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Trunk Empty Trunk

Post by Bridgit September 28th 2017, 9:51 am


"Master Smuggler"

The Bio

Real Name: Bridgit Davis
Villain Name: Trunk
Title: Master Smuggler
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Age: 29
Gender: Female
Race: Meta-Human
Hair: Black
Eyes: Grey
Height: 5’ 9’’
Weight: 108 pounds
Blood type: Hemoglobin Red

The Looks

The Personality

Bridgit is a very practical, brave woman. Even though she operates in a world filled with cruel, tough men, she hardly acts impressed. She is rather intelligent, almost stoic. She gets the job done, by every means necessary. Most of the time she thinks things through thoughtfully and plans things very carefully, although she’s quick to adapt and improvise if anything goes wrong.

Socialising isn’t her strong suit, mainly because she doesn’t trust any human. This isn’t only because she mostly interacts with crooks, but since young age she dislike authorities as well. She lives under the assumption that anyone might betray her and she only can rely on herself. But despite her little paranoia, she knows she needs people sometimes.

The Story

Bridgit was born in a very normal family in Austin. As baby and toddler, her toys were always lost and then suddenly reappeared. When Bridgit turned three years old, her parents figured out that she was a meta and had the power to make things disappear. Since meta’s weren’t good news in Texas.They tried to keep it a secret for the outside world and taught Bridgit to never use her powers.

Bridgit was quite obedient and didn’t use her power, until she became a teenager. Then, in secret, she started to experiment with her power. She used it to hide cheat sheets during exams, and she started shoplifting expensive clothes.
Eventually a teacher found out and started to blackmail her parents, who cooperated and started to pay the man monthly. Bridgit, filled with disgust, decided to leave her hometown and her parents.

She traveled through the States, keeping herself alive by stealing and pickpocketing. Eventually, she came across some bad people who offered her a ‘job’ as drug courier. That was an awesome time for Bridgit, flying to exotic places and because of her power she never risked the chance of getting caught.

Eventually, she started working for herself, selling prohibited stuff for the trunk of her car. (And she was never ever arrested, every time a police officer tried to catch her red-handed, her trunk was magically empty.) She started to gain a name - although she didn’t like the name Trunk, it was kind of catchy - around local gangsters as the perfect woman to smuggle items in and out of town.

The Priority

2. Agility
3. Endurance
1. Reaction
4. Strength

The Powers

Dimensional Storage
Bridget can put items inside herself/a pocket dimension, and summon them at will. She can keep items up to a small storage box, as long az she can move an item, she can store it there. Items have to be at an arm’s length to use her powers on, but she doesn’t have to touch it.
Most common uses:
Pickpocketing, making a wallet disappear without physically touching someone's pants.
Instant weapon, Bridgit is always armed and ready to fight.
Disguise, Bridgit can change her clothes in the blink of an eye and she always carries wigs and outfits with her.

The Weaknesses

Distraction. Summoning items requires a certain level of concentration. Loud noises distract her sometimes, so she can’t find the right items.
Smoking. She smokes like a chimney.
Knocked out. If Bridgit stays unconscious longer than 8 hours straight, her inventory starts to appear around her. She isn’t able to sleep in.

The Items

This isn’t everything, but let’s take a quick look to some of the things she carries with her:

Make up Kit
(Fake) identity papers
Cell phone
Cigarette lighter
Credit cards
Money clips
Medicines and morning-after pills
Flash light
Water bottles
Hair ties
Toothpicks and dental floss
Deodorant and perfume

Of course, this is found in every woman’s purse. But she also has:

Several (machine)guns
Honkbal bat
Woodcutter's axe
Torch lighter
Smoke bombs
Grenades and explosives
A tent
A vespa
Bolt cutters
Lockpick set
Wires and electronic parts
Old school reports and assignments
Playing cards
Ballistic vest
Gas cylinders
Fire extinguisher

(And more)

The Fluff

Likes to be the smartest gal in the room. Desperately needs a group of people who’d tale care of each other. Might become a great crimelord. Loves dogs.

The RP Sample

They changed the meeting point last minute. Bridgit got a text with the address of a warehouse near the docks, but the text was legit. She took a cab, a forty five minute ride from the airport to the docks. Most people wouldn’t take a cab to an exchange of illegal goods, but she wasn’t an ordinary smuggler. She carried a suitcase, but it was just a decoy. If anyone would open it without her permission, it’d be empty.

She stopped the vehicle a block from the warehouse and paid the cabdriver with his own money (she had had plenty of time to deplete the man’s wallet). Then she walked the last part.
The warehouse was heavily guarded, even more than usual. Something felt off, she realized as she were searched for hidden weapons. Yes, her employers didn’t know how she smuggled the good and she wasn’t telling them.

Inside a big gorilla-like thug welcomed her. “Trunk. Do you got the merchandise?” It wasn’t the warm welcome she deserved after all her trouble, but she didn’t expect anything else. “Big Boris. You’re expecting trouble? Where is Don Talio?” Don Talio was in charge of the band of weapon dealers. Boris was his right hand man, with a big pack of muscles but without the brains.
“I’m doing this job. Show me.” Bridgit was reluctant, her instincts warned her that something was wrong. But she laid the empty suitcase on the table and opened it. Using her powers, the contraband appeared inside the suitcase before anyone, showing her clients the array of strange electronics. “Freshly imported from Asia. Nuclear charged ammunition. Two of these bad boys can blow up… whatever you’re targeting. As agreed on, 30 grant please.”

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Trunk Empty Re: Trunk

Post by Chellizard September 28th 2017, 2:25 pm

Seeing as she only stores mundane weapons, despite it being endless, I have faith you will play fair.

Welcome to SHRP.

Approved and moved.

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