior.

The Weaknesses

Field Forces: The Interval Kid is still affected by field forces and other things that have an area of effect. For instance, if he runs through an explosion, being fast will not save him from getting burned. Running on an electrified floor will fry his circuits. A quick enough telekinetic user can pick him off the ground or negate his speed. And oily floors can still trip him up.

Stasis Dysfunctionality: While the Interval Kid’s kinesis field is very powerful, it only works when he is moving at superhuman speed. Thus, he can take a bullet while running, but is your average human in terms of durability when standing still, or performing any normal movement. Also, whatever physical strength is granted him due to his shield cannot be active without any form of super speed on his part.

The Messiah Complex: Tiberius thinks he just has to save everybody. Add to that his self-sacrificing nature, and you have someone who will put himself in harm’s way without thinking. And you know how all those villains love their hostage situations…

”I’m not a glutton!”: The interval Kid is not a battery. He needs energy to run, and that energy comes from food. As a result, he needs to always munch on something that will give him energy, every once in a while. If he runs out of food, his rapid metabolism is unable to cope with the lack of energy, and he will progressively become slower and slower, until he crumbles from exhaustion. Tiberius eats 5 solid square meals a day. Okay, he can make do with 3, but expect a couple of energy bars in between.

The Goldfish: Tiberius has a very short attention span, because everything moves extremely slowly for him. Sitting through an hour lecture is torture, real torture. Speaking with him can be sort of frustrating, as he may start speaking way too fast in his excitement, or his mind would have gone ahead of what you were discussing and he would have forgotten what it was you were talking about. Or, worse still, he may wander off while you’re still talking. To keep him concentrated, he must be actively engaged.

"I can run, not fly!": The Interval Kid has no means of self sustained flight, and even though with his speed, he can cover the empty distances between two spaces (up to about 25 meters), he cannot fly. Dropping him straight down, without anything to hold on to or use as a means of support, will give you the assurance that he will get to the bottom, like any normal human being.

Up, Close and Personal: There is no intrinsic ability possessed by the Interval Kid that can pass for a ranged attack. Yes, unless he resorts to the more prosaic act of manually throwing stuff, the worst the Interval Kid can do to an out-of-reach enemy is wave his hands and resort to name-calling. And hope they come closer...

The Items

The F.U.T.U.R.E. Suit:An acronym for Fortified Utility and Tactical Unit for Relativity Exploitation, the F.U.T.U.R.E. suit is a form fitting, full-body armor made primarily from carbon fibers and special reactive polymers, complete with its own power source. It offers the user protection from some physical attacks, especially gun fire (as it is bullet proof), but can be damaged by armor-piercing rounds. The headpiece is of one piece with the suit, and covers most of the user’s face, only allowing their eyes and mouth to be seen. Attached to the headpiece is a pair of goggles which double as earphones. While that may sound strange, the eyepieces of the goggles are not attached to each other, but can instead be slid sideways from being placed over the eyes, to over the ears. The goggles can see in ultraviolet and infrared vision, and can zoom in to microscopic and telescopic levels. The earphones have a powerful in-built antenna that can pick up various transmissions or simply play soothing music. The headpiece of the F.U.T.U.R.E. suit is also equipped with a tiny microphone which is connected to the earphones to enable mobile communication. The suit also comes with a utility belt, which carries a pouch that contains a maximum of 5 high-energy carbo snacks. The special reactive polymers enable the user to communicate with the suit on a synapse level, so that there is no need to move body parts to touch or activate switches. This edition of the suit comes in a predominantly dark blue hue.

Weakness of the F.U.T.U.R.E. Suit: The systems of the F.U.T.U.R.E. suit get easily scrambled by concentrated electromagnetic bursts. Any of such stuff will render the synapse system, as well as the mobile communication device, nonoperational for about two minutes.

The Minions


The Fluff

The interval Kid’s F.U.T.U.R.E. suit has a circular port on the chest, as well as thin ‘line’ designs, that glow softly. The glow is livid blue in color.

The RP Sample

”Yeah, I know how to drive… No, I just don’t like driving, that’s all. Huh? No! That is so not the point…”

Tiberius walked towards the door of his little apartment, arms full of groceries, and a cell phone tucked between his ear and shoulder. Of course, he had to tilt his head to keep the phone in position. He rolled his eyes as he fished for his keys from his pockets, while listening to the banter on the other end of the line. Honestly, he didn’t even know what the guy had been harping on about. What was with people and cars? He really didn’t need one, or any conventional travel device for that matter; he could easily get to his destination before most people were out of their driveway. But so as to appear normal, he had a bicycle. Not a motorbike.

Trying to handle everything with full hands was such a hassle, but there were too many people around for him to risk using his powers. The ground was wet, he was carrying paper bags, and he didn’t want them to be soggy. He considered a while, then positioned his hand directly beneath one of the paper bags. Then, he tossed it upwards, not so high, mind, and his hand blurred in a fraction of a second, before catching the bag deftly, and shouldering his way into the already open door.

Absentmindedly, he nodded and hummed an occasional ”Mm-hmm…” as he carefully arranged the contents of the bags on his kitchen table. Noticing the door was still open, he walked over and closed it, placed his cell phone on the mantelpiece and moved suddenly, his form hazy due to the speed he was utilizing. In a matter of five seconds, the veggies were chopped, the milk was in the refrigerator, the kettle was on the boil and…

Tiberius stopped short. Wasn’t he on the phone? No, the phone was on the mantelpiece. That had to have been about an hour ago. Or was it a minute? Returning to the phone, he saw that there was no active ongoing call, so he returned it to its place, though he had a nagging feeling that something was not right about the phone call he was wondering about. He ran a hand through his hair and groaned. He had probably zoned out on Jake. Again. And he would get an earful tomorrow for it.

”Why people love cell phones, I will never know…” he mused to himself, as he peeled open a snack bar.

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

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The Interval Kid Empty Re: The Interval Kid

Post by Odien on April 26th 2018, 11:45 am

I enjoyed reading this application. Make sure the weaknesses are implemented appropriately and we should be good to go with the powers/weaknesses section. However, the F.U.T.U.R.E. suit is going to need at least two weaknesses-counting the culminated advantages of the suit as one power, and the microscopic/telescopic/radio frequencies as another. These won't have to be debilitating, but just enough to even out the suit.

If you have any questions, or think I've made a mistake anywhere, please don't hesitate to let myself or another staff member know.

Nice RP sample, by the way!

The Interval Kid Ul10
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The Interval Kid Empty Re: The Interval Kid

Post by Singularity on April 27th 2018, 8:01 am

Thanks, Odien.

I made a few edits, adding two weakenesses to his powers, then one to the suit's. I thought it was said in the template that the weakness of an item can be panned out with an extra weakness of the character. But I'm willing to edit properly, if I'm mistaken.

One more thing, I don't really understand what you meant by "Make sure the weaknesses are implemented appropriately..."
Kindly clarify, and I will certainly do so.


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The Interval Kid Empty Re: The Interval Kid

Post by Odien on April 27th 2018, 12:27 pm

Powers and weaknesses pan out now.

And you don't have to edit anything to ensure that the weaknesses are "implemented appropriately"; I just meant make sure you write them into the character. Too often people use things that aren't tangible as weaknesses and never actually use them, nor do they write it in such a way that any other character could exploit them.

I wasn't telling you that you did anything wrong, just that you need to make sure you follow the rules. It's a standard warning I give to anyone with certain weaknesses.

Welcome to the site, and happy writing.

The Interval Kid Ul10
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