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Trunk and her big problem

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OPEN Trunk and her big problem

Post by Bridgit on September 28th 2017, 5:31 pm

They changed the meeting point last minute. Bridgit got a text with the address of a warehouse near the docks, but the text was legit. She took a cab, a forty five minute ride from the airport to the docks. Most people wouldn’t take a cab to an exchange of illegal goods, but she wasn’t an ordinary smuggler. She carried a suitcase, but it was just a decoy. If anyone would open it without her permission, it’d be empty.

She stopped the vehicle a block from the warehouse and paid the cabdriver with his own money (she had had plenty of time to deplete the man’s wallet). Then she walked the last part. A docker whistled at her. He saw a nice blonde woman with a nice rack, and didn’t notice the cold, calculated eyes beyond that wig and makeup.
The warehouse was heavily guarded, even more than usual. Behind the fences, three men stood between some parked cars. They were guarding the warehouse and looked agitated.  Something felt off, she realized as she were searched for hidden weapons. Yes, her employers didn’t know how she smuggled the good and she wasn’t telling them.

Inside a big gorilla-like thug welcomed her. “Trunk. Do you got the merchandise?” It wasn’t the warm welcome she deserved after all her trouble, but she didn’t expect anything else. “Big Boris. You’re expecting trouble? Where is Don Talio?” Don Talio was in charge of the band of weapon dealers. Boris was his right hand man, with a big pack of muscles but without the brains.
“I’m doing this job. Show me.” Bridgit was reluctant, her instincts warned her that something was wrong. But she laid the empty suitcase on the table and opened it. Using her powers, the contraband appeared inside the suitcase before anyone, showing her clients the array of strange electronics and future tech. “Freshly imported from Asia. Nuclear charged ammunition. Two of these bad boys can blow up… whatever you’re targeting. As agreed on, 30 grand please.”
Big Boris checked the tech very thoroughly and Bridgit crossed her arms after a while. “I’ve done four jobs so far for Don Talio, I’ve always delivered.” Big Boris nodded at one of the gangmembers, who took the suitcase. Bridgit tried to grab the handle, but Boris blocked her. He stepped too close in her personal space and his attitude was threatening. She noticed the Boris’ knife inside his jacket. Boris loved slicing people. So as a precaution, one second later it was gone. Boris didn’t noticed a thing.
“Every time you did a job you had a different hair color. Things change.” He had this awful smirk, and she clearly wasn’t gonna get paid. “What happened to Don Talio?” She asked him. “That’s one of the things that changed. I now call the shots.” He proclaimed with proud in his voice. “And one thing I’m about to change, is that we don’t pay you for your services. We rather buy your secret and get the goods ourselves. I’ll...”
“Cut the middle man?” Bridgit replied on a sarcastic voice. But in reality, adrenaline flowed through her vains. How many thugs were there? Four mobsters in this room, at least one with two futuristic guns in the back and three at the front door. Bridgit was a skilled fighter, but she didn’t posses the power to take all of them at once.

Was it luck? At the same moment, one of Boris’ men ran through the front door. “Boss, we’ve incoming. It is...”

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