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The Behemoth Rises

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INV ONLY The Behemoth Rises

Post by Sheemster on May 17th 2017, 11:27 pm

Calvin stares across a plain that stretches for miles. A smile spreads across his face as he takes off running. His hair flowing behind him begins to grow longer. His stride lengthens as his legs grow longer and thicker. As his clothes give way to a thick coat of fur, he drops into a four-legged gallop as he sheds his human form for that of the Behemoth. The plain rapidly gives way to a rocky terrain which doesn't seem to slow his stride effortlessly scaling the side of the mountain. At its peak, the Behemoth lets out a primal roar.

Standing on the edge of a sheer cliff, Calvin looks down as the wind gusts around him. Without hesitation, he steps off the ledge and disappears from view. Moments later a giant bird rockets upwards and flies through the sky. The bird's great shadow eclipses the sun from anyone who may be below in this remote area. As he lands, he accidentally knocks over a few trees that had withstood the elements for almost a century.

Knee deep in water, Calvin lets the waves of the great lake break against him. Taking in the scene of the lake stretching out to the horizon, he inhales deeply. At a slow but steady pace, Calvin begins heading out into the lake, first wading and then swimming. Eventually he dives under water and doesn't emerge. Ten minutes later and almost a mile farther out, a slender, serpentine body erupts from the water in a spray of mist before landing and diving back under. The lake returns to its previous calm manor as day fades to night.

Bright lights and loud noises fill the night air in a bustling metropolitan downtown. For the first time, Calvin's face appears to be confused, worried, almost as if in pain. This was nothing like the landscapes he had seen earlier in the day. Too much noise, too many people, too little space. Eventually, it is too much for him and he closes his eyes and covers his ears. Someone bumps into Calvin hard as he tries to flee from the chaos. "Watch where you're going!!!" Knocked to his knees and losing control, Calvin doesn't even hear the man. As he looks up, his eyes are glowing red. Patches of fur sprouts from his face and his hands turn to claws as the Behemoth takes control in self defense...

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INV ONLY Re: The Behemoth Rises

Post by Entei on May 17th 2017, 11:36 pm

The city was bright as Michael exited the Chicago location of his families company, buttoning the top of his two piece suit. Pulling the cuffs to appropriate length, he began to walk down the streets, his tail wagging behind him as he moved. He was excited, he had just closed a huge deal, and this was a cause for celebration. He dug in his pocket, pulling out his cellphone and sent a text to his fiance before returning it.

He heard the screams before he saw the people fleeing, his pointed ears perking up at the irregular sounds that rang out. He took off before he knew what he was running towards, all he knew was that danger was this way, and he had to stop it.

"Oh.." He muttered, sliding to a stop at the torn up destruction that laid before him. Buildings had chunks missing from their foundation, trucks and cars were flipped on their sides. Fire hydrants sprayed water, leaving a slick layer of water on the street and sidewalk in front of him.

In the center of all of it was what he could only describe as a behemoth of a monster. Black fur and large black horns that protruded from it's head, the beast walked on all fours, goreing anything in it's way. Sighing, the young cambion shed his suit jacket, pulling to loosen the tie from his neck.

"Hey ugly!" He shouted, beating his hand against his chest. "Come and get me!"

Behind his back however, he held his phone, pushing a small app at the top of his selection. A blue G set on a white background. It was the beacon, the signal alerting all listening Guardians to danger. He was gonna need help on this one.

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INV ONLY Re: The Behemoth Rises

Post by Sheemster on May 25th 2017, 1:32 am

Towering over the street, the Behemoth knocks over light posts and crushes abandoned cars beneath his feet. Barely able to fit between the buildings, he barrels down the narrow street and turns onto the wider main street skidding into a building as he tries to gain traction. Amid the shattering of glass, he hears something calling to him.

As he turns around, he sees the small looking person yelling at him. With a roar he charges down the street at the boy with the tail. His actions seem to be based more off of instincts than intelligence as he crushes small vehicles beneath his feet and sweeps larger ones out of his path with his horns.  He tucks his horns down low as he nears his opponent and digs deep as he pushes of the ground to ram into him.

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